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    Right Leaning Celfloskism is Economically Moderate Right, Socially Moderate Libertarian, based on Celfloskism and Libertarianism:. Economy is the most important part.They are more patriot than Celfloskism,but military is not also important, is Propoganda brings strong economy also important.


    Democracy and Freedom

    Every citizen can vote, talk Politics and Do many things (Legally).

    World Harmony

    Open foreigners live in here.

    Ethnic Equality

    They think all Ethnics are equal, no Ethnic is Higher or Lower. If someone says he doesn't like some ethnic, he will be punished by 3,000 Dollars or above.

    Gender Equality

    Workers in the same job and same company have the same pay, both men or women.


    Government raising labor's pays to raise up their family because do that will Raise up birth rate. If birth rate raises up, then economy will more and more.


    Women have right to abortion. But the government hope you can give away.


    Free Market

    Basily, the government won't put it's oar in market. Except someone trade illegal something.



    Economic Views


    Ok, now I gave you more freedom.

    Property axis

    The Wealth has to be more equality but not "True Socialism".


    Their welfare policies are look like Nordic Model, and believe universal childcare, care for the elderly, education, healthcare, low income families and workers' compensation. It believes that people who says obliterate welfare just for the rich without regular reasons are disgusting.

    Health Care

    CFL supports free healthcare, the everytype of healthcare should be free.

    Work Place

    CFL supports Worker's right, the vote of workplace is imortant.

    Food Redustribution

    It believes the foods when they are "overmade" are waste because there are a lot of people live under poverty, starve.

    Based on Humanitarianism, it's a duty, isn't it?

    Economy Axis


    Basically LF.


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