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    Minarcho-Socialist Transhumanism

    Minarcho-Socialist Transhumanism is an economically far left, extreme libertarian and culturally progressive synthesis ideology of Minarcho-Socialism and Transhumanism created and propagated by u/EasyLifeMemes123. It seeks to form a socialist, technologically advanced state while also preserving personal liberty through a night-watchman system. Minsoctrans is usually seen hanging around with Soctrans and FALGSC, whom it has the most in common.

    The 3 Pillars of Minarcho-Socialist Transhumanism

    Minsoctrans operates on 3 main "pillars" as its foundation: Liberty, Equality and Technology based on Libertarian Socialist and Transhumanist ideals.


    The first pillar of Minsoctrans is liberty. But unlike rightist ideologies, it considers the practices of capitalism to be infringing on the liberty of the people by concentrating power and wealth to the hands of the few at the expanses of the people. Other than that, it protects the people's freedom of speech, expression, journalism, religion, etc. To enhance the rights of the people, it develops a system of participatory democracy where every person can have a say in how the government function, along with constitutional fail-saves to avoid the leader from consolidating power to establish an authoritarian regime


    The second pillar is equality, which can be divided into 2 categories: Economic Equality and Social Equality.

    Economic Equality: Through machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence, Minsoctrans seeks to develop a fully automated decentralized planning system based on participatory economics dubbed "Cybersyn 2.0".

    Social Equality: Every race is treated equally before the law and society as a whole. LGBTQ+ rights are supported at a level that make even the most progressive Western nations on Earth look conservative in comparison


    The third pillar, based on the ideals of Transhumanism, is technology. A Minsoctrans society is one that is highly advanced technologically. One where science is put above all, as long as it doesn't interfere with the first 2 pillars. Space exploration, advanced medical technology and environmental technology are the pursuits of this ideology, with an emphasis on fusion energy, colonization of the solar system and even megaconstructions like Space Elevators and Dyson Sphere.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color the ball black
    3. Draw a red gear in the middle (preferably a bit lower) of the ball
    4. Draw the h+ logo
    5. Draw a one-eye visor (Outside: grey, hexadecimal: #8E8E8E. Inside: red, hexadecimal: #FF0016)
    6. Add the other, normal eye, and you're done!



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