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    Nàmcism is the ideology of Aquarian political thinker, Pìsèf Nàmc. It is an internationalist form of libertarian socialism, which primarily focuses on opening up Aquaria from its isolationist policies, and building up Aquaria’s foreign relations. Much like other ideologies of the Aquarian left, it is also environmentalist and culturally progressive.

    Nàmcism sees the opening of diplomacy as a necessary next step in defending Aquarian values, seeing excessive AqrIsolation icon.png isolationism as an unsustainable policy in the long term. Nàmcism favors open relations and more relaxed immigration policies between Aquaria and nations that honor Aquarian values. Nàmcism believes that an increase in mutual support between Aquaria and other sympathetic nations, and a mellowing of Aquarian nationalism and isolationism, which it sees as fear-driven and potentially dangerous to upholding love, is a more viable way of staying true to Aquarian values.

    At the same time, Nàmcism rejects the liberal idea of globalization. While it supports foreign aid, it sees Neolib.png economic globalization as inherently exploitative in nature, and a trap not to fall into in the reform of Aquarian foreign policy. It favors Globnat.png alter-globalization.









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