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    Minarcho-Communism, also known as MinCom, is a culturally revolutionary, libertarian, left-wing ideology that wishes to have the smallest state possible, a night watchman state, while maintaining a gift economy and worker ownership of the means of production. MinCom thinks the state should exist purely to preserve the decentralized near-anarchist function. Some minarcho-communists, in addition to the destruction of the state and the destruction of law, perhaps could also oppose the destruction of money and the destruction of exchange.

    How to draw:

    Flag of Minarcho-Communism

    Drawing MinCom is super simple:

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a line in a dark shade of blue diagonally through the ball
    3. Fill in the bottom space with that same colour of blue
    4. Fill the top space with the colour Red
    5. Add the eyes, and you're done!

    Stylistic notes



    • Libertarian Socialism - An amazing sibling no doubt, really hits it home and agrees with me on the praxis side of things :)
    • Anarcho-Communism - Needs to recognize the instability of anarchism while capitalism is still around but other than that an amazing dad, wanna bash the fash together?
    • Anarchism - To some, anarkhiya mama, but to me she's anarkhiya babusi. What she taught my father she also taught me, especially the ample amount of praxis, theory, and usefulness of weaponry.
    • Anarcho-Frontierism - A complete wacko but generally we do get along, with the exception of the whole communism thing.
    • Minarcho-Socialism - My favorite brother, though he can be a little dim at time; too light on the praxis, and we disagree on the state being eventually abolished, but hey we agree about practically everything anyway. Plus, left minarchy gang! Quite fun to be around and is quite funny from time to time. I'd love to kill crapitalism with you bro.


    • Minarchism - We agree on the minarchist front but ehhhh gotta get off that capitalism thing bro. It's a drug, and not a good one either. Capitalism is heroin, communism is weed. Fuckin cappies.
    • Classical Liberalism - My second father and honestly a twat. At least you're anti-monarchist, love guns, and hate landlords.



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