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    No lives matter, at least not Human ones
    Not to be confused with Anti-Humanism

    Misanthropy is the idea of hating the human race or all humans, it can also be portrayed as a semi-dystopian ideology that believes that humans are the downfall of society and all of their actions can be resolved by taking control over the human race. This ideology is also seen in fantasy where there are races other than humans that desire the eradication of the human race (Vampires, Demons, Automutations etc), they can also be extraterrestrials.


    Misanthropy 's belief originated way before U/FishlionB's post on r/polcompballanarcy. it has been seen in many ways, usually in the sci-fi "alien invasion" serial films of the 40s and 50s wherein there was always a human collaborator who never seemed to mind that his actions, if successful, would bring about the destruction of his home and everyone/thing he knows. The pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus was by various accounts a misanthrope and a loner who had little patience for human society. In a fragment, the philosopher complained that "people [were] forever without understanding" of what was, in his view, the nature of reality. Most Misanthropes are stereotypically seen as Nihilists due to the condition being confused for Asociality.

    However there are also Misanthropes that are known as Misanthrope Suprime, where they think its absolutely justified to slaughter a few innocent humans now and then. They may even desire the destruction of the entire human race—with themselves likely (but not certainly) excepted if they are humans themselves. This condition is likley to be confused with psychopathy, however there are distinct differences.

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