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    "This page isn't even complete yet, who cares?" - Nihilism
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    Motherism is an ideology that believes that the state should treat its citizens as if they were its children. What this means specifically is subjective. Laws will still vary from age to age, but maternal love will be always unconditional. The leadership would be passed from a mother to the closest mother related after death (usually being a female child).



    • ChildCenter.png ChildAuthLeft.png ChildAuthRight.png ChildLibLeft.png ChildLibRight.png Childhoodisms - MY BABIES! I'm gonna take care of them like their mother, oh wait, I AM!
    • Childism.png Childism - Who's the big baby? Yes, you are, but you cannot vote yet, my dear.
    • Gay.png LGBTism Gay-2021.png - Mom'll always support you my dear.
    • File:Teen.png Teenism - You're still my baby, it doesn't matter how rebel you are.
    • Adult.png Adultism - You'll always be a baby for me.
    • Ageism.png Ageism - It's not because of your age that I'm gonna love you less.
    • Apolit.png PCB-Authleft.png PCB-Authright.png LibLeft.png Libright-yellow.png Quadrants - *Snif* They grow up so fast. Mommy will always love y'all <3

    === Enemies === Why the hell would a mom hate one of her children?!?!


    Mom.png Motherism- Mommy loves y'all <3

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