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    Milosevicism is an ideology based on the politics and beliefs of former Serb and Yugoslav president Slobodan Milošević.


    Slobodan Milošević was the seventh President of the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Serbia (1989-1991), the first president of the Republic of Serbia (1991-1997) and the third president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1997-2000). Even though he had held previous posts, he appeared to gain political traction in Serbia in 1987, in which he declared his support for Serbs who he claimed were being oppressed by the ethnically Albanian provincial government of Kosovo. He called for the reduction of Kosovo's provincial autonomy, protection of Serb minorities and a strong crackdown on separatism in the region. Even being accused of nationalism to a large extent, even though he had denied it.

    When in power Milošević was known for his authoritarianism and brutality. He participated in the Yugoslav wars, especially in Kosovo, an example of which could be in 1988, when partisan meetings of the Anti-bureaucratic Revolution led to cries like "Give us weapons!" and the more segregationist "Long live Serbia — death to the Albanians!".

    Other things could also be the transition from one-party to multi-party, even though he had been accused of electoral fraud, establishing a Kleptocracy, Autocracy and Authoritarian Nationalism. There was police brutality against political opponents, and there was also a state-capitalist mixed economy, he put up trade barriers to encourage local industry in addition to an increase in labor laws, but in 1998 he proposed a liberal economic reform that would have trade barriers and privatization of state-owned companies, but it was overthrown in 2000 because of losing the Kosovo war and accusations of falsifications.



    • Karadzicism (until 1993/1995) - Defender of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina!
    • Yeltsinism - Slavic friend who condemned the NATO agression against Yugoslavia! Also there were Russian volunteers who helped me against Albanian Kosovo separatists.
    • Three Represents - You also condemned the NATO agression against Yugoslavia and supported me in the struggle against KLA terrorists. I will never forget what NATO did to your embassy in my country.
    • Putinism - Thanks for giving exile to my family!


    • Serbian Radicalism/Šešeljism - It's complicated. You initally supported me, but you are the personification of violence and primitivism, as you went against me in 1993 when I cutted ties with Republika Srpska, that's why I arrested you. Anyway thanks for supporting me against those terrorists.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - All forms of property are to be recognized, and Serbia should become a market economy with both public and private sectors, but I advocate for the purposes of social justice, solidarity, equality, and social security, and Serbian workers should be protrected from the adverse effects of free market economy through maintaining social ownership of property and supporting trade barriers to protect local industries ignore I encted some policies that were negative to workers' rights. Still I tried to fully implement you in 1998 but I couldn't because of Kosovo war.


    1. It is sometimes said that Slobodan Milošević was not a genuine nationalist, but instead he opportunistically used nationalist rhetoric to gain popularity and power when Marxism-Leninism and Titoism were no longer popular.
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