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    Morax Theocracy is the ideology of Morax and the incorporation of Morax's ideals into Liyue society as well as the worship and rituals of Rex Lapis. Morax Theocracy is known to be Authoritarian Right and most often capitalist ideology. Morax Theocracy has been the ideology of both the Guili Assembly and Liyue until recently after Morax died which was fake turning Liyue into a human ruled society.


    Morax Theocracy believes in the worship of Morax and the incorporation of Morax's ideals in society. Morax Theocracy believes in putting Morax at the top of government, however not all people believe to make Morax an autocrat though as Liyue Model makes Morax only an instructor that comes down a year before the Qixing takes over much of the day to day stuff. Morax Theocracy believes that contracts are divine and contracts shall be strictly followed at all times. Whoever breaks the contract will be severly punished or "feel the wrath of the rock". Most adherents to Morax Theocracy are capitalist.



    • Guili Adepticracy - Guili Assembly was a great time, I miss Guizhong. But change is inevitable and some of you do have a hard time adapting to it.
    • Guizhong Theocracy - I miss you honestly, if it wasn't for the Archon War, you would still be with me.
    • Archoncracy - I'm one of the Seven.
    • Liyue Model - I love the Liyue of today and its proseprity.
    • Constitutionalism - Contracts are everything, break the contracts and feel the wrath of the rock!
    • Capitalism - I believe capitalism is the best thing in Liyue.
    • Keqingism - You pretend to hate me but I kind of like your idea of making Liyue go on its own, so I'll form a test for Liyue.
    • Chinese Theocracy - You mirror a lot of traditions of mine.
    • Plutocracy - The rich are the ones who know how to govern Liyue.
    • Oligarchy - Most of my governments are oligarchies.
    • Raiden Shogun Theocracy - I dined with Makoto.


    • Imperialism - The Archon War was a brutal time, back then there was no good vs evil.
    • Havria Pacifism - Your peace and unwillingness to fight made you weak, too weak, during the Archon War you gave into loads of gods and eventually the king killed you. I feel sorry for you but can you please tell your descendants to stop making conspiracy theories about me.
    • Havria Theocracy - I protected many of your descendants and let them work in the salt industry but your modern adherents keep saying I killed Havria out of envy or some other crap.
    • Pacifism - In the Archon War no one can be peaceful everyone had to fight.
    • Stratocracy - The adepti were mostly fighters including myself who battled many gods, however military rule isn't really a good thing in modern Liyue.
    • Traditionalism - As much as I love traditions, I know change is inevitable and everyone has to accept change at some point.
    • Barbatos Theocracy - That bard reeks with wine, however we still are close.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - You tried to destroy Liyue but as per our contract I'll still give you my gnoses. Also Tartaglia is my sugar daddy.
    • Celestia Theocracy - I gave up my gnoses to the Fatui because of the erosion sent to me by the Heavenly Principles, unfortunately I can't really do anything about it.
    • Dracocracy - During the Archon war, I gave a geo dragon named Azhdaha eyes to see the world and he had fought along and served me and the people of Liyue since. Though erosion from the Heavenly Principles has gotten the best of him and he allowed us to seal him to protect the people of Liyue. Though Azhdaha forgot that too and now thinks I betrayed him, though his good side was able to help me. Also this dragon from Fontaine wants to put me on trial? I already made a contract to give up my gnoses and my godhood, how can I still be part of the "usurpers" or what I call, the heavenly principles. Clearly this dragon needs to realize that times have changed and I no longer partake in dealings with the Heavenly Principles.
    • Alcoholism - You remind me of that disgrace to the arts. But still Osmanthus Wine tastes the same as I remember... But where are those who share the memory?


    • Wanyanism - Stop trying to prove that I killed Havria out of envy or some sort of conspiracy. You also broke the contract while we were exploring Sal Terrae, so here let me tell you the truth, Havria was a weak god and because of her passivity she became weak and her own people killed her out of mercy. There you happy?
    • Right-Wing Populism - You remind me of Sal Terrae's descendants who won't stop making conspiracy theories about me.
    • Feudalism - Capitalism is the best economic system for Liyue.
    • Socialism - Same as above.
    • Necrocracy - There's no point at being devoted to a dead god, also I hate your karma and wrath. Wait but I'm technically dead to most people and everyone follows my ideals.
    • Thalassocracy - I had to kill a lot of sea monsters during the Archon War.
    • Orobashi Theocracy - I feel like I have seen this sea serpent in the past.
    • Abyss Theocracy - They dyed my stone pillars black and threaten to mechanize Osial against Liyue!
    • Anarchism - I WILL HAVE ORDER!

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