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    Monkeism is a very funny superior amazing meme off-compass libertarian ideology focused on the assimilation of the human species into the customs of chimpanzees, apes, and orangutans. It is extreme, yet less so than it's more well known brother Primal Primitivism, who believes in devolution into base animal instinct with no growth past that, whereas Monkeism can evolve past naked human to form troops, use only the most basic of tools such as fishing tools, sticks, and vocalize communication using monkey language.

    Monkeism sits on the side of anarchism, nestled between Primalism and Anarcho-Primitivism on the compass; whilst not the ancestor of ideologies, due to it being more akin to a "transplant" of human monkey ideologies.


    Monkeism uses primate vocalizations (ook ook, aaa aaa, etc.) to communicate between members of the troop, and even other monkeys. They can be drawn to represent chimpanzees, apes, monkeys, and almost any non-human primate if need be, and are not excluded from being drawn with tools of their own find or make such as sticks, rocks, or fishing sticks (in the case of orangutans.)



    • Anarcho-Primitivism - proud founder
    • Environmentalism - "Ook Aaa!" (Translation: He save forest!)
    • Deep Ecology - "Eep eep oo oooo!" (Translation: He interesting talk to, give monkey water for berry)
    • Scatological Anarchism - *flings shit in joy*
    • Anarkata - Same thing.


    • Primal Primitivism- "O-Oook aaaa aaa..." (Translation: Me him brothers, but we no get along when I give him banana or favorite stick and he attack)


    • Ingsoc - *Flings feces at for putting up screens in jungle*
    • Human Nationalism - "Oo-oo-ah-ah!" (Translation: You are blind brother! return to monkE!)


    Comics and Artwork


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