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    MrPlasmism (serious version)

    NOTE: Because of the amount of work I have now, I won't update this page often from now on, if at all. Feel free to leave comments here or add me to your page, though I'm not adding anyone to the relationships and only checking the page and replying perhaps once per day
    MrPlasmism is a LibRight, culturally progressive, patriotic, and transhumanist ideology. I support a minimal government, free markets, privatization, diplomatic isolation, free trade, cultural progress, and endless tech innovations.



    • Free Speech is essential to a prospering society, everyone should have the right to voice his or her opinion no matter what. Even if it's in favor of a terrible ideology, as long as it doesn't threaten anyone else, it's completely fine. Any government that is strong enough to suppress it is naturally going to become leviathan and extremely authoritarian.
    • Federalism is preferable to a unitary government, but still, emphasis the rights of individuals should be put far in front of states/provinces' rights, and state/provincial governments should still have heavy power limits to prevent oppression of the individual, as happened in places like CSA.
    • NAP is the basis of order under this ideology. Obviously, there shouldn't be absolutely no rules, since then society would become total chaos with murders. Therefore, the NAP, which states that people can do whatever they want without directly harmful consequences, is optimal. No one, including the law enforcement agencies, are exempt.
    • Gun ownership should also be allowed for everyone without a severe history of NAP violation. It's a basic right, and a protection against potential violence by the coercive state.
    • Democracy is an idea that I'm mixed on. If it's a form of representative democracy with heavy checks on the leader's power, it's a good system that can work well. However, the forms of democracy in practice, AKA Authoritarian Democracy and Direct Democracy, are absolute abominations. The first one is simply an umbrella for dictators, and the latter is simply ochlocracy.


    • A completely deregulated, Laissez-Faire, economy is optimal. Business regulations prevent small businesses from acquiring the workforce and money to fulfill these regulations, and thereby collapsing. Minimum wage, another regulation, prevents the least capable workforce from finding a job because of the lack of jobs for them above minimum wage, thus creating unemployment. Therefore, any regulations must be gone for a flourishing economy. However, I recognize that this is unrealistic for the time being, so a transition to this will have to go through a fairly lengthy process of deregulation.
    • Monopolies, unlike many socialists claim, are not created by a free market, but by government intervention. As stated above, business regulations make small businesses collapse, which is a step towards monopoly. The bigger fact, though, is that the government itself is a monopoly on various things, such as law, military, healthcare, and education.
    • Property rights are essential for a flourishing society. People should be able to own property, a compensation for all of the hard work they're doing. Without property, society would descend into mob rule, with every person being able to intrude into everyone else's homes and workplace and creating violence.
    • Taxes are theft, as the state robs people's possessions without consent and ends up wasting the tax money on all sorts of stuff like the military. "Free" healthcare, education, and such are scams by the government, since the taxes people pay for these poor quality "services" are about as expensive as much better quality privatized ones. Taxes are theft, wasteful, and must be gone for the optimal economy. However, I acknowledge the current state of things, so a temporary carbon tax or minor LVT to encourage more efficiency and to fund a minimal government is fine for the time being while the market adapts to a laissez-faire, tax-free state.

    Culture and tech

    • In terms of culture, I firmly believe in the freedom of people to express themselves and cultural progress, here's my opinion on the following
      • Freedom of religion: This one is extremely important to a prospering society, everyone should be able to express their religious beliefs or lack of freely without limitations. I'm firmly opposed to any form of rules on religion, including all theocracies and State Atheism. I also dislike French secularism, since while it is far preferable to State Atheism, it still inhibits freedom of expression a bit too much with laws like hijab bans.
      • Racism: It's obviously an insanely stupid idea, it simply creates hatred, division, chaos, and in the worst cases, genocide. This abomination of an idea should always be combated, through and through. I'm never willing to compromise with any openly racist ideology, even if they are "Lib""Right".
      • LGBT: I'm highly supportive of LGBT rights. It's simply just people having different feelings on sexuality and gender compared to most others, completely natural, and absolutely tragic how badly LGBT people are treated. I see homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination against LGBT as nothing better than racism. Pride parades should always be allowed in public spaces and in the properties of consenting individuals, and schools should also be able to teach about LGBT awareness whenever they feel like so (despite them currently being the most homophobic hells on the planet).
      • Gender equality is also an extremely important part of a prospering society. I stand with the ideas of Feminism and Men's Liberation, believing people shouldn't be tied to traditional gender roles and should be free to express themselves. With that, I'm also fully opposed to gender supremacism on both sides, including Radical Feminism and Manosphere.
      • Abortion: I'm moderately supportive of it, believing that any form of abortion in the first 2/3 of pregnancy is completely fine. It should be the business of the mother and doctor on whether or not it should be commenced.
      • Hate speech laws are something that I'm mostly opposed to. It is just an open door to a totalitarian regime that will naturally backslide on everything, including progress, and inhibit the fundamental ideas of liberty. People should be able to express their ideas about stuff no matter what, even if they are dangerous ideas, as long as no threats or attacks against others are involved. Only direct verbal attacks using hate speech on others and physical assaults on others based on discrimination (or anything else by that matter) should have consequences.
    • Technological progress is the way to go, with tech being the only reason living standards are improving. Without technology, we'd be stuck in the stone age, unable to type these articles, and dying of starvation. I'm so radically pro-tech that even if there's an ideology the same as me but primitivist, I would hate it to death. In my opinion, space colonization would be extremely good, saving Earth from its dying resources, and research on ways to slow down aging are forces of good as well. I'm also supportive of constructing other types of futuristic tech, such as dyson spheres, space hotels, and so on.
    • Drugs should be legalized, not because I support their usage, but because making drugs illegal only creates problems. We saw how badly the prohibition went, with bootleggers and other forms of illegal alcohol consumption rampant and requiring so much police to take care of, and criminalizing drugs will have the same effect. Legalizing drugs would reduce their prices with the increased amount of ways to get them, make cartels go bankrupt, which in turn makes drug usage go down.

    Foreign policy

    • Diplomatic isolation is ideal, as interventions has caused nothing but conflicts, proxy wars, and tension. Foreign interventions just drag the country into conflicting alliances, creating more stress for the nation as a whole. NATO is one example, with it invading countries just for opposing its views and installing puppet dictators. EU is another example, with it regulating everywhere, creating taxes, being authoritarian, and having awful immigration policies.
    • Trade globalism is far preferable to protectionism, as trade benefits both nations. Protectionism just reduces competition, which makes products insanely expensive and poor quality with all of the businesses being lazy.
    • Legal immigration should be allowed, no matter who is entering. However, illegal immigrants shouldn't be allowed to enter, since they can be troublesome for the country to handle with a potential refugee crisis.

    Other views

    • Environment protection is very important, since damage to it is extremely hard to revert and can create immense troubles for society for reasons that should hopefully be obvious. I'm supportive of green technology and transition to more eco-friendly energy sources, such as solar power, in order to save the environment. The free market would create competition between different power sources, which would encourage more and more efficient and eco-friendly power firms to rise.
    • Political Unity: First of all, I'm willing to work with anyone in the LibRight quadrant who isn't reactionary or an unironic nazi (these groups aren't "Lib""Right" anyways). This includes every single culturally left or center ideology, or libertarian conservatives. For LibLefts, I'm generally supportive of the civically libertarian ideologies that aren't 3+ blocks left, and willing to compromise (though not sympathize) with those further left but not far enough to be outright socialists. However, I'm almost never willing to work with those to the left of Libertarian Socialism ideology-wise, though of course, I'm still willing to befriend those who hold these beliefs. (On that note, conservative LibLefts have to be less than 3 blocks left for me to compromise with, and being reactionary automatically removes any possibility of compromise from me.) I'm less open to working with AuthRights, since they tend to devolve into corporatocrats or kleptocrats in practice and are usually conservative or even reactionary. For this quadrant, assuming that it's solidly economically liberal, I'm willing to work with ideologies less than 2 blocks auth that aren't conservative, able to compromise slightly with <2 block auth moderate conservatives and 2-5 block auth cultural centrists/leftists, and firmly opposed to the rest. I'm not willing to work with any AuthLeft ideology, no matter how moderate and progressive, though of course I'm still willing to befriend anyone with good personalities from this quadrant, as with everyone else.
    • Schools are an absolute abomination. I can't count how many times I have seen completely innocent people getting bullied in school for almost no reason, and then getting punished just for defending themselves with 1/100 of the power while the bullies get away with it. The kids in schools are almost always insane as well, being incredibly lunatic extroverts who force others to do BS talks with them and bullying if others don't. Not to mention that the curriculum is wasteful, for example, you can learn more about computer science by watching a few coding and blender videos than an entire year at school. You can also use websites like duolingo to learn more foreign languages in a few days than years of school teaches. There are a couple of options for schools to ensure their future:
      • Encourage self-learning: Students always learn better when at the comfort of their homes and having their freedom to learn whatever they want.
      • Privatize schools: Private schools aren't perfect, but are miles better than public schools, with the main reason being not tied to any authority who knows nothing about how to teach kids.
      • Reform schools: This won't change that much, but will definitely help in the short term while homeschooling is still not common and schools are still in the process of getting privatized.


    Despite being a somewhat radical ideology, I'm open to compromising with others, and support a slow, reformist, and pragmatic transition to this ideology. I'm willing to be good with others, no matter how opposite their ideology are. However, almost every single conservative that isn't libertarian and literally every single reactionary (including "libertarian" ones) I've ever saw have been edgelords and hated me the moment after finding out that I'm progressive, so I will be skeptical of people from these groups at first but still willing to befriend if they have good personalities.



    Test for how close your ideology would be to mine (Most similar = 100, Literal opposite = 0)

    • Civics
      • Totalitarian: Automatic 0 no matter what everything else is
      • Authoritarian: +0
      • Statist: +5
      • Centrist: +10
      • Liberal: +14
      • Libertarian: +20
      • Minarchist: +20
      • Anarchist: +12
      • Egoist: +0
    • Economics
      • Darwinist: -20
      • Laissez-Faire: +20
      • Liberal: +19
      • Center-Right: +15
      • Centrist: +10
      • Social Democratic: +7
      • Market Socialist: +5
      • Socialist: +1
      • Corporatist: +1
      • Communist: -20
    • Culture
      • Revolutionary: +0
      • Progressive: +20 if LibRight/LibLeft/AuthRight/Centrist, +10 if AuthLeft
      • Moderate progressive: +20 if LibRight, +18 if LibLeft/AuthRight/Centrist, +7 if AuthLeft
      • Progcon/centrist: +17 if LibRight, +12 if LibLeft/AuthRight/Centrist, +6 if AuthLeft
      • Conservative: +9 if LibRight, +6 if LibLeft/AuthRight/Centrist, +1 if AuthLeft
      • Traditionalist: +6 if LibRight, +2 if LibLeft/AuthRight/Centrist, +0 if AuthLeft
      • Reactionary: Automatic 0 for everything no matter what
    • Diplomatic axis
      • World Federalist: +0
      • Globalist: +3
      • Internationalist: +5
      • Moderate: +9
      • Patriotic: +10
      • Nationalist: +7
      • Ultranationalist: +0
      • Ethnic/racial nationalist: Automatic 0 for everything no matter what
    • Technology
      • Primitivist: Automatic 0 for everything no matter what
      • Agrarian: +0
      • Moderate: +7
      • Futuristic: +10
      • Transhumanist: +10
      • Post-Humanist: +5
    • Environment
      • Human Extinction: Automatic 0 for everything no matter what
      • Deep Ecology: +4
      • Environmentalist: +10
      • Moderate: +9
      • Anti-Environmentalist: +0
      • Planet destruction: Automatic 0 for everything no matter what
    • Others
      • Pragmatic: +5
      • Non-Interventionist: +5
      • Conspiracy Theorist: -10



    • Libertarian Transhumanism - Literally me!
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - We agree on liberty, economics, and culture. We also both love gay married couples protecting their weed farms with guns, so nice.
    • Pink Capitalism - Slightly more radical version of the above, regardless still supremely great.
    • Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - Me but more radical, still great though.
    • Civic Nationalism - The best national and diplomatic policy.
    • Libertarianism - We both support individual liberty and free-market capitalism. Based!
    • Minarchism - Very similar to the above.
    • Libertarian Monarchism - Best form of monarchism, Monaco and Liechtenstein are living examples of libertarian success.
    • Capitalism - The greatest economic system, lifted billions out of poverty and the driver behind global progress in the past years.
    • Progressivism - Freedom in terms of culture and the liberation of all people is absolutely vital to a truly free society.
    • Austrolibertarianism & Chicagoan Libertarianism - The two best schools of economics, I consider myself to be somewhere in between them.
    • Eco-Capitalism - Yes, the environment is precious and green products and environmentally friendly tech advancements are the way to protect it.
    • Agorism - Black markets matter.
    • Classical Liberalism - The origin of every single great idea present today, and still remains one of the best ideologies to this day.


    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Me a month ago, and I'm still sympathetic to your ideas. However, you're too unrealistic for the current world, and unfortunately your movement has been corrupted too much by these larpers.
    • Left-Rothbardianism - Same as above but more focused on voluntary equality.
    • Anarcho-Pacifism - We both support peace, freedom, and progress, though your economics can be better.
    • Geolibertarianism - Mostly great ideas though while LVT can work to fund a minimal government, your land policies are still a bit too collectivist.
    • Civil Libertarianism - Great ideas on civics and culture, but can be a bit less focused on positive "rights".
    • Libertarian Conservatism - The best conservative, we agree on liberty and economics, and your cultural policy of preserving tradition while being tolerant is respectable. However, your followers are still sometimes too edgy and embroiled in useless culture wars.


    • Neoliberalism - Good economics and cultural takes, but too interventionist.
    • Liberalism - Some good takes but too moderate.
    • Georgism - Not bad but can still be a bit less of a land collectivist.
    • Social Libertarianism - Decent civics and good cultural takes, but can cut down on the welfare.
    • National Liberalism - Great in theory, but too corrupted by Natcons and Alt-lites these days.
    • Conservative Liberalism - Good economics and civics, though you can have better cultural policies.
    • Progressive Conservatism - Mostly good, wanting to preserve tradition while being accepting towards minorities. However, in a few rare cases where you're intolerant but wanting to forcefully destroy tradition, you would be terrible.


    • Anarchism - Has some good ideas in theory, but too utopian to work and often too violent in practice.
    • Paleolibertarianism - Good economics and civics, but too many issues besides these. Your cultural takes are often so extreme that you don't care about freedom anymore and hate on progressive libertarians more than conservative statists. Also, too many of your supporters are just kremlintarians.
    • National Libertarianism - Calvin Coolidge was supremely based and easily the greatest POTUS ever, but nowadays you're too corrupted by these kids.
    • Social Capitalism - Too welfarist and regulationist but fine otherwise.
    • Social Liberalism - Same as above but a bit worse.
    • Nationalism - Depends on the type of nationalism.


    • Libertarian Socialism - You put so much emphasis on workers and coops that you're not a true libertarian anymore, at least you're usually culturally progressive though.
    • Social Anarchism - Same as above but more radical.
    • Social Democracy - Too welfarist and regulationist, but at least not a full blown socialist.
    • Monarchism - Has a few good variants but most of the time is too tyrannical.
    • Democracy - Minimal-government representative democracy is great, although in practice you're yet again far too authoritarian and direct democracy is ochlocratic.
    • Technocracy - Not ochlocratic or demagogic, but still far too statist.


    • Socialism - It has been tried, and has consistently failed miserably. At least you're not insane and into extreme totalitarianism and forced collectivism like him.
    • Anarcho-Communism - Basically tankie enforced through ochlocracy, so much collectivism and suppression of individualism through violent destruction of property. Only redeeming factor about you is voluntary communes, which are rare in such a hellish landscape like your ideology.
    • Conservatism - Hateful ideology that indoctrinated so many people, not to mention most of your followers are edgelords. Only redeeming factor about you is that you have some good variants.
    • National Conservatism - Statist, conservative, and protectionist, overall terrible. Only redeeming factor is a few less statist and more free-market variants you have.
    • Neoconservatism - Same as above but hyper-interventionist.
    • Protectionism - You're the reason everything is so expensive everywhere nowadays and the reason many countries are struggling with their economy. At least a few of your figures like Calvin Coolidge are good, but still.


    • National Bolshevism - Literally my exact opposite. Totalitarianism, communist, racist, and reactionary monster, the world would be a better place without you.
    • Maoism - Filthy genocidal totalitarian communist maniac, the 70 million innocent lives who you took away will never be forgotten.
    • Stalinism - I don't think I have to say much for this yet another genocidal totalitarian communist monster.
    • Pol Potism - The worst genocidal dictator in history. Totalitarian, communist, kakistocratic, primitivist, hyper-racist, and reactionary monster.
    • Marxism - The ultimate source of inspiration for all the monsters above.
    • National Socialism - Same as Stalin but even more racist. I don't get how you're always placed rightist when you purged all of the privatization advocates in your party and always hated on free markets.
    • National Capitalism - Same as above but with a capitalist mask.
    • Fascism - Ever so slightly less insane than the two above but still an absolute abomination.
    • Anti-Fascism - Violent, collectivist, and anti-free speech? You're literally the guy above all over again with a mask.
    • Corporatocracy - The reason kids believe in socialist BS nowadays, you have nothing to do capitalism like socialists claim, but you're just big corporations being puppets of the state, gaining revenue from stolen taxes, and monopolizing, your beliefs and existence are the living proof that monopolies are not caused by free markets, but by governments.
    • Reactionarism - Monstrous ideology of hatred, discrimination, authoritarianism, and societal regression. You're such a terrible and monstrous maniac, and it's a shame how much you've managed to infiltrate the libertarian movement. Not to mention almost all of you believe in stone age psuedoscience like the Earth being at the center of the universe, being 6,000 years old, or even being flat.
    • Reactionary Libertarianism - There's no universe where you are anything even resembling a libertarian. You're just a monstrous, hateful, utterly stupid, crypto-statist, and unironic neo-feudalist infesting and contaminating the libertarian movement. Almost all of you would prefer literal totalitarian Nazis over progressive, and sometimes even culturally center, libertarians. Just die off and never come back again.
    • Korwinism - Read above.
    • Hoppeanism - Same as the two above but even more insane. So insane, in fact, that almost all of your supporters prefer over let alone pinkcap, even culturally center ancaps. Almost all of you are also kremlintarians too, so much for self-proclaimed "libertarians" supporting totalitarian regimes. You're nothing but a total cancer for the libertarian movement, so calmly get away from it and unmask your Nazbol face and never come back.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - You're no better than the monsters above. In fact, you're basically them all over again with pink paint, as you assault and threaten anyone who deviates even slightly from your lunatic ideas. You're the main reason why the monsters above even exist and are present in large numbers, and you are also a disgrace to and ruins the label of progressivism.
    • State Liberalism - Even more insane than the above, basically just Nazbol with a pink paint.
    • Alt-Right - You've done nothing but ruin the reputation of the "right-wing" label, you totalitarian, racist, and regulatory monster. Your followers are also almost always the worst of the worst, constantly embroiled in the most useless things possible and also being terminally ill nolifers.
    • Paleoconservatism - Literally the above all over again but ever so slightly less insane. Not to mention that most of your supporters are unironic supporters of the most brutal dictators on the planet, such as Putin, Xi, Kim, and Assad.
    • Alt-Lite - Insane edgelord who is not much different than the two idiots above. I'm also sick of how much you've infiltrated the libertarian movement, introduced your reactionary thoughts and edginess to it, and corrupted it from within.
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - An entire ideology has been created to revert humans to ants? Never knew that.
    • Feudalism - You forcefully subjugate people collectively under "counts", forcing them to use medieval ideology to work in grueling conditions for no reason and probably die from typhus at 30. You're one of the most terrible systems to ever exist, and I have no idea how anyone can even think about comparing you to ancap.
    • Avaritionism - You violent, psychopathic maniac openly admits to being against private property, there's no universe where you "lib""right" larper can ever work or are anything close to freedom.
    • Kraterocracy - The above unmasked.
    • Extroversionism - Extroverts, especially teenage ones, are almost always the most lunatic monsters on the planet, always wanting to force others into BS talks, seek attention with the most brutal ways, and bully others for almost no reason. Having them even exist on this planet in large proportion as now is horrible enough, but having them rule just creates the greatest dystopia ever seen to the universe. (I still have full respects to extroverts who mind their own business and don't act insane to others, though they are very rare.)
    • School System - The hell that pushes the world to shift closer than ever to the dystopia above. Not to mention that you're tremendously wasteful and keeps stealing tax money from literally everyone.


    Political journey

    Apoliticism : Before December 2019
    Distributism : January 2020-February 2020
    Trotskyism : March 2020-May 2020
    Socialism : June 2020-September 2020
    Social Democracy : October 2020-March 2021
    Social Liberalism : April 2021-July 2021
    Ordo-Liberalism : August 2021-February 2022
    Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism : March 2022-April 2022
    Minarchism : May 2022
    Anarcho-Capitalism : June 2022-December 2022
    Libertarian Transhumanism : January 2023-present

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    • Wraizer Though Do you have Discord?
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    • Glencoe- I agree that extroverted people are monsters
    • - Real for 95% of those who I ever saw
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