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    Mutual JoeyFloppaism is a civically minarchist, economically austrolibertarian and social darwinist, anglospheric ultranationalist and progressive post-humanist ideology that combines the ideas of Mutual Libertarianism and JoeyFloppaism. It advocates for a small state with austrian economics and extreme competition while also advocating for the acceleration of tradition to its demise as well as transhumanistic space colonialist ideals.


    Austrobert.png Minarcho-Progressivism Minarchist.png

    Mutual JoeyFloppaism is an economically right, civically minarchist and culturally left ideology that believes there should be a very little state, aka a night-watchman state which has the only purpose of trying to eliminate tradition from its country, it also believes in Austrian school of economics and that there should be no or minimal taxation and complete non-government intervention in the economy.

    Cball-USA.png Anglopsheric Ultranationalism Cball-UK.png

    Mutual JoeyFloppaism is a very ultranationalist ideology. It believes that in the modern day and age, the anglosphere is decreasing in power and popularity and the powers of the E.U and China are instead taking its place. It believes that the only way to stop this is to reunite the anglosphere under an ultranationalist global empire that has no capital with all of its components (U.S, U.K, Canada etc.) being equal in power.


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