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    , or rather
    Modern/Current Mikolayism
    , is the ideology(?) of MedicsTammyNick.png . Her alignment and general ideas are largely unknown, as Tammy rarely gives out any actual thoughts/information about it, and largely doesn't care about theory (although is willing to read it, when she wants and feels like it).

    Beliefs and Stuff

    Capitalism kills

    Mikolayism is largely dissatisfied with capitalism, viewing it as a scheme that benefits only the rich and feeds globalism, hurting the workers of her nation.

    Anarchy, or not?

    The ideology is undecided when it comes to how the government is run, sometimes leaning towards an authoritarian democracy, or left-minarchism.

    Hate yourself

    Nothing matters in this world, all that matters is beyond the human scope. Hate yourself, for you are nothing. All that you do will be nullified and forgotten once you die. Sure, invent your own meaning, but it's not like the world cares, or others. Hate others, but also hate yourself for your ultimate worthlessness. Burn the world, cause wars, be the reason and definition of "misery". I am nothing, you are nothing, the world doesn't care about me or you. Nothing to write home about, if there even is a "home". Laugh at it all, laugh at yourself. Laugh like a madman. Be a madman. Don't let them get to you, they will try to fix you. You can't be fixed. Suffer. Hate your own work, it won't get anywhere. Paint something, then burn it. It's not good enough. It won't land in a gallery, like a gallery even matters. A gallery is a place where you blood, sweat, and tears get criticized by those who think they're smart. They're equally as dumb as you, if not worse. As an artist of your own fate, you should burn it all and watch it smoulder on the dead ground. You'll be buried in it too one day, you will become one with your art. Worthless.

    High and Low socialism

    Mikolayism (and Tammy) split socialism into two different terms.


    • Ormarxf.png High Socialism = something garbage
    • Low Socialism.png Low Socialism = something something

    Q&A #1

    Why are you back to Mikolayism again?

    There are a few reasons, look below. I am also returning to what feels familiar. C'mon, I can't just leave my legacy behind.

    Dissatisfaction with Tammyism

    Med Social Model.png Tammyism was extremely dissatisfiying for me to write about and actually develop. I wouldn't say it ever was an ideology, idealistic or pragmatic. It felt more like an emotional art project than anything. It wasn't me, it didn't have my spirit in it, it felt soulless. I'd call it my darker and much more stupid alter-ego.

    Anyway, I think we all should forget about it. It doesn't exist, stop mentioning it and remove... THAT... from your page.

    PCB burnout

    Honestly, I'm tired. PCB is hell. Ever since THINGS happened, I have been growing more and more hateful towards it. I tried to leave, but this shithole will always drag me back in. Starting a new wiki will make me more enemies than friends, so I'm delaying it indefinitely. Turning the page to start anew is out of the picture as well.

    My current User Wiki resides on Minarchy, I left the main wiki almost completely due to elitism and the "no fun allowed" council. If you're a member of it, suck my dick, you fucking oligarch.

    Why the "(Modern)" tag thingy?

    Because "Neo-" and "New" are overused as fuck, placing it at the start would also be fucking boring and unoriginal. Plus, "(Modern)" at the end triggers Jonah, so it's more fun for me that way.

    Q&A #2

    Are you still a leftist?

    PROBABLY. Most likely, yes. I still hate capital and class is the biggest division. Still, communism is bullshit.

    What about culture?

    Keep it. Respect your ancestry and heritage, preserve culture, but social dynamics should evolve, we're no longer living in the (little) dark ages.

    Matka wie że ćpiesz?

    Matka ćpie że wiesz?

    So, what is your name, actually?

    Medic, or if you wanna be more personal, Tamara/Tammy. Mikolay only applies IRL and is my semi-dead name. DO NOT CALL ME NICHOLAS, YOU FUCKIN' BASTARD. I HATE ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS. Ha, trans-lations!

    What's it like to be you?

    You don't want to be me.

    Why is your art so inconsistent?

    Can't draw for shit, don't care. As long as it looks fine. I can probably still do better art than you though, fight me, faggot.

    Relations (unsorted)

    • Inky-sprite.png Inky - Has no actual ideology and doesn't care, just like me. He can stand my ramblings for longer than 5 minutes.
    • NeoLukko.png Lukko - Exists. She's okay. I hate her (in a good way). You steal most things off my pages, but I allow it.
    • Moder-e.png Unperson - You used to be fine, I hate you now for no good reason. I want to smash your face on concrete for my own sick pleasure and because your ideology is a new level of annoying.
    • Vamp.png Tiberius - Cute.
    • Hornyaltruicon.png Sabkv - The only person that matters to me. I love you.
    • NNGM.png JonahF2014 - Why do you ignore me?
    • BeryAbLib.png BeryAb - Not quite the same. Suspicious.
    • SwordCGaming.png SwordC - Asshole, but I appreciate him. I bought his book, for actual money too. Suck it, broke PCB users!
    • MLL.png Libra - I've been an asshat to you for no reason, I'm sorry. I'm just a bit of an idiot.
    • Neokira2.png Kira - I send you cat pictures sometimes. Massively spooked.
    • Ashley.png Ashley - What do you see in me? Be honest.
    • NguyenreichismIcon.png Nguy - Hates me, but won't say it in my face.
    • Fargothism-icon.png Fargoth Gares - I don't know who the fuck you are, but you seem obnoxious.
    • 2x2Master.png 2x2Master - Your page fried my brain and generally makes me want to hang myself even more. You're also an asshat that doesn't like me, only begging to be added to my pages or projects. Kill yourself.
    • Borker thought pixels 4.png Corkerface1776 - Cool dude, we agree on a bunch o' things, I guess.


    I have read

    • Fut3.png The Futurist Manifesto - Marinetti.png Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti

    I want to read

    • Absurdism.png The Stranger - Camus.png Albert Camus
    • Mach.png The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli.png Niccolò Machiavelli
    • Lfree.png Introductory Economics - GFStanlake.png G. F. Stanlake
    • Acol.png God and the State - BakuninHeg.png Mikhail Bakunin
    • Strasser.png Germany Tomorrow - OttoStrasser.png Otto Strasser
    • Orthlen.png What is to Be Done? - Lenin.png Vladimir Lenin
    • Bckchn.png The Communalist Project - CuckShit.png Murray Bookchin
    • Socan2.png Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Ideal - Kropotkin.png Peter Kropotkin
    • Cball-Russia.png The Songs Of The Russian People: As Illustrative Of Slavonic Mythology And Russian Social Life - Russophilia.png William Ralston Shedden-Ralston
    • Euras.png The Fourth Political Theory - Dugin.png Aleksandr Dugin
    • Democratic Fascism.png With Mussolini Before and After Piazzale Loreto - Domenico Leccisi.png Domenico Leccisi
    • EoA.png On Authority - Orengelsf.png Friedrich Engels
    • Makhaevism.png State Socialism - Makhaevism.png Jan Wacław Machajski
    • Makhaevism.png The Socialist Religion and Worker Struggle - Makhaevism.png Jan Wacław Machajski

    Recommended by others


    • Centrist-yellow.png Name of book/essay - NPCf.png Author(s) - Antcent.png Your username
    • Fishe.png Leviathan - Hobbe.png Thomas Hobbes - Recommended by BERNHEflash.gif BERNHE
    • Auto.png The 48 Laws of Power - Obamium.png Robert Greene - Recommended by Pixil-frame-0(27).png Kaiser Emperor Of Cheese Empire
    • Mach.png History of the Peloponnesian War - Histval.png Thucydides - Recommended by
    • Sorelia.png Reflections on Violence - Sorelia.png Georges Sorel - Recommended by Vexism.png Vex
    • Corp.png Big is Beautiful: Debunking the Myth of Small Business - Hamilton.png Robert D. Atkinson and Civnat.png Michael Lind - Recommended by Vamp.png Braun Spencer Thought
    • Radenv.png The Monkey Wrench Gang - Aneco.png Edward Abbey - Recommended by Iconfloofel.png Floofel
    • Anti-PiS.png Co PiS zrobił dobrze? - Troll.png Adam Inflacjewicz - Recommended by DualPlay.png DualPlay & Mentzen.png Sławomir Mentzen
    • Kafkacracy.png The Metamorphosis - Kafkacracy.png Franz Kafka - Recommended by Nourishismicon.png Rayz9989
    • AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice - AnSynd.png Rudolf Rocker - Recommended by Anfree.png TheNuclerNerd
    • AntiDem.png Democracy: The God That Failed - Hoppe.png Hans-Hermann Hoppe - Recommended by MEAR.png
    • PKK-icon-pcb.png Kurdistan, Woman's Revolution and Democratic Confederalism - PKK-icon-pcb.png Abdullah Öcalan - Recommended by Borker thought pixels hat.png Borker




    1. I have yet to see profit from that.
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