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    "The best thing you can do in this world of Chaos and uncertainty, is embrace your inner schizo. Ditch your flesh, digitalize your existence, blow up capitalist stores, write about the thoughts that enter your mind in the shower. Become one with your Inner Schizo."

    Mrs. Moth


    Mothism represents the beliefs of Mrs.Moth. Mothism is an anarchistic ideology which disconnects itself from the idea of "Leftism" and "Leftist Politics, often considering current Leftism plagued with "Progressive Colonial nonsense" and "Absurdly Reactionary Stances, due to this idea that Leftist has become poisoned and outdated, she dissociated herself with "Leftist" ideas and joined the Post Left, although it is debatable if she even considers herself a Post Leftist has she had talked about possibly going beyond the barriers of Leftism and Post-leftism. She promotes concepts such as Technological Bodily Autonomy, the Abolition of Phasmatasmic concepts such as Human Rights, Identities, Gender, Sexuality, Civ, and Society, Post-Human Bodily Modifications in order to better pleased the self and will, The Destruction and movement into a Post-Civilized world, and Freedom and Total Autonomy of all Indigenous tribes, including her own. Despite being aware that Religion is a Phasmatasm concept, Mrs.Moth promotes an Esoteric upholding of the Ego or Self, believing that if worshiped and pursued, one could transcend beyond the need of a human form.

    In short:

    Ideological Positions

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