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    “Freedom is paramount. To achieve freedom it must be fought for. To maintain freedom it must be enforced. To serve the nation against those who seek to erase it.”

    - Dominic Perez aka Rei Sagara on Minds/ShiningRei/NightWatcherRei on Twitter

    Simplified Version of all of My Ideologies as a Chart
    The Flag of Minarcho-Nationalism

    MinNat.png Minarcho-Nationalism is an ideology formed from the union of Minarchist.png Minarchism and Civnat.png Civic and Ethnnat.png Ethnic Nationalism combined into one ideology. Its union is the result of the ever increasing globalist influence by governments and corporations. It is anti-socialist, anti-globalist and internationalist, anti-intersectional, non-statist, pro-minimalist government, and overall a libertarian-nationalist ideology that believes :

    • That one should stand for his nation and to do best for his own people
    • That there should be a nation of night watchers, to uphold law and order, and to protect our borders
    • To uphold the nation but not violate people's rights and freedoms and to protect the nation from those who seek to destroy it

    In the eyes of minarcho-nationalism the state is not necessary but "the nation" itself is essential. The nation cannot be removed and thus inalienable.



    Minarcho-Nationalism seeks to minimize the federal government by giving more power to the states (states’ rights) and localities (local rights) and letting people rule over themselves and their communities. Whereby an Anarcho-Capitalist seeks to abolish government and the state and replace it all with the free market itself (absolute privatization), a Minarcho-Nationalist seeks for a decentralized government and a decentralized economy. Basically decentralization, distributism, confederalism, and urbism.


    Minarcho-Nationalism firmly advocates for a free laissez faire market and wants the market to be free as much as possible. In the eyes of a minarcho-nationalist, capitalism while objectively a better economic system than socialism, has its flaws and in order to resolve these flaws it incorporates Distributism and Protectionism into its economic praxis as a way to resolve capitalism’s flaws. It sees Distributism as the missing link for capitalism’s problems and weaknesses and advocates for giving more power to small capitalists (small business owners) and holding big business (corporations) accountable. Protectionism is also incorporated as minarcho-nationalists believe countries should rely on themselves economically and not be dependent on other countries in order to prosper (economic hegemony by others) as with the case of China attempting to dominate other countries' economies through economic hegemony.


    It is strongly for individualism and sees the individual as the smallest absolute unit (individual sovereignty). Minarcho-Nationalism advocates for human and civil rights, for absolute freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of choice (pro choice), and the absolute right to bear arms and self-defense. Minarcho-Nationalism is neither progressive or traditionalist. Minarcho-Nationalism firmly believes in having a strong and rich culture for any nation or country to be successful as well as preserving its culture and wants all peoples to be free including for women’s rights, the right to have an abortion, birth control, and access to contraceptives (pro-choice), and the total acceptance of all LGBT peoples and the safety and wellbeing of all transgender people and homosexuals including removing gay and gender conversion therapy, the total legalisation of same sex marriage and adoption for gay and trans couples, acceptance of LGBT into the military, incorporating anti-discrimination laws for LGBT, and respecting trans identity. Minarcho-Nationalism firmly advocates for the separation of church and state and for total and absolute secularization of the state.

    Ideological Code

    I even made a small poem about my ideology, but it's more of a code rather than a poem. It's a parody of the Sith Code from Star Wars:

    The Code of the Minarcho-Nationalist (Parodied from the Sith Code) :

    • Democracy is a lie, there is only mob rule
    • Diversity is a lie, only Destruction is
    • Death of a nation through Degeneracy and Decay
    • Subservience is mandatory says the State
    • Through Chaos we fight
    • Through Chaos we rebel
    • Through Chaos we find ourselves
    • Only we can rule
    • Salvation is made by our hands
    • We are the flame that refuse snuff
    • Defiance and Destiny is our call
    • Someday you and I will be free


    • Minarchism and Nationalism - the basis of my ideology. The Individual and the Nation are both important. Libertarians need Nationalism and Nationalism needs self-sovereignty.
    • National Libertarianism - basically me!
    • Confederalism and Urbism - my political and administrative praxis. Decentralization.
    • Distributism, Protectionism, and Free Market Capitalism - my economic praxis. Libertarians need Distributism. Without it we cannot destroy the roots of Neoliberalism and without protectionism we’ll let China continue to dominate us economically and rely on internationalism.
    • Civil Libertarianism - my civil praxis. For women’s rights, pro-choice, and LGBT rights.
    • Constitutionalism - can’t forget the good ol’ US Constitution!
    • Protectorism, Provisional Nationalism, and Lavenderism - my non libertarian counterparts and my children. Still love them no matter what.
    • Korwinism - You have similar beliefs as I do. I would support you, but your stance on LGBT people is unacceptable and thus so fuck off.
    • Laicism - Absolute Secularization of the State. No religions, no gods, no masters.
    • Classical Liberalism, Objectivism, and Libertarian Conservatism - Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams are my role models!
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Non-Patriots. They only care about themselves and their money, but they’re not considered my enemies. Thus not a threat. We both share the same idea that the government sucks and capitalism is the way.
    • Paleolibertarianism - hello there friend!
    • Alt-Lite - better named Political Incorrectness. I love you dude, but you can do so much more than just owning SJWs online!
    • Georgism - But landlords do have rights? The only thing you’re useful at is stopping big and corrupt landlords like Blackrock, but other than that there’s not much I can say about you. You do have some nice cat ears though. *Rubs them.*
    • Environmentalism - I rather we promote a Green Culture of people managing ourselves and our environments rather than governments regulate us and our businesses.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism and Pink Capitalism - drop the wokeness and then we’ll talk.
    • National Anarchism - you’re a weird anarchist, but I appreciate your patriotism. At least you care about your nation unlike Ancaps. The state is manmade, but the nation is indivisible. Tribe first above government and state.
    • Trumpism - the only good president we’ll ever have in our lifetimes. Thank you Donald Trump for what you’ve done for us. You’re our President, a role model, and a true patriot. God bless you sir.
    • Anarcho-Individualism - Individualism above all.
    • Indigenism and Separatism - I’m all for Native Americans advocating for their own ethnostate. If they wish to secede from us, I'm all for it. Balkanization and Separatism for all! Free Hong Kong, Tibet, East Turkestan! For an independent Palestine, Somaliland, Taiwan, and for all others! For autonomy, independence, and self-determination!
    • Neoreactionary - you’re an interesting fellow with interesting ideas. But why do you say the Enlightenment was bad? Why do you want to bring the monarchy back?
    • Reactionary - see above. Also aren't Reactionaries and Neoreactionaries the same thing?
    • Neocameralism - you want to the government to be exactly like a corporation? No! Give government LESS power not more!
    • Civic Nationalism - my more moderate friend who sees past one’s identity and values meritocracy and the importance of serving one’s nation.
    • Ethnic Nationalism - it is natural for a people’s inhabitants to be proud of the country that they’re living in. Don’t ever be ashamed for being White or for any race for that matter.
    • Racial/Race Nationalism - you on the other hand take it too far. To create a state based purely on race like an all white ethnostate or whites-only ethnostate is too far. Same goes for creating a black only ethnostate. Race nationalism is a cult. The cult of race. (It’s more relatable for people to identify themselves by their ethnicity or tribe rather than their race. Race is more ethereal compared to ethnicity.)
    • Alt-Right - the term Alt-Right should be more appropriately called Richard Spencer and anyone who thinks like him. A racist, anti-semetic loser is what you are.
    • Globalism and Internationalism - we do not answer to you, nor do we bow down to you, or owe you anything. We answer to ourselves and to our peoples and nations. Begone.
    • Neoliberalism - you are everything that I despise. You laugh at us, you look down on us, you take us as fools and we won’t take this shit any longer. We will be free, we will live free, and we will be happy. The Great Reset must be stopped.
    • Socialism - I hate you just as much as Neoliberalism. We won’t let the US or the Western World fall to wokeism/progressivism or to socialism. We must reject socialism and all of its variants including facism, nazism, and syndicalism.
    • Islamism and Jihadism - we won’t let you destroy the West or for anyone else. Of all religions Islam is the most brutal of them all. They suppress women, persecute LGBT, persecute other religious minorities, and suppress freedom of thought. You must be stopped.
    • Theocracies (or Theonomies) - theocracies are the worst type of government. Don’t hate theocrats as much as I hate socialists, but if socialism was gone they’d be the second greatest threat. This is why secularization of the state and humanism exists.
    • Neoconservatives and Neolibertarians - or for a more accurate term Internationalist Conservatives and Libertarians. You are part of the problem. You must be disposed of along with the Neoliberals (intersectional globalism).
    • Zio.png Zionism - I understand you want an ethnostate for all Jewish people and that Israel is your land, but so are the Palestinians that live here. Because of your unethical actions against the Palestinian people, the removal of their lands and their culture and sovereignty, we must respectfully turn down aid. America and the West must stop supporting Israel. They’re already self-reliant and can defend themselves. The only time America and the West will only ever be involved is if Israel gets invaded.
    • Conserv.png Conservatism - Theology by traditionalism. Dogma by culture. It’s hard for me not to hate you. Especially when it comes to LGBT rights and abortion.
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - The worst kind of conservatism.
    • Religious.png Religious Conservatism - You're just as bad as the paleocons.
    • Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism - Why are you conservative when the very people and/or institutions you side with HATE you? They call you mentally ill sinful degenerates and disrespect trans identities.
    • Heart-Integralism.png Integralism - Fusing religion with the state? Hell to the fuck no. You're just like those theocrats!
    • Fem.png Feminism - Not even once. You were better off back when you were first and second wave feminism. I will always defend women's rights to not wear a burqa/hijab and defend pro-choice.
    • Prog.png Progressivism - Intersectionality was a mistake.
    • Lib.png Liberalism (Liberal Democracy), Soclib.pngSocial Liberalism (Liberal Centrists), and Socdem.png Social Democracy (One-step too closer to Socialism aka Socialist Lite) - NPCs. The state of current modern day liberalism is a failure. You were way better back when you were classical liberalism. People have to stop relying on the government.
    • Distributism - Socialism for Catholics (lol). We may have our disagreements, but we both want to decentralize. He's an interesting fellow.
    • Mutualism - Socialism for Centrists. I don’t trust him. He’s still a socialist.
    • Monarchies - an outdated system of the past. No gods, no kings, no masters. Even if I ever advocated for monarchies the only acceptable types of monarchies I would tolerate are elective monarchies, feudal monarchies, constitutional monarchies, and enlightened monarchies.
    • Feudalism - an outdated system that fortunately nobody practices anymore. I did like the Holy Roman Empire though because of decentralized nature, but it's basically a confusing bordergore mess! Peak Feudalism on crack!
    • Moderatism (Moderate Centrists) - the original NPC. Moderate Centrists are actually Liberals in the style of present-day Liberalism that is to say they advocate Liberal Democracies of today's world. When all of Moderates opinion fills in Liberal Democracy, then I can say without a shadow of a doubt you're a Liberal (See my stance on Liberalism).
    • Apoliticism - I long for the days when people didn’t give a shit about politics. When video games, comic books, cartoons, and sports weren't political and we can all just have fun. I long for those days.
    • Stransserism - Lilith Lovett
    • Homonationalism - Dimitri Monroe

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