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    Mutism, also rarely referred to as Temüjinism is a culturally ambiguous (morally far-left, concretely far-right), totalitarian and economically far-left ideology, they were the deadliest ideology known to man, eventually causing more than 2 000 000 000 deaths, the ideology then became illegal on the whole planet for causing multiple disasters.

    Objectively the worst ideology, Mutism’s policies are very simple, wipe out all morals, ethical, abstract cultural and social values off the Earth as well as preserving concrete aspects of culture such as music, art, folklore and architecture to the point of refusing everything that is new unless beneficial to the regime.

    Political view

    Mutism concerns a political ideology which advocates for “the liberation of the human mind from the corrupted traditional, social and moral values that detain the people” and “the submission of humanity toward their one and only savior as their god: Temüjin Khan”.

    What is Mutism?

    Mutism, also known as “The Forbidden Religion” is a religious and political ideology which incorporates elements of both far-left and far-right politics, such as barbarism and a special form of eugenic.

    The main reason for a person to convert to Mutism is to worship Temüjin Khan or his “reincarnations” as their sole and only God. Or someone could pretend to be Temüjin as a goal to dominate the world like Temüjin already did.

    The reason it is called “The Forbidden Religion” is due to it being forbidden on the entire globe.

    Temüjin is everything

    As already said, Temüjin is God, but he is not only God, he is everything that is existent and non-existent, your imaginary is Temüjin as well.

    He sacrificed his whole body (nature and living beings) for the guise of humanity except for his very core, his human incarnation.

    Humans as well as other civilizations considered as friends of humanity can use or misuse nature in any way they want, they might as well destroy it as long as it does not harm humanity itself.

    On the other hand, you must respect, protect and worship Temüjin himself, he created the universe and then became one with the universe, the individual alone is worthless but the whole is primordial, that means you can kill anyone as long as humanity is still alive.

    After Temüjin sacrificed his body (nature and animals) to humans, his body became autonomous and started attacking humans as if they were controlled by an evil spirit. Temüjin wants to avenge all the children who died in this catastrophe by polluting and destroying nature to the maximum possible as well as brutally torturing animals, Temüjin claims that he is not omnipotent and that when he gives parts of his body, he cannot take them back.

    One of Temüjin’s important parts is his brain (the elites), they control the world, they can vary in person but Temüjin’s brain must exist until the end, they are necessary to spread “the truth” and order.

    In order to be as divine as Temüjin, you must clean yourself from meaningless cultural, social and moral values and sacrifice your life to Temüjin, that means being considered in the concrete sense as a simple material rather than a being with a mind, because your mind is actually an autonomous part of Temüjin’s mind.

    You are in a certain sense Temüjin himself, your body’s importance depends on Temüjin’s point of view, if he kills off your body, it does not mean you die, but your autonomy becomes one with Temüjin, YOU become Temüjin himself and you will be as divine as him.

    Cultural, moral and social values are not part of Temüjin as they are the wicked creations of the green whore (nature), they must be destroyed to the maximum before they destroy humanity.

    Subjective things such as murder, torture, rape, destruction of property, non-political terrorism, theft, [REDACTED], public sex and masturbation, fetishism (except fattening), morbid speech, polygamy, moral and physical abuse, drugs, etc… became fully legalized and unrestricted as long as the elites were not affected

    Subjective things such as good and evil, selfless justice and equality, meritocracy, symbolic rituals, social norms, respect, social status (changing norms depending on age and sex), abstract labels (gender and ethnicity) became illegal and abolished, those breaking the laws were severely punished.

    All of the universe’s meaning is centered around Temüjin and only Temüjin, he IS the meaning of the universe and your existence, Temüjin’s worldview is objective, not subjective.

    Centralization of meaning to Temüjin

    As already said, Temüjin is the only thing to have an objective meaning, he is the one who created you and he is the only one to decide how you must think and behave.

    All religions were the creation of Temüjin, but the green whore has perverted them to create division between human beings. Temüjin wants to merge all religions into one, including traditions, rules and beliefs, as well as making himself the sole and only God, replacing all the other ones. This means you are practicing every single religion at the same time, but you are worshipping Temüjin and only him instead.

    The elite knows exactly what to do and who to kill and they will be rewarded for it

    The elites, as already said, are the brain of Temüjin while Temüjin is the heart, without one or both of the two, the world would fall apart.

    The elites must gain maximum profit from causing warfare, plagues, genocides, murder, torture, famines and other “catastrophes” as only they and Temüjin know why it should be done, the people do not know anything about it because they are a part of Temüjin’s mind that do not think about it.

    The people are sold and bought like slaves (e.g., for war, sex or simply cruel playing) within their respective countries, they are forced to work and denied to own anything, this include people of all genders and all ages.

    Gluttony is also a sin that nature tries to impose to humans, and shall be stopped through mass famines and punishment, the fast food industry must collapse.

    The world shall unite into a single superpower

    Temüjin’s birth in Mongolia signifies that Mongolia (as well as Normandy) are holy states, and their capitals (Ulaanbaatar and Coutances) must become world capitals once the world unites into a single superstate.

    It is also projected that in the future, the whole entire universe must do the same thing.

    Everyone on Earth must at least go once to Ulaanbaatar or Coutances to pray on the recently built walls of lamentation, including the elites and the slaves.

    All nations on the Earth and even the universe must build statues of Temüjin as well as temples to worship him, all already existing monuments must be remodeled after him.

    The world shall be fragmented

    The world’s objective meaning (those outside of moral, cultural and social values) must be fragmented into pieces that must be categorized depending on their traits.

    For example, the individual must be considered as an individual with specific characteristics and not a part of a race, religion or any label they could be given, only Temüjin and the elites can have that worldview.

    Each fragments who have similar roots must be categorized and placed within the country they originate from. Unifying the fragments from each categories could cause division between humans (nationalism) and mixing the fragments (miscegenation) could create hideous, unholy hybrids.

    Things such as nationalism would be punished and miscegenation extremely severely punished, through possibly the worst ways possible. Only the elites and even Temüjin have the right to be nationalistic.

    Despite the world being unified into a single state, the provinces of this world state can interact with each other as if they were enemies or at least completely separate, they can exchange goods or make warfare to gain territories in an strictly economical or purposeless sense.

    Punishments must be as severe as possible

    The following torture techniques were used:

    • Impalement
    • Crucifixion
    • Spanish donkey
    • Radioactive ionization
    • Quartering


    Punishments should be severe so no more disobeyance shall be done against the great Temüjin.

    Concrete is good

    Concrete and objective aspects of culture are considered to be objectively good and holy, such as music, folklore, race, art, architecture and costumes, religion is excluded as it has a special role.

    Other things such as transgenderism and other transitions are penalized or severely punished as genders and ethnicity do not exist, race and age cannot be changed as it is not an abstract concept.

    Perfection of the human race

    In order to give humans a good reputation, everyone not pure enough for Temüjin must be sacrificed (in the same way as enemies) as they are nature’s secret agents, those “hideous”, unintelligent or disabled were either exterminated, and if they were good-looking enough, they became sex-slaves instead and were forced to play in torture porn, no matter their age.

    The elites were excluded as their status already make them perfect to exist, no matter how hideous, idiotic or disabled they are.

    How-to guide

    The Mutist regime used mind-reading machines in order to know what people might be thinking, thus making it easy to torture political opponents, the people were also manipulated through the medias and some were easily mind-controlled in order to instore the regime.


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