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    Monteirism is a communist ideology that is derived from the eassys, writings, texts and statements of Guilherme Monteiro Jr. (also Dumugian, William Ariel Mounter, BrazilianMonteirist, CapixabaMonteirist and GreaterEspiritoSanto). Monteirism is basically a union of revolutionary socialism (also revolutionary communism) with sustainable development and with world communism. Monteirism supports that the world needs of communism as soon as possible and that the World Socialist Republic (or the unified communist Earth) must become real as soon as possible, because of the massive rise of the alt-right, genocidal anticommunism, genocidal antisocialism, genocidal antileftism, genocidal capitalism, genocidal neoliberalism, genocidal rightism, right-liberalism, anarcho-capitalism, objectivism, social darwinism, avaritionism, anti-theism, neopositivism, Big Tech orwellianism, technological orwellianism, scientific orwellianism, popular-cultural orwellianism and classical transhumanism. Monteirism also supports some elements of the Frankfurt School and is also a theoretical part of the FRT/PCTB socialism and also of CPWW socialism.

    Monteirism is considered as the Brazilian version of posadism, even that monteirism and posadism are completely different ideologies in its essence, but their similarities are kinda the same.

    Monteirism is also considered a divine version of socialism, creating Divine Socialism and Divine Communism, even both ideologies are based on divinialism and extraphysicism, divine socialism basically follow socialist spirituality as its base and focus on the evolution to the divine by technological and inspirational ways.

    Monteirism is also characterized by the support of pacification of society together with the replacement of the violent things by peaceful things, similar to what Rogersism support, but in a more decisively and actively form. Also advocating the use of mass media and internet as a mean to inspire the masses and turn humanity into a highly evolved society, often seeking to the politicization of the masses and the education of the masses by mass media and internet.

    Monteirism is also characterized for the support of Quantumism, mainly Techno-Quantumism, and it also supports Techno-Agnosticism and Scientific Deism should be used for the search for gods, same way for the development of Spiritualicism. And it often advocates that those are the best ways to turn humanity into a highly evolved society and find other extraphysical life forms, monteirism really supports search for extraphysical life forms and turn humanity into an extraphysical society.

    Monteirism also supports Anunnakism and identifies itself with Anunnakism as well and as being an Anunnaki as well, also supporting Anunnaki Nationalism.



    Monteirism supports self-management-self-government economics, together with a central planning during the first years until the self-management economy can walk by its own, monteirism also advocates economics similar to Bookchin Communalism where selfman-selfgov is a way to reach communalism in an organized way and to organize a communalist society as well. Monteirism is also fully favorable to worker's rights and hardcore pro-trade union, it wants to make the workers have full control over the economy in order to achieve communalism and to have a communalist society organized by cooperatives and trade unions.


    Monteirism also supports self-management-self-government politics, but advocating some form of Malenkovism in case there's need, mainly before reaching self-management-self-government, and sometimes monteirism advocates the same politics as trotskyism mainly in case there are some foreign threat to monteirism, but often advocating the idea of spread monteirism over the whole world, using of the principles of Earthling Communism and World Federalism. Monteirism also supports the idea of People's Squadism and the spiritualization of the masses by politics, using of politics to reach Extraphysicism, Divinialism adn turn humanity into a highly evolved species. Monteirism also supports that right-wing ideologies such as Capitalism, Neoliberalism and Fascism should be countered since they are considered as enemies of monteirism and being harmful for a monteirist society and highly evolved society.


    Monteirism supports that materialism and physicalism should be replaced by spiritualism and extraphysicalism by spiritualist and extraphysicalist education, where the education shall focus on the spiritual side of living and to turn humanity into a highly evolved species, monteirism also advocates the pacification and deviolentization of the society by using of mass media and internet as means to turn humanity in a highly evolved society and species. Often advocating the development of a highly evolved culture for humanity embrace, and together with ideas similar to Nativianism, despite some variants of monteirism advocate to turn humanity into an Anunnaki society, such as Anunnaki Monteirism advocates. Monteirism also supports full countering on Awtokism, Human Nationalism and Speciesism, advocating that both are extremely harmful in order to achieve a highly evolved society.


    Monteirism fully supports LGBT rights, and it also fully supports Otherkin rights and Supernatural rights, it also supports to include otherkins, therians, mythicals/supernaturals and starseeds inside the LGBT movement or at least being allies with the LGBT movement in order to have a considerable social acceptance and to avoid being attacked by everyone else. Monteirism also supports LGBT education, Otherkin/Therian education, Mythical/Supernatural education and Starseed education at schools in order to make those themes accepted by society and prepare people for such themes.


    Monteirism fully supports Otherkins and Therians and it wants to make them accepted in society and it fully supports Otherkin rights. Monteirism believes that otherkins should be accepted in society and that it's normal and acceptable for them to see themselves as nonhumans. Same way for mythicals/supernaturals and starseeds.


    Monteirism supports that starseeds are somehow right about their origin, at least some of them who are authentic starseeds, and it wants to make them accepted on society and it supports Starseed rights as well and that starseeds from each different species should unite themselves in the groups of their own starseed species in order to create an identity for their own species on Earth as well. Monteirism has a special and preferential support and treatment for Anunnaki starseeds, mainly the ones who support anunnakism and the Anunnaki model.


    Monteirism supports SJW and believes that SJWs might be extremely useful for accomplish its goals, it wants to make SJWs to promote monteirist ideas such as the ones related to otherkins, therians, mythicals/supernaturals and starseeds in order to make them more acceptable on society and to fight speciesists, human supremacists and awtokists, as well as monteirism also wants to make SJWs spiritual and promote spiritual ideas in order to fight new atheists and positivists.


    Monteirism supports left-wing nationalism together with some form of trotskyist internationalism, including that the local cultures should be encouraged and local forms of spirituality and religious should also be encouraged and adapted to monteirism and to turn humanity into a highly evolved species. Monteirism also supports that all monteirist countries should play the Internationale in the same level as they play their national anthems, but advocating that all negative mentions to "gods" and "deities" should be removed and re-written, since monteirism considers gods and deities as being leftists and comrades of humans. Monteirism also supports that local languages should be encouraged and that ancient cultures and languags should be revived, as in the case of Anunnaki Nationalism and in some versions of Nativianism.


    Monteirism itself supports Anunnakism, but politically, it supports the Freedom of Supernaturality, Freedom of Religion and State Spiritualism, and even some form of Esoterocracy and Spiritocracy. Monteirism is characterized by advocate full countering of New Atheism and Anti-Theism considering both as the biggest enemies of turn humanity into a highly evolved society and species, also advocating that materialism and physicalism should be replaced by spiritualism and extraphysicalism in a way that materialism and physicalism are going to be totally absent. And monteirism often advocates the development of Divinialism and Transcendentialism in order to unite all religions and spiritualities in order to turn humanity into a highly evolved society, besides the search for gods and extraphysical life forms by Techno-Agnosticism and Spiritualicism.


    Monteirism supports the development of extraphysicism, divinialism, quantumism and spiritualicism and their technologies as a mean to reach a monteirist society and turn humanity into a highly evoled species and reaching a high level of being and existence, however monteirism opposes Classical Transhumanism and often consider that classical transhumanism should be countered and replaced by any of the technologies monteirism actually supports.


    Monteirism supports Epistemological Anarchism, Epistemological Pluralism and Post-Positivism, and also supports the division of natural sciences to extranatural (spiritual/extraphysical) sciences, and advocates that natural sciences cannot determine spiritual and extraphysical things since natural sciences only deals with the material, advocating the use of post-positivism and epistemological pluralism for study about spiritual and extraphysical things and phenomena, together with the development of extraphysicism, divinialism, quantumism and spiritualicism, and also advocating the replacement of materialism and physicalism by spiritualism and extraphysicalism.


    Monteirism supports that education should follow a model similar to how Finnish schools are united with revolutionary education and spiritualist-extraphysicalist education, where the schools are made for prepare people to become revolutionaries and spiritual people. Monteirism is also against positivism on education and it wants to replace by revolutionary education and by spiritual-extraphysical education. Monteirism also supports the use of education in order to reach a society of highly evolved beings.


    Monteirism supports state mediacracy where the state has control over mass media, but it also supports that all mass media companies should be owned by cooperatives or be state owned and they should be focused on show the ideas of monteirism most of time and be used in order to turn humanity into a society of highly evolved beings. Same way applies for Internet and Internet companies. In order words, monteirism basically supports Monteirist Mediacracy


    Monteirism supports that the internet should be state owned and owned by cooperatives, where all internet companies are owned by cooperatives or by the state. Monteirism also supports a moderate state control over the internet in order to avoid people to be doxxed, to be massively attacked over internet and to post things that would completely go against monteirism and its ideas. Monteirism also supports that monteirist websites should be promoted at the first results on the internet searches and that internet communities should be moderately monitored by the state in case something happen on them. Monteirism also supports that Deep Web and Dark Web should also be monitored for avoid bad things to happen on them.

    Pop Culture

    Monteirism is quite hostile towards most of popular culture and it seeks to develop a cultural revolution focused on change pop culture completely, replacing them by content favorable to monteirism, gods, spiritual beings and leftists just like on Monteirist Mediacracy. Monteirism also supports to make the maximum possible of movies, videogames, series and such favorable to monteirism, gods, spiritual beings and leftists just like on Monteirist Gamerism and on Monteirist Filmism, in order to help humans to become a species of highly evolved beings. Monteirism is also against content that promotes human supremacism, awtokism, speciesism against sapient nonhumans (mainly gods and spiritual beings), capitalism, neoliberalism and such and it also seeks to counter them all and replace them all by monteirism-favorable ones.


    Monteirism supports massive space exploration and colonization only if humanity finally manage to unify Earth under a monteirist government and it also supports that humanity should be friendly with xeno species and even let some of them live on human planets and even on Earth but with special diplomatic status. Monteirism also supports colonizations of other dimensions (if possible) following the same logic as the space colonization. Monteirism supports peaceful settlement on xeno planets/worlds and mass peaceful colonization of planets/worlds without any sapient lifeforms living there.

    Foreign Policy


    Monteirism is extremely anti-zionist and it extremely opposes Israel and it wants to turn palestine into New Canaan and restoring Canaanite culture and religion in New Canaan (Palestine).


    Monteirism wants to turn Iraq into the Anunnaki State (Anunnakiya) and restore Anunnaki culture on Iraq, as well as completely turn Iraq into an Anunna-like country in the shortest time possible, Monteirism also supports the assimilation of all cultures in Iraq into Anunnaki culture but preserving their ethnicities.

    Middle East

    Monteirism supports the whole Middle East should become Anunnaki State (Anunnakiya) after the Iraq finally managed to become fully amunnakized, but Monteirism supports that Anunnakiya should be a federation with sub-states like New Canaan, Netjeria and so on.

    Latin America

    Monteirism supports the creation of the URSAL (Union of the Socialist Republics of Latin America) and the unification of all Latin-American countries into one single country, and making Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Italian and German as official languages, together with other native languages like Guarani, Aymara, Quechua, Nahuatl and so on. Where Portuguese and Spanish are the main languages. And following monteirism as its main ideology.


    Monteirism supports the restoration of the USSR under a monteirist government or under a stalinist or revolutionary socialist government and following state spiritualism instead of secularism or state atheism. And the integration of all former SSRs and Finland to the New USSR.

    The USA

    Monteirism is fully against the USA government and it supports the USA should go anarchy (NAAZ) or become revolutionary socialist, and then unifying with Canada and evolve into the United States of North America (The USNA).


    Monteirism supports European unification and a socialist version of the European Union or that Europe should go Anarchy (EuroAZ) and that the former SSRs should be annexed by the New USSR and that the UK should go socialist and join the Socialist European Union.

    World Unification

    Monteirism supports socialist world unification but he also might support monteirist world unification and anunnakist world unification if needed, it's totally against capitalist world federalism and the UN as it exists today and it wants to create a socialist version of UN for enable the world unification. Monteirism also supports the preservation of each culture under the world unification as well as to turn the Middle East into the Anunnaki State (Anunnakiya) and being a socialist republic part of the socialist world federation. Monteirism also supports that English and Esperanto should be the main official world languages as well as the other main world languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arab, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese and German should also be official languages of the world federation as well.





    (Self Inserts) Positive

    Jd2842ism - You're a good friend of mine, despite we disagree in some points, your ideology is quite acceptable except by the neoconservative and capitalist part.

    JoeyFloppaism - You've helped me a lot on PCBA, I like you as a person, but I disagree a lot with your ideology.

    Neo-Immorxism - Our ideologies are quite similar in some points, you could be more opened to the idea of world unification and focus more on cultural issues.

    Hydra'ism - You're one of the few people in the wiki who actually understand me, but sadly we disagree on politics.

    Neo-Bingoism - We used to be good friends and agree on a lot, I like your economics and monarchism, but you should focus more on cultural issues and be a bit more progressive when it's about LGBT and social issues.

    Cyanism - My fellow worshipper of Anu, we talked a lot together and agreed on many things. It's such a shame that we can't talk to each other again.

    (Self Inserts) Neutral

    Neo-Blartism - I like your syndicalism and your will of free the workers, but you could go more far on your syndicalism.

    Metbolism - You're a good person, but why do you need to be anti-LGBT? Why cannot you support LGBT at once?

    (Self Inserts) Negative

    General Shrekretary Thought - I like how you're a hardline tankie, sadly you do not like my ideology.

    Lairism - Liberal, socdem, hardline secularist and hostile towards extremists, that's enough for I dislike your ideology.

    - You're almost my polar opposite, despite I can agree with you with the techno-quantumism, but I heavily disagree with you when it's about religion, spirituality, metaphysics, economics and almost everything else.

    Neo-Plenderplarism - Your ideology is just really bad, stop being a larper and do something serious.

    Nullism - Same as Neo-Plenderplarism.

    TypicalFan1 Thought - I heavily dislike how trumpist you are, maybe if you supporter to make Mexico Nahualt-Mayan again I would like you, but sadly you don't.

    Admiralism - I kinda like how your ideology is inspired on Titoism, sadly you still have some reactionary elements related to social ideals and you dislike my ideology.

    Evolutionary Socialism - Cool aesthetics, but still you're quite reactionary, maybe if you were favorable to the theories of biocollectivism you'd be fine.

    Scarletism - Your aesthetics are cool, sadly you have a lot of quite reactionary elements inside your ideology, mainly related to social ideals.

    Heinrich-Cheungism - You're nazcap and still support to make nazcap go really far, I dislike that a lot, despite you're a shinto follower.

    Based Autism - You're just like Hydra'ism, but sadly you believe Anunnaki are cosmic archons and I heavily disagree with that.

    Tomassciism - I used to be friends with you, but you always called me "totalitarian" everytime I said something to you.

    Langisism - You might be a good guy, but we politically disagree on pratically everything.

    Kasdeyaism - You might had helped me a lot before, but sadly we cannot be friends anymore and we disagree on a lot of things.

    Vesselism - You banned me from this wiki, need I say more?


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