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    Monarcho-Kraterocracy, also known as MonKrat is an off-the-compass AuthRight ideology that is the kid of Monarchism and Kraterocracy. He believes that in order to serve every and each necessity of the strong they should subjugate the weak as they please and the government should be passed to the strongest royal children. Although a royalty is implanted, it doesn't keep luxuries as it is believed to weaken the people.


    Monarcho-Kraterocracy believes in a society in witch a monarchy controls the state and treats the people in a very kraterocratic way (torturing the weak). The pyramid system would work with the head monarch being the strongest indivídual, the royal family would be the blood related strong individuals, witch may get more powerfull trough inbreeding, the nobility would be the non blood related strong individuals and the slaves would be the weak, witch would be treated with such a tyrannical way that normal Monarchism wouldn't be able to think about. Maximum manipulation and globalistic massacre are also ways of ascending in society, but fisical strenght is preferable.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Monarcho-Kraterocracy combines both the rough, frightening way of speaking and acting of Kraterocracy with the sttuborn, ambitious way of thinking and processing of Monarchism. Every time you ask him where he is or was he'll say he's in the gym, even if it's not true witch is rare. He will disagree with everyone who is "weak" and agree with every one who is "strong", unless they criticise the royalty. If someone is "weak" and rejects something he asks, he will "take care" of the same. He is always angry and is always accompanied with a "weak" slave that follows all of his commands.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Monarcho-Kraterocracy
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill the ball in with black
    3. Draw a purple omega symbol (Ω) in the middle
    4. Draw the eye
    5. Add a crown with three red gems on the ball

    ...and you're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Purple #9425A0 148, 37, 160
    Black #0A0A0A 10, 10, 10
    Yellow #FFF200 255, 242, 0
    Gem Red #ED1C24 237, 28, 36


    Strong Ones

    "Weak" Ones

    • National Capitalism - Might makes right, not money.
    • Illuminatism - Over control is based, but too much state confort and too few tyrannizing.
    • Pinochetism - All of your ideas are great, however the lack of a royalty makes them rumble.
    • Mladorossism - How could a tzar be socialist?
    • Fascism - I like how you treat the inferiors, but race doesn't defies who is superior, strenght does. Also, why didn't you help the re-establishment of monarchy?
    • National Socialism - Same as the above.

    Truly Weak Ones


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