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    Milk Tea Alliance, the Alliance of CCP haters, Mostly from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Thailand. The core values is against CCP and Wumao(五毛).


    In April 2020 during the 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests, Thai actor Vachirawit "Bright" Chivaaree, reposted an image on Twitter which listed Hong Kong as a "country". Then, Pinkies(小粉紅) attacked his webpage and force him apologize. But that Pinkies(小粉紅) didn't stop attacking because his girlfriend thought Taiwan is a country since 2017. Thai netizens took to social media and defended Vachirawit with their criticism turning into more generalised criticism of China, launching a Twitter war with the hashtag #nnevvy. Beijing gov. criticized their "Web War". Within Thailand, support for Hong Kong and Taiwan's struggle against Chinese encroachment has unified the disparate groups of pro-democracy protesters with anti-Beijing sentiment becoming a part of their anti-authoritarian platform.

    Twitter users in Taiwan and Hong Kong soon joined. Pallabi Munsi, writing in OZY, in July 2020, described the Milk Tea Alliance as "Asia's volunteer army rising against China's internet trolls."

    How to draw

    1. make a circle
    2. its like a french flag. but with the colours below
    3. so fill one third with the brown
    4. then the next third with the white brown
    5. then fill the rest with the grey-brown
    6. finally, add eyes and you're done!
    idfk help r g b hex
    brown 202 93 28 ca5d1c
    white-brown 240 186 148 f0ba94
    grey-brown 179 157 133 b39d85





    • Xi Jinping Thought - Totalitarian Winnie the Pooh tyrant. #Free Hong Kong, free Tibet, free Turkestan, free Taiwan!
    • Chiang Kai-Shek Thought - We won't forget anything you did to Taiwan, you 228 demon and butcher from China! You aren’t really different from the man above.
    • Chen Quanguo Thought - Stop Genociding on Uyghurs! #Free Turkestan, #Save Uyghurs!
    • Revisionary Tridemism - Even worse than the Liberal Tridemism as he at least doesn’t simp for the Dengoids......
    • Maoism - Worst tyrant to have ever lived on earth.
    • Anti-Americanism - Simp and cocksucker for Xi Jinpooh.
    • Fourth Theory - Same as the above guy.
    • Burmese Way to Socialism - [Comment Removed by Moderator, Muted for 24 hours]
    • Thai Fascism - [Comment Removed by Moderator in compliance under Section 112 of the Penal Code, Muted Indefinitely]
    • Modism - Anti-Xi Jinpooh, but authoritarian and likes Putin. How should I respond? Hmm.... [Thread Locked by Moderator]
    • Putinism - Has supported and has recieved the HIGHEST STATE AWARD for a Foreigner from Winnie! No wonder they like making pancakes together
    • Nguemaism - Backs away, not saying a word
    • Radical Marxism - Although I said "CCP haters of the world unite", it doesn't means I want to unite with YOU! Potential CCP supporter!

    Further Information

    e.n. wiki:Milk Tea Alliance

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