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    Mordrelism, otherwise known as Black Market Centralism is where a formal government fully endorses and uses a black market system of operation to make money.


    TNO Interpretation

    Unlike Agorism it does not use the black market to achieve anarchism but instead to make money. This ideology is similar to how Brittany operates in TNO where they presumably have state run or state sponsored industry and use their connections and spycraft to run an underground global shadow economy where they avoid tariffs and legal restrictions to make money in other governments that have normal non black market economies. This is an ideology advocating for a system where the economy is entirely black market run.

    Alternative Overview

    This ideology encourages making money via illegal means and may be practiced by ordinary citizens in addition to being possibly practiced by the government. It in fact encourages government bans of good, services, and means of business so that they may be relegated to the black market. This can be done through an underfunded police force, or lax enforcement of laws, this is likely given the lack of taxable income caused by the dominance of an undetected black market economy, which may incentivize the following of this ideology. Due to encouraging illegal activity, it is similar to Illegalism and Kleptocracy. It runs a distinct economic system from both capitalism and socialism, where it does not seek to make private, state-owned, collective, nor government industry the dominant composition of the economy but rather illegal industry, or black market enterprise.

    Behavior And Personality



    Britanny in the Hearts of Iron 4 alternate history mod: "The New Order: Last Days of Europe" runs its economy almost solely on the black market, with the isolationist tendency of Nazi Germany and the existence of the French State and Burgundy. Almost every single foreign good passes through its ports, allowing it to reap a large profit.


    Since Taboritsky hates everything related to Jews and believes that the international economy is run by the Jews, to avoid using the international economy, he can adopt full Black Market Centralism.


    Ordosocialism does not fully commit to Black Market Centralism but instead sees promising potential in using Black Market Centralism to get spies, and agents across the world.


    National Black Market Centralism

    In the events of the game Breton collaborator to Nazi Germany Célestin Lainé can coup the government. He will create a National Socialist or even Burgundian regime that uses the black market to target socialist and democratic nations or nations with large non white populations. It targets the nations mentioned, peddling drugs and participating in human trafficking with the intention of causing the nation and its people harm.

    Democratic Black Market Centralism

    In the events of the game, former ally to Mordel, Raymond Delaporte, can take over the government. Delaporte wishes to bring democracy to Brittany and left Mordrel's Breton National Party to found his own Patriotic Party, consisting of democracy supporters across the country. He wants to bring in Enlightenment virtues, scale back the paramilitaries, and use the black market for good.





    Further Reading

    The New Order: Last Days of Europe Wiki

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