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    The Moderate Party is a political party in Sweden which describes itslef as a liberal conservative party. It's the party with the most economically liberal policies in the Swedish parliament and it's a member of the Blue Alliance (Blue-Brown by its enemies), also known as the Bourgeois Alliance.


    The party was founded in 1904 under the name General Electoral League to combat the more left-wing parties at the time. Later, in 1938, it changed its name to National Organization of the Right and then in 1952 Rightist Party. Finally in 1969 it named itself the Moderate Coalition Party or the Moderates.



    Carl Bildt is a Swedish politician and diplomat of the Moderate Party who was Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994 and Minister for Foreign Affairs during the Premiership of Fredrik Reinfeldt from 2006 to 2014. In 1991 Bildt became the first right-wing Prime Minister of Sweden in 61 years, leading a four-party coalition government that sought to expand upon the market liberal reforms that were introduced by the previous Prime Minister Ingvar Karlsson. The policies of Bildt's government aimed at giving Sweden a "new start" in the middle of a rapidly mounting economic crisis caused by a speculation bubble in housing, focusing on privatizing and de-regulating the economy in order to improve the conditions for big businesses.

    The most notable change was a major education reform in 1992 that allowed privately run primary schools and gymnasiums, called independent schools (friskolor) to receive public funding for each student at a level similar to what public schools receive. The number of independent schools has exceeded over a thousand since the 1990s. The independent school system has in recent times been harshly criticized mainly by the left-leaning parties for being kleptocratic with public funds ending up in the pockets of Private Shareholders who own the schools instead of being spent on improving the quality of education and for causing segregation in underfunded public schools which have become places of recruitment for criminal gangs. However, Bildt and other right-wing politicians have dismissed these claims and argues that the independent school system gives the students freedom to choose where and what they want to study after primary school and that it encourages them to embrace their individual talents.

    Carl Bildt is mostly known for his stances on foreign policy. He has constantly been a champion of European Integration, seeing the nation-state as an outdated concept and during his premiership negotiated Sweden's membership in the European Union. Like most Swedish right-wing politicians he's a strong supporter of NATO and has long called for Sweden to join the alliance. Yet he has come under scrutiny for his time as a mediator during the Yugoslav Wars when he opposed NATO intervention against the Bosnian Serb forces, due to alleged business ties in the region.

    In 2000, Bildt joined Lundin Energy's board of directors, a company with oil interests in Ethiopia and Sudan. His 7 years at Lundin Energy made him a multimillionaire and has been accused of profiting from and being complicit in the crimes against humanity committed by Omar al-Bashir's dictatorship in Sudan. Bildt supported the Iraq War and is known to have lobbied personally for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

    While formerly highly regarded by fellow Moderate Party members for moving Sweden to the economic right and representing the country in the international area, Bildt's reputation within his own party has declined significantly in recent times. This is due to his anti-nationalist and anti-populist views and his opposition to the Moderate Party's recent collaboration with the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats. Bildt may be the sole member of his party who still supports a two-state solution to the Israel/ Palestine Conflict as most of the Moderate Party fully supports Israel's annexation of remaining Palestinian territories and his outspoken criticism of Israel has led to multiple accusations of anti-semitism. Bildt, unlike most Swedish politicians also supports maintaining diplomatic ties with Iran and China despite Sweden's less than stellar relations with the respective countries.




    • Sweden Democrats - I didn't like you at first, but nowadays I've realized that you are pretty cool.
    • Nationalism - I love free trade, but the public seems to like you now...



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