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    Muñozism (Spanish: Muñozismo) is an authoritarian ideology representing Luis Muñoz Marin the first democratically elected governor of puerto rico. Luis Muñoz Marin was himself the son of a prominent politician from before american occupation called Luis Muñoz Rivera this coupled with his use of populist rhetoric & personal visits to his constituents created a cult of personality around the politician which would help him stay in office.

    While Muñozism is a political movement in and of itself its also a continuation of the radical new deal style policies set by two previous unelected governors those being Jesús T. Piñero and the economist Rexford Tugwell amongst the policies Muñozism enacted the most relevant is the Manos a la Obra Program known in english as "operation bootstrap" which at the time offered employment to the unemployed peasantry in order to rapidly industrialize the islands economy along with providing public housing since these peasants lived in shanty towns or "arrabales" close to plantations.

    A controversial topic for believers in Muñozism is the validity of E.L.A. in spanish "estado libre asociado" or free associated state. This declaration originally led to a split in the old days of the popular democratic party between the orthodox "independentists" and the Muñozist E.L.A. reformists this would later escalate into open acts of public defiance and sedition.

    In order to deal with the more radical revolutionary wings of these pro independence movements Muñozism would institute gag laws prohibiting the public expression of seditious views, leading to the imprisonment and death of many people formerly associated with the popular democratic party.

    Personality and Behaviour

    • His main goal is to modernize the economy even if agriculture is affected.
    • Muñozism is paranoid about plots by Communists, Nationalists & the FBI.
    • He is intentionally vague when it comes to questions about his past.
    • He is extremely charismatic when giving political speeches.
    • He also likes painting as a hobby along with using opium.

    How to Draw

    • Make a ball
    • Paint the ball with the design of the flag of puerto rico.
    • Draw an eye (or 2) and done!
    • (Optional) Draw military hat




    • Longism- I like the way you run your state governor long.
    • Hayekism- You have some good ideas but i like protectionism.
    • Agrarianism- "We must live like angels and produce like the devil!"
    • Guild Socialism-"When a man offers you his soul, do you give him change?"
    • Narco-Capitalism- Opium is the opiate of the people don't let anyone else fool you.
    • Neoconservatism - Uh please leave me alone you already invaded this place once.
    • Imperialism- The free associated state is not colonialism! It kinda is a commonwealth tho.
    • Social Democracy- Stop calling me a dictator & a traitor to the party you filthy communist sympathizers!
    • Leftist Nationalism- Yeah about the fight for our autonomy and independence i'm gonna have to stall that...also you're all going to jail.
    • Mediacracy- I like you a lot but if you don't censor everything related with my old friends you're gonna end up in jail just like the rest of them.


    • American Republicanism- B-but whAt AboUt muh StAtEhOod?! yeah keep dreaming lmao!!
    • Primitivism- Return to what? misery? slavery?, starvation?! we're industrializing deal with it.
    • Bankocracy- "You can have justice, or you can have two dollars. But you cant have both."
    • Plutocracy- You wont be treating peasants like your pets anymore.
    • Communism- I'm left wing but even i know this is stupid bullshit.

    Further Information



    FBI Reports

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