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    Mobergerism is a centre-lib ideology, or better saying, an scientific centrist ideology, that is basically a centrist version of Shapiroism, but about philosophy. Mobergerism seeks on counter pseudophilosophy such as counter pseudoscience and bullshit. Mobergerism is famous due the fact he considers all continental philosophy as pseudophilosophy and to have the Unified Theory of BS (Bullshit) that seeks to analyze all "bullshit" considered themes everywhere, mainly on science and philosophy, abusing of the terms "pseudo" and similars.

    Mobergerism is considered as a form of Neo-Positivism and Philosophical Popperism, even looking like to support new atheism, mobergerism also has serious critics into a new atheist arguments for justify why God does not exist and similars. The main goal of mobergerism is build a world without logical fallacies and without no fake philosophy of fallacy based philosophy. Mobergerism is not completely clear about metaphysics, extraphysics and paraphilosophy, but since those do not use logical fallacies and pseudophilosophical tactics, they are ok.

    Mobergerism actually advocates Scientific Centrism, and opposes both, rightism and leftism, considering both as promoters of pseudophilosophy and only centrism does not promote that like rigthism and leftism does. Mobergerism also considers Marxism, Freudianism, Hegelism, Kantism and all other continental philosophers and pseudophilosophy promoters, but still, recognizing their teachings and philosophies are not completely pseudophilosophy and recognize their benefits for philosophy and for the world itself.

    Mobergerism is considered as Culturally Centre, for make critics to both, left and right at the same time, and accusing both to promote pseudophilosophy, furthermore, mobergerism also advocates centrist economy based on liberalism, but it does not completely clarify which economical forms he is against, just that it is favorable to liberalism.

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