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    Murphism is an economically and culturally right ideology, self insert of the user conservativefeminist.

    Political Views

    Georgist.png Economic Views Hayek.png

    Economically, Murphism is inspired by georgism and hayekism. She supports a moderate amount of regulations (lower than what we have now) and allows for public services if enacted on a local level. She also believes that taxation should be limited to the necessary amount to raise government revenue for basic functions, and the best way to do that is by enacting a Land Value Tax. She also wants to fight against land speculation. Murphism also believes in Protectionism in order to combat multinational corporations and combat local production

    Confem.png Cultural Views Trad.png

    Murphism is very conservative on most matters, excluding her support for Confem.png Women's rights. She is opposed to Abort.png abortion, Antiporn.png pornography, Gay.png homosexuality, Trans.png transgenderism, and World.png open borders. She also supports a hard line on [REDACTED]. She is strongly against Egirl.png e-girl art-hoe lifestyles and FemNat.png behaviours where women degrade themselves, believing that they are more damaging to women in the long term. Murphism also supports PrudFem.png prudist feminism.

    Sec.png Civil Views

    Murphism is civically authoritarian, believing in PolState.png Law & Order, GRights.png Compulsory Gun Ownership for all females, a ban on smoking and most drugs and such.

    Emon.png Government Views Authdem.png

    Murphism supports an elective monarchy, with royal elections similiar to that of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. There is however also a legislative body elected by the people. She also supports Fed.png Federalism

    PanCelt.png Diplomatic Views Nation.png

    Murphism supports a Fed.png Federation of all Celtic Nations, including Cball-Scotland.png Scotland, Cball-Wales.png Wales, Cball-Ireland.png Ireland, Cball-Cornwall.png Cornwall and Cball-Brittany.png Brittany. She is strongly against the Cball-UK.png United Kingdom, European Federalism.png the European Union and Necon.png the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.




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