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    This page no longer reflects my views I'm way cooler now 11/24/21

    Minnesotan Distributism is a culturally far right, economically third position, ideology

    heheh, i'm in hell now

    Character Info




    • Conseilism - This is very based, but I wish you'd stop being an anarkiddie. Also you have good takes on w*men
    • Classical Jed-Pilled Thought - Fellow distributist, monarchist, reactionary, and decentralist. I'm not especially fond of authoritarianism, but not averse enough for it to be a negative

    Opinions of IRL political figures


    Skeptical but Optimistic

    • Tucker Carlson - I really wanted to put you in like, but I have this awful growing suspicion that the reason you haven't called Zionists yet isn't just optics...


    Skeptical and Pessimistic



    How to Draw

    Flag of Minnesotan Distributism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw the right eye (your right, stupid!)
    3. Color it blue
    4. Draw a medium width white wave half way down
    5. Color everything below the wave green
    6. Over the left eye (again, your left) draw a fleur de-lis shaped eye patch
    7. Color the left half of the eyepatch orange and the right half yellow

    Stylistic Notes

    Constantly gives a different story as to how he lost his eye

    Ideological Info


    Economic Beliefs


    Distributism can be defined by four major tenets, which all distributists agree are necessarily distributist:

    1. Widespread ownership of property: Workers should be owners and businesses should be comprised of worker co-operatives, family businesses, or ESOP-based traditional businesses whenever possible and that people should own both their own personal private property as well as maintain some kind of ownership of private productive property whenever possible.[3]
    2. Anti-Trust Legislation: Large businesses must be broken up into smaller, more local businesses whenever possible.[4]
    3. The Principle of the Subsidiarity: The government should never intervene in cases where a lower level of government (down to, and including, the individual, who governs himself) would be able to fix the issue. In short, if problem cannot be solved by level X, it goes to be solved by level (X + 1) and so on. This is also called "stratification of the federal government" or sometimes just "decentralization".[5]
    4. The Indivisible Unit: The smallest social unit is the family, not the individual as in capitalism and socialism. This means that laws must be considered with the full thought of the familial consequences as well as that laws must provide for family units rather than individuals because distributism recognizes that an individual is a part of the larger collective of his family and that what happens to him affects the family.[6]

    Civic Beliefs


    Minnesotan Distributism believes that federal and unitary states will inevitably be tyrannical, and so the vast majority of political power should be held on the municipal level, with countries acting more like an alliance of smaller countries than a single cohesive unit. In addition, areas of a country that are further from political centers, either culturally, racially, or geographically need higher autonomy since the state will be further out of touch with them and their needs. The ideal level of devolution would be full urbism, however this is highly unrealistic for the vast majority of cities, and most areas will be forced into a larger state out of necessity. This is unideal, but also unavoidable

    Cultural Beliefs


    Don't like women very much tbh


    Drugs are based, and should be fully legalized both for use and sale, the only exception to this is weed. I fucking hate potheads they should all be shot


    Minnesotan Distributism believes that it is essential for a society to be religious, but does not have much of an opinion on what said religion should be. Personally, he is somewhat biased towards Catholicism (though not actually catholic himself) with an interest in Pagan and other Esoteric practices


    America Is Not a Nation

    Miscellaneous Beliefs


    Ideological Progression

    Hoppean --> Distributist --> Market Socialist Semi-Larp --> Distributism (current)

    <comments />

    1. Sometimes, only a few cities could viably be fully sovereign
    2. Organization only
    3. The control of the production of wealth is the control of human life itself. - Hilaire Belloc
    4. The problem with capitalism is not that there are too many capitalists but too few. - G.K. Chesterton
    5. Civil society exists for the common good, and hence is concerned with the interests of all in general, albeit with individual interests also in their due place and degree. It is therefore called a public society, because by its agency, as St. Thomas of Aquinas says, “Men establish relations in common with one another in the setting up of a commonwealth.” - Pope Leo XIII
    6. Hence we have the family, the “society” of a man’s house — a society very small, one must admit, but none the less a true society, and one older than any State. Consequently, it has rights and duties peculiar to itself which are quite independent of the State. - Pope Leo XIII
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