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    Sexual Content Notice

    This page contains references to sexual intercourse or related topics. It might also be innapropriate for less than 18 years olds for the same reason.

    Metboletteism is an ideology that shares the same views of METBOL.png Metbolism but with an acceptance on transgender individuals and their rights. She still hates other LGBT sects (of course excluding transgenders) and thinks they should be suppressed.

    This ideology was conceived by the Inky.png TheGhostOfInky when he uploaded an art piece of "Metboletteism" captioned "METBOL GF BOTTOM TEXT" to the the PCBA forum. Lex.png Lexseik made a page for the ideology after that was posted.

    Metbolettism also appeared in chapter 8 of the fic, The self inserts do stuff and die, where METBOL.png Metbol is captured by a bunch of gender studies students and is transformed into Metbolette by a crowd of Wicca.png Wiccans. Promptly, Metbolette hangs himself.

    However in the fic titled Metbol Says Trans Rights!, Metbol merely puts on a bow and calls himself transgender after realizing how pristine the women's bathrooms are. Metbol later uses this to apply for moderator jobs on the Lgbtwiki.png LGBTA Wiki and sabotage them alongside SIRU.png SIRU members MinnDistIcon.png Sam Cherry, Shaggerism-icon.png Bird Shagger, and JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppa.

    How to draw

    Metboletteian flag.png
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a white Nordic cross with a black outline.
    3. Draw a thick black line cross-section going up and though the Nordic cross.
    4. Fill the top-left and the bottom-right quadrant deep blue.
    5. Fill the top-right and the bottom-left quadrant brown.
    6. Draw a pink heraldic cat with girly hair and a skirt on the top-left quadrant.
    7. Add the eyes.

    You're done!



    • Strans.png Stransserism - We both love traditional values and trans rights!
    • Neometkak.png Neo-Metboletteism - You're very different, but trans rights today! Trans rights tomorrow! Trans rights FOREVER!
    • Caressbol.png Caressbolism - One of the other Metbolists who like me.


    • METBOL.png Metbolism - Why won't you accept me?
    • Radmetbol.png Radical Metbolism - I only want TRANS rights, not all that other icky stuff!
    • Lpyapersonicon.png Lpyapersonism - Your economics aren't bad, and you will still tolerate trans people, but please tackle other LGBT ideologies a bit more effectively.


    • PCB-Transphobia.png Transphobia - You can go hate on any other deviant, but all trans people are valid.

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