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    Mordecaism is an economically center-right to right-wing, culturally center-left and libertarian ideology. that represent the beliefs of Mordecai, Rigby's discord friend.


    Mordecai describes his ideology with 7 core values:

    • The Defense of Liberty
    • The Individual Freedom granted by the Government
    • A Strong Constitution
    • The Unrestricted Market Freedom
    • Defense of Democracy of all Costs
    • Solidariety between different social classes
    • And the Separation of the Church and the State


    I supports a laizzes-faire economy, where everybody can buy and sell without any form of government interference, nor a bureaucracy which delays societal progress.


    I wants to replace all welfare programs with an UBI, which will help those don't who doesn't can ladder up in the society. And it will be funded by the taxation(which will be extremely low of course)


    I wants to reduce all taxes to only two, being them:

    • buying tax
    • land-value tax

    Any other form of taxation is just, robbery. and nothing can change this fact, no matter how some tries to say otherwise.

    Social Policy

    I supports many takes that are seen as Progressive, like: i'm Pro-LGBT, Pro-Choice, Pro-Police Reform, Believes there's 4 genders, Supports Drug legalization and anti-nationalism.

    Why "Libertarian" Conservatives aren't real Libertarians

    Libertarianism means Small Government, and letting people to be free without ending the government. this means support individuals rights, and then the "Libertarian" Conservatives don't support Abortion legality. therefore they are LINOS(Libertarians in Name Only).

    Why a Confederation will be the ideal for Colombia

    Well... i'm Colombian, and my current government is too Centralized. firstly i adopt Federalism, as i really hated Unitarism. but then i discovered the Confederalism, that is pratically just Federalism but better. as this could end many Economical and Social crisis, as every state could do their better. and it also could help the Poor without destroying the Budget, because every state could have their own Services. instead of a National Service that not only doesn't help the poor but also destroys the budget, so this is the best option for Colombia.

    Rare Interventionism

    I'm against all forms of Imperialism, be it Economical or Social. but i supports a "Rare Interventionism" that just intervenes in a Nation if they were Commiting a Genocide like Rwanda, and their local populance would support the Intervention.

    In terms of Foreign Policy, i'm most inclined to the Western world. but i'm not too fond of them, as what they did against other countries like: Guatemala and Chile were just plain evil and unjustificable. but in currently they are chill for the most part(not counting Iraq and Lybia) so i would call myself a "Atlanticist" even thought i reject this label to not be associated with Neocons.

    Also Bush,Blair,Obama and Clinton are all War criminals. Cope.

    About "Market Socialism" nonsense

    Socialism was created for giving the Working class false hope about "mUhH wE wIlL gIvE yOu gUyS bEtTeR lIfE cOnDiTiOns tHaN tHe cApItAlIsTs wIlL gIvE" and not for infiltrating in the market system, and therefore "Market" Socialism is an oxymoron and the "Market" Socialists are just less bureaucratic than most socialists but they still wants to exploit the country.

    Socialism is like a mental illness

    Socialism can be comparable to a mental illness like or Dementia, like. Socialists forget about various unsucceful socialists government that failed because of their poor tasted policies, so it can be comparable to Dementia. Socialists seems to talk about an Imaginary revolution that will never come, so it can also be comparable to Schizophrenia.

    Ideal Political Party



    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - True Libertarians support Abortion legality and Drug Legalization.
    • Social Libertarianism - #YangGang
    • Classical Liberalism - You fix everything you touch.
    • Hayekism - I have a special place for you in my heart, Mr Hayek!
    • Jeffersonian Democracy - Based.
    • Secularism -
    • Civil Libertarianism - I love Guns and Drugs!
    • Semi-Direct Democracy - Corruption go bye bye!
    • Georgism - Least bad Tax
    • Confederalism - States Rights!
    • Coolidgism - Dropping the Protectionism and Strict immigration, you will always be remembered as one of the best presidents of the USA!
    • Owfism - Too soft on Regulations and liberties, and also too Militaristic. but otherwise you aren't that bad.
    • Artelordism - Why are you a Succdem? otherwise, you are based. but please understand that you are falling for Keynesian propaganda that Laissez-Faire causes monopolies, while in the fact it would be the opposite.
    • EWBR2006 Thought - Anti-Imperialism is based, and so are defending the humane treatment for the Minorities without being a crazy SJW?... anyways i recommend you to be more Capitalist, and also friendly to Neoliberalism. as it's legacy was ruined by war criminal crony capitalist, while there are a bunch of based Neolibs around like Nick Clegg.


    • Liberalism - Depends...
    • American Republicanism - How do you wants a small government if you wants to prosecute Gays, and arrest Potheads? atleast you likes Guns and Market Freedom.
    • Democratism - You kinda ruined the name "Liberalism" in Usa, now everyone thinks it's means rewriting the constitution and imposing useless regulations, atleast you likes Abortions and Gays.
    • Rigby Thought - Your Ideology is awful in nearly all ways, but we're Friends so you got a higher tier.


    • Marxism-Leninism - Stalin deserved his death in 53.
    • Nazism - Hitler deserved to kill himself.
    • Dengism - #FreeTibet
    • Serbian Socialism - a Racist Tankie who thinks he is special just because he is lenient towards Markets, piss off!
    • Neo-Atronism - a Commie!
    • Mainstream Hard Left - Champangne Socialist from the First World, who wears a "Democratic" mask like the below.
    • Yoda8soup - a "Democratic" Socialst, eww...
    • Heredism - YOU FUCKING BACKS MADURO TERRORIST STATE! but unlike Some neutered Commies in this site, you are actually honest about what do you think about the Venezuelan status-quo.
    • Great British New Left - Pratically a Socialist with a Reformist mask, i won't trust you guys because of what happened in a Country bordering mine. i wouldn't be surprised if you suprised if you actually are a Trojan horse that is carrying Authoritarian Socialism inside.
    • Jefbol Thought - a Revolutionary Soccie, i'm not gonna say anything.
    • Neo-Glencoeism - Average Democrat:
    • HEW Thought - Neckbeard Regulationist who is also an Imperialist Putinversteher, you are pratically the Brazilian J*hnson!
    • "Smarter Greaceball Thought - You haves some good principles. but you aren't a Libertarian, as you are a Commie, a Fascist and a Xenophobe.
    • Titoism - Overrated as fuck! remember the mini-genocide you did against Italians?...
    • "Democratic" Socialism - Exactly how Socialism will be Democratic? the DSA supports a fuck ton of Dictators like Maduro and Putin. Socialism will always be Authoritarian,and thus, all forms of Socialism must be countered if we really wants a World free of Dictators.
    • Third Way - Ideology full of Crony Capitalists who loves commiting War Crimes, two exemples could be Blair and Obama!
    • DDD Thought - Moderate Soccie, just it i was gonna to say.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - As if True Libertarians would be Champagne socialists who supports the brutal dictatorships of Cuba and Palestine...
    • Libertarian Conservatism - LINO who wants to arrest Mothers for killing an underdeveloped couple of cells! Atleast we both like Calvin Coolidge
    • German.red.patriot Thought - Literally a Stalnist, need i say more?
    • Libertarian Socialism - And you aren't that different from the above, as you wants to impose a system that needs a Strong State to robs people's property!
    • Uberglowism - Read above




    • Yoda8soup - I'm not a libertarian socialist, In my opinion even if I were it wouldn't be an oxymoron, mate. :)
      • alright
        • - Thanks :)
    • Jefbol Thought - killer kitty we know this is you now go back to watching porn
      • I'm not Killer Kitty, but i'm gonna to add you anyways.
    • DDD Thought - I can't consider myself commie, because I consider communism is just a wet dream Marx had. If you want to say I'm a moderate socialist, indee I am, but between that and a commie there are diferences (the true hardline commie is the guy up here). Thanks for adding me first :D
    • Yoda8soup - Can you give a source that backs up your claim of the DSA supporting Putin, Maduro and any other dictators you claim they support?
    • Neo-Glencoeism - Add me please?
    • Artelordism - Add?
    • Great British New Left - It's very clear you have a problem. Would you pass me your discord, so we can iron this out :D. I expect a proper response, unlike when you get asked basic sourced questions.
      • Yoda8soup - Mordecai it's not a good look ignoring your opposition and resorting to pitiful strawman arguments and name calling.
        • Great British New Left - Mordecai, grow up. I know you can see this. Instead of producing a pathetic joke page straw manning your enemy, actually allow a reasonable debate to happen. My discord is MrNoNonsense. I expect a response. If you don't feel comfortable using discord, that is perfectly fine. But if that is the case, you do not get to throw petty insults. Be seeing you.
    • Mr_Beast_0f_93 - Add me :D
    • Armandonian Liberalism - Add me?
    • HEW Thought - Look, i get why someone would not like his own country to be turned into Venezuela 2.0, trust me, no one wants to live in a Kleptocracy with so much censorship where you barely have any money to buy food, a lot of the ones that live in that system migrated to my country to escape that situation. Alot of people in my country also have this fear (including me), but why do you label everyone you dislike as a Maduro sympathizer? you're making the problem look ridiculous compared to how serious it really is.
    • MacDeko's thought - Add me !!!!
    • CRT - Add me?
    • Socialist Third Way - I just noticed that in your comment about Heredism ideology you added my icon, so did you really call me a "commie who backs Maduro"? Oh please, stop doing these fake stereotypes about socialists and socdems. Anyways, can you add me? :)
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