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    The ideology of a man named "Mr. Mundy" from my dreams, a reoccuring character.

    Traits and Beliefs


    Mr. Mundy believes that change is bad, he lives in an isolated home in the outback with his wife. He refuses to accept change when the westernization came. He rightfully ignored them. In his society gender roles apply, (a man's job is to work, a woman's job is to raise her children.) We would be less reliant on modern technology, relationships can only happen between a man and a woman, pornography and weed to be banned, and wants better morals and a complete removal of "degeneracy". He thinks that hard hard work is how you get places and socialists are "lazy". At every hint of wokeness he complains. He also thinks that society should pay better attention to religion.

    What makes him fascist

    You may (or may not) be asking, he doesn't sound very fascist to me. In reality (or just my dreams) he is, he thinks homosexuals, transgendered people, or anyone that is not heterosexual should be sent off to camps and are tortured and killed. However, he is not at all racist, and respects the aboriginal people in Northern Australia. He does not like democracy and prefer to have a dictator rule. Many of these beliefs come from trauma in the past (at least that's what he told me). This part is rather straightforward.


    He is quite adventurous and like going into the outback for hunting, hunting is one of his favorite pastimes. However, he will never shoot a kangaroo because his wife is kangaroo (Who is in reality a Transhumanist Yandere in disguise). He is ballsy as well, he walked from the middle of the outback to Darwin once.

    Other Political Opinions


    Believes it is very sinful and the fetus has done nothing wrong.

    Gun Rights

    He believes every eligible civilian should be able to own a gun.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw two vertical lines on the left and right.
    3. Color the left in blue, the middle in yellow, and the right in orange.
    4. Add eyes.
    5. Draw a bush hat on top.
    You're done!




    • Conservatism - You can be a little more authoritarian, you know?
    • Anarcho-Primitism - Yes, we don't need all these fancy gadgets, and yes hunting is very based, but that doesn't mean you have to this far!
    • Kraterocracy - Why yes, the weaklings are inferior, but I will NEVER shoot a kangaroo.
    • National Capatalism - Authoritarian? Based. Capatalist? GAH! (You scare me mate).
    • Alt Lite - You're close, the only two differences being that I have the audacity to kill those good-for-nothing gays, and you like capitalism.
    • Paleoconservatism - Alright, but can you lose the whole democracy and capitalism stuff?
    • Trumpism - Same as above.
    • Neo-Mundyism I like that you uphold most of my values, but why are you a c*pitalist?


    • Transhumanists - Ok Mr. Sci Fi, what would happen if your technology was gone? Weakling.
    • LGBT - You WILL suffer in my camps!
    • File:Progball.png Progressives - Degenerate!
    • LibLefts - No, just no.
    • Homonationalism - Fake fascist! You will suffer in the camps!
    • Stransserism - Another fake fascist! You will suffer in the camps!
    • Capitalism - You're just as bad as socialism.
    • Industrialism - How about you NOT make a housing unit in proximity of my house. Ye cactus eating egghead!
    • Furryocracy I am NOT a furry!

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