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    Motherism, also known as Mom, is an authoritarian and economically and culturally syncretic ideology that is an ideology that believes that the state should treat its citizens as if they were its children. What this means specifically is subjective. Laws will still vary from age to age, but maternal love will be always unconditional. The leadership would be passed from a mother to the closest mother related after death (usually being a female child).


    Motherism believes that the purest and most efective form of love is the maternal love, so, in order to achive a state-population cooperation, there must be a form of maternal love within it. She advocates for a state ruled by a "true form of a mom", a.k.a. Big Mother, and that mom should pass all the knowledge of maternalism to the next generation. When Big Mother dies another maternal for should be put in place, that mom being part of the previous Big Mother family as she would probably share the same principles. This maternal relationship would let people try to discuss any type of subject with the government, as well as having sexual and religious freedom (but she still supports christianism). While wanting to preserve the old traditions, considering them as parts of the good old days, she still supports nowadays decisions and is very acceptive.

    Personality And Behaviour

    Motherism behaves like a usual mom of the late 90s and early 2000's. She loves her traditions such as family values, religion and the mother role, but she is also very respectful to her kids' decisions. She gets easely angry when someone make a mess on something or someplace and her favorite place to go is the shopping mall.

    How To Draw

    Flag of Motherism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in with pink.
    3. Draw a purpleish pink female symbol in the middle.
    4. Draw a purpleish pink cross with a small circle in the middle inside of the symbol.
    5. Add a purpleish pink dress with white flowers.
    6. Add a blond hair.
    7. Add a big eye with a pupil and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Pink #DFB8DE 223, 184, 222
    Purpleish Pink #D23DD1 210, 61, 209
    White FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Yellow #FFFF47 255, 255, 71



    • Childhoodisms - MY BABIES! I'm gonna take care of them like their mother, oh wait, I AM!
    • Childism - Who's the big baby? Yes, you are, but you cannot vote yet, my dear.
    • LGBTism - Mom'll always support you my dear.
    • File:Teen.png Teenism - You're still my baby, it doesn't matter how rebel you are. Now go clean your room, it smells rotten in there.
    • File:Adult.png Adultism - You'll always be a baby for me.
    • Ageism - It's not because of your age that I'm gonna love you less.
    • Quadrants - *Snif* They grow up so fast. Mommy will always love y'all <3


    • Why the hell would a mom hate one of her children?!?!(thats what my mom did - anidiotoncrack)
    • Their babies getting into a fight - nooooooooo son do not fight
    • bullies at the school - u can't oppress my son, if you do, your neck is now a glue


    Motherism - Mommy loves y'all <3

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