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    Mumkeyism is the ideology of YouTuber Mumkey Jones, now known as Simian Jimmy. It is characterized by weighted influence from 4chan internet culture, covert Incel feelings and atheism.


    Ever since at least at least high school, Mumkey had been an atheist. During high school he was a user of 4chan, an amateur YouTuber and an aspiring film major. Some of the films contained controversial themes, such as criticizing transgenders (before they became well-known), as well as a film featuring a Columbine-esque incel school shooting (a year before Eliot Roger).

    He gained great fame on YouTube after his anime reviews went viral. After this he would go on to review religious texts and create new series such as his infamous Eliot Roger videos. In 2018, his channel was controversially terminated, and Mumkey didn't handle it professionally. Originally Keemstar wanted to help him, but refused after Mumkey started publicly insulting Susan Wabajack.

    In early 2019, Mumkey went even under more controversy when he cheated on his girlfriend with a girl named Lui, an ebephophile babyfur artist. He attempted to clean up his act with his "Depression Chamber" series, where he confesses about what he did. During this series he for the first time embraces a religion which he claimed helped him, Buddhism. His no relationships with these prior people anymore.

    Currently he uploads on his channel "Simian Jimmy".


    Mumkeyism loves to embrace the edge, and much of his films and video content is chalked full of it. He praises Eliot Roger in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, but it's clear he is somewhat of an incel himself. He also hates religion and SJW's.



    • Manosphere - Eliot Roger is an hero.
    • Filmism - Me and you, since the beginning of time.
    • State Atheism - Y'know, I do typical atheist stuff: Eating babies, watching child porn, worshipping Satan, etc.
    • Animeism - The Bible, Torah and Quran are all classic mangas.
    • Lipostocracy - Hi Bigs. You up for a Wheel of Cursed Meals?
    • Trumpism - Yeah, I did vote for Trump.



    • Matriarchy - You emasculator! I, the man, am supposed to the bread winner!
    • Islamic Theocracy - You all know I hate religion, but of all them there is none I detest more than Islam.
    • Youtubeism - Susan, you horse-face bitch!
    • Christian Theocracy - I killed God and became him, and now everyone hates me!
    • Cool Cat - Liar! Everybody refund you donations immediately.
    • Communism - Communism is cool as long as your okay with eating people.
    • Abortionism - Birth begins at inception.
    • Vehanarchism - Vegans are scientifically, verifiably subhumans.

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