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    Microcompetitivism is an ideology which represents off compass markets. It believes that in order to maximise efficiency and happiness, planned economies should open up their economies to the market. However it also believes that corporations are basically centrally planned economies on the inside, and that even worker co-ops are democratic but still use planning. Because of this, corporations and co-ops should have internal corporations and co-ops, down to the level that everyone is self employed within their organisations.


    Microcompetitivism never shares or lets anyone tell it what to do, and is obsessed with market based competition.



    • Capital-Nihilism - Ultrabased. Only market matters.
    • Avaritionism - When competition everyone of everyone begins.
    • Austrian School - Yes, markets shouldn't be told what to do, even though planned economies are performed by the state, corporations and worker cooperatives.


    • State Capitalism - I appreciate that you want to open up your planned economies into the market, but it's isn't fully open enough.



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