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    Moderate Metbolism is the moderate form of METBOL.png Metbolism. It is still an authoritarian right, capitalist, culturally conservative and nationalist ideology, but in a more moderate way than regular Metbolism is. In terms of business and economics, Metcent supports the more moderate Chilib.png Chicagoan Economics as opposed to Austrobert.png Austrian Economics. The government is in fact a liberal democracy without strong authoritarian influence. Conservative values are not defended as radically, and "lgbt-free zones" are not advocated for. Environmental matters are more or less the same because in the modern age, environmentalism is somewhat of a liberal value.


    Chilib.png Economics RegCap.png

    Metcent supports a RegCap.png regulated capitalist economy. He also supports the moderate Chilib.png Chicagoan Economics instead of Austrobert.png Austrian Economics, as he believes the latter is too radical and laissez-faire for his tastes.

    Property.png Property GRights.png

    Metcent supports GRights.png gun, land and property ownership in a more moderate way than regular METBOL.png Metbolism. The government should only seize non-criminal individual property if necessary or if it's disrespecting the fallen. Moderate Metbolism's opinion on land property is more moderate, as he believes it should only be mildly restricted for the sake of his moderate right-wing authoritarianism.

    Fiscon.png Taxation Welf.png

    Moderate Metbolism supports small tax growth and is moderately Fiscon.png Fiscally Conservative. He's also against tax abolition in a more moderate way than normal METBOL.png Metbolism.

    Metcent supports Welf.png welfare to a moderate extent as he believes self-sufficiency sometimes isn't necessary.

    Metcent also thinks choosing that taxes you pay is a good idea to a more moderate extent than regular METBOL.png Metbolism.

    World.png International Economy Protect.png

    Metcent supports international trade, but moderate tariffs are important to defend America from her enemies.

    Also, some companies should be given special treatment under the government. Some companies can be part of the nation, though some of them just aren't welcome to coinside.

    Fed.png Government Dem.png

    Metcent supports a full-on Dem.png democracy, as he believes an illiberal representative one would be too radical for his tastes. He also supports moderate forms of Fed.png Federalism and Confess.png Confessionalism. This, however, can be a bit more flexible (but not too flexible) at the local level.

    On the basis of privately-run Corp.png Corporations, Metcent believes some of them should be deciding moderate government policy. Likewise with a Bankocracy.png central banking power, they should have some power, but not enough to become harsh and brutal.

    Modnat.png Nationalism and Culture Modcon.png

    Moderate Metbolism still supports Civnat.png Civic Nationalism as a basis for our country's form of nationalism, but he also supports Conlib.png Conservative Liberalism as a basis for our culture. Additional forms of nationalism Metcent supports most are Nalib.png National Liberalism and a little bit of good ol' File:Modnat Patriotism, but it just gets a bit more radical from there on. On terms of culture, Moderate Metbolism supports Modcon.png Moderate Conservatism, as he believes METBOL.png Metbolism's stances on conservatism are a bit too radical for his tastes.

    Metcent thinks Mansphere.png Manosphere is only slightly based, and it only shaped some of his views on Fem.png Feminism, but he has a minor Incel2.png Incel problem. The most recent feminist wave that Metcent supports is 2WF.png Second-Wave Feminism 2WF2.png, and it just gets a bit worse from then on.

    Antiwest.png Internationalism World.png

    Moderate Metbolism is moderately non-interventionist, and is mostly opposed to ideologies such as Necon.png Neoconservatism and Zio.png Zionism because they usually keep American citizens fighting for foreign causes that otherwise shouldn't concern them. Metcent still supports America becoming self-sufficient as well as some moderate World.png Globalism.

    LGBTChristy.png Religion Cdem.png

    Metcent moderately supports Catheo.png Catholicism but it shouldn't be a state religion. He does oppose the idea of America becoming an all-Christian nation though, because it'd be too radical for him.

    Metcent also opposes Islamophobia icon.png Islamophobia and Antipagan.png anti-Paganism because he's more tolerant of non-Christian religions than regular METBOL.png Metbolism.

    Intercult.png Immigration Antimultcult.png

    Metcent's stance on immigration is the exact same as METBOL.png Metbolism's but a bit more moderate.

    Indiv.png Individualism Col.png

    Metcent may be a bit Col.png Collectivist based on his support for Modnat.png Patriotism, Modcon.png Moderate Conservatism, Religious.png religion, Envi.png Environmentalism, etc. but he moderately favors Indiv.png Individualism in most, if not all cases, but he doesn't support it as much as regular METBOL.png Metbolism.

    Eccon.png Environmentalism AntiIndust.png

    Metcent's stance on environmentalism is the exact same as METBOL.png Metbolism's in almost every way because it's somewhat of a liberal value in the modern age.

    To best counter environmental degradation, Metcent supports medium township and moderate deurbanization, as he believes urban areas aren't always AnEn.png anti-environmentalist, unlike METBOL.png Metbolism which wants to destroy almost every urban area in America.

    Thoreau.png Anti-Urbanism Rural.png

    Moderate Metbolism's stance on urbanism is the same as METBOL.png Metbolism but a bit more moderate.

    Hcon.png Bodily Autonomy Modcon.png

    Moderate Metbolism's stance on bodily autonomy is a more moderate version of METBOL.png Metbolism's.

    More coming soon...


    Moderate Metbolism is much like Metbolism but more moderate and thinks normal Metbolism's stances are a little kooky sometimes.

    Probably doesn't enjoy the lulz or browse dank pepe memes.

    How to draw

    Flag of Moderate Metbolism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a white Nordic cross with a black outline.
    3. Draw a thinner black Nordic cross inside the white one.
    4. Fill the top-left and bottom-right quadrants grey.
    5. Fill the bottom-left and top-right quadrants brown.
    6. In the top-left quadrant, draw a heraldic red cat.
    7. Add the eyes.

    You're done!




    • METBOL.png Metbolism - You're alright, but you've got a few screws loose.
    • Austrobert.png Austrolibertarianism - You ain't bad, but Chicagoan economics are more practical.
    • Cball-Rhodesia.png Rhodesian Nationalism - I don't care if we have a white president or a black president or Chinese president, I just want someone capable. -some random white Rhodesian being interviewed by a journalist
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - I like how you managed to create a deradicalized form of the Alt-Right, but still, Cool it.
    • Lib.png Liberalism - Its ok to be a libtard, some of us are just born that way.


    • Radmetbol.png Radical Metbolism - What is this?! Some kind of Nazi group!?
    • NEOMETBOL.png Neo-Metbolism - How is this even Metbolism?!
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - Why does Metbol even like this anti-environmentalist ZOGbot, is it just for the memes???!? #nevertrump
    • Putin.png Putinism - Not a fan of the corruption. #neverputin
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - Why must you be so extreme, can't you just let the perpetual course of relativist decadence progress a little more gently?
    • Totlib.png Total Liberationism - Come on guys! I'm just moderate, I'm not that cucked.

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