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    Mulatto Nationalism is a non-quadrant, ethnonationalist ideology that seeks to empower and unite mulattos/mulattoes. (anyone that is half black and half white) This ideology is significantly less popular than its parents.


    Mulatto Nationalism acts like a stereotypical zoomer, as most mulattos are Gen Z, and many white zoomers are making themselves look like mulattos.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a gray cross, splitting the ball into four corners.
    3. On the top left and bottom right corners, fill them with black.
    4. On the remaining two corners, fill them with white.
    5. Add eyes and you are done!



    • Interculturalism - Mix the whites and the blacks together!
    • Obamaism - The first mulatto president! Although he isn't necessarily an ethnonationalist like I am.


    • White Nationalism - Without you, I wouldn't exist, but why do you think I'm one of them?
    • Black Nationalism - Without you, I wouldn't exist, but why do you think I'm one of them?
    • Ethnic Nationalism and Racial Nationalism - Great ideas, but why do you laugh at my ideology?
    • Apartheid - We used to be friends, but why did you have to betray me and not allow me to vote or run for political office?


    • Ethnopluralism - Why do you want to seperate the blacks and the whites to keep them from mixing and creating more mulattos?
    • Indigenism and Pan-Asianism - I'm not mixed with you, so get out.
    • Zionism - I don't know why many people think I am part of a Jewish conspiracy theory, but I'm not Jewish, so you also need to get out.

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    A Place for Mulattos
    Stormfront Mulatto Nationalism Board

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