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    Mutual Capitalism or MutCap for short is a center-right economic, civically and culturally ambigous ideology that is a "evolution" of capitalism that do not goes towards socialism or it's variations.

    MutCap is a experimental idea being developed by Lexsiek.


    MutCap believes in a mixture of worker unions and the common capitalist model, Mutual Capitalism believes in eliminating exploitation by a system of "class symbiosis", the workers control the manufacturing of a company and organize it by direct democracy while the boss/CEO of same company control things like sales, marketting, agreements with other companies and anything that doesn't evolve the work place. MutCap also believes in the correlations between austrian economics and labour theory making so the markets are based on supply and demand but salaries are based on the labour produced by the workers, MutCap believes this system is sustainable as the profits of S&D are bigger than the cost of labour allowing for both parties to take the best of their roles. This system focus in making the labour of the workers valued while also allowing for business owners to take profit of their companies.

    Some thoughts of Mutual Capitalism give a bigger role to the government by making it the "neutral party" between both groups and to make sure "class parasitism" won't happen. It believes that workers taking companies desvalue the time, money and effort spent by owners to start and maintaing a company therefore desvaluing it's work, and that owners supressing workers in business desvalues the labour they put into keeping the copany alive and well working. So these behaviours should be stopped to keep a good relation between the two.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with yellow (#FFFF00)
    3. With a light shade of black (#181818) draw a top hat in the top and a spanner in the bottom.
    4. with the same color draw two arrows one coming from the top hat to the spanner the other from the spanner to the top hat.
    5. make monocle in one of the eyes using (#D2A807) and fill it with (#9CD8EB).
    6. Add the other eye and done.



    • Capitalism - Why don't you let your workers take care of the factory while you take profit? Sounds good right?
    • Socialism - Why don't you let your boss own the company while it pays the cost of your labour? Sounds good right?



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