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    Minarcho-Monarchism is a half joke half serious ideology made as a response to Anarcho-Monarchism, which itself is considered an oxymoron. Minarcho-Monarchism is an economically far right, minarchist, and (likely) traditionalist ideology that calls for an absolutely minimal state run my a single, hereditary, monarch. The monarch is known to have the divine right to rule, but he/she does not have the right to infringe on any of the God given rights of the population. The monarch is regulated to only controlling the military, a small police force, laws, and the court system. On the subject of laws, the government's values that decide the legislation of the nation are passed down through the monarchy, so the cultural position that would decide laws over things like abortion, which can be argued as violating the NAP but also argued as choice, will likely stay similar to the first monarch(They would likely lean traditionalist however because of their status as a monarchy.)

    How to Draw

    Draw a plain ballDrawball1.png Draw a diagonal yellow line going upMinMon03.png Color the bottom right blueMinMon02.png Color the top left purpleMinMon01.png Add a crownMinMonarchIcon.png

    Real World Counterpart

    Minarcho-Monarchism is quite similar to the government of Liechtenstein, a small country squeezed between Switzerland and Austria that you can rent. The only main difference between them is that lichtenstein has a democratically elected parliament to go along with the existing king.


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