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    Moderate Aaronism is a moderate verson of Aaronism and the believes that people generally know him for in rl. Moderate Aaronism is seen by Aaronism as the first step to establish Aaronism.


    Moderate Aaronism believes in the free market but still wants the state to regulate it slighly if really necessary. He also wants some amount of welfare to secure the lifes of people. As seen Moderate Aaronism is way more capitalistic than Aaronism.


    Moderate Aaronism wants the government structure of Switzerland which gives the people the power to suggest new laws and have a vote on them or voting against a law that the government wants to put in place. Other than that Moderate Aaronism wants to make the government smaller and wants to give people a few more freedoms.


    Moderate Aaronism is generally progressive, supporting their cause while still being critical of it sometimes. While being open to imigrants he still thinks they should assimilate into the culture a bit to make it a bit easier for everyone.

    Moderate Aaronism supports Transhumanism aswell but he doesn't see technological progress as that important.


    Moderate Aaronism is very patriotic for his home land Switzerland and has a little Swiss first sentiment but he still supports international research and organisations and sees different countries working together as a good sign for long lasting peace.

    How to draw

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Ego Colour #036A66 3, 106, 102
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Yellow #FFDB28 255, 219, 40
    Dark Blue #39386E 57, 56, 110

    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Draw classical liberalism inside of it.
    3. Add a big "A" in the Egoist colour.
    4. You can add some shading to make it look better but that's optional

    Personality and Behaviour

    Moderate Aaronism has the same personality as normal Aaronism but doesn't show his emotions that openly.




    • Aaronism - We're very similar but please come closer to the center!


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