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    Personality and Behavior

    Acts like a stereotypical post Tito-era politician often sending people to THE Goli Otok.


    Miškaism is economically and culturally far-left, anti-capitalist and anti-centrist. Despite having a socialist market economy, it's staunchly opposed to Dengism and Đoi Moi, often calling them "Revisionists". He's also a great fan of both Anti-Capitalism and Anti-Fascism, despite being ultra-patriotic. On the cultural side, he's very progressive but opposed to condoms in safe sex relations, abortion (if 2+ and healty children), gambling and nuclear for producing energy.


    Josip Nikolaj "Miška" Mikhaijlović (Fictional) 1909-2010, Yugoslavia Aleksandar Franjo Ivanović Serbia/Italy Watch here for more info

    How to Draw

    Flag of Miškaism

    The symbol used for Miskaism in the polcompball is the flag of Communist Bosnia

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in red (preferably CC0000).
    3. Draw the Yugoslav flag and the communist bosnian COA
    4. Draw a Titovka hat
    5. Add eyes and glasses.

    Influenced by

    Proto-Titoism. Liberal Socialism. Market Socialism. Syndicalism




    Amism Too moderate, be more radical left like Dubček (Damn he was a gigachad).

    Enemies of Our nation

    Mi smo protiv ugnjetača I njihovih pomagača, Legionara i fašista! (We are against the oppressors and their collaborators, Legionnaires and fascists!)


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