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    basic plot: metbol loves sumisu, but is gay and decides sumisu is a woman so he transitions so he can be gay and still be with sumisu

    METBOL.png: i is into love yuo

    PCB-Airisu.png: but i is woman

    METBOL.png: but me is like men cuz me homogay

    talks to homogay friends (shagger afun all other rightist etc)

    METBOL.png: i don't want to give up you or the homogay club

    PCB-Airisu.png: well i don't want to give up the sextrans club

    METBOL.png: *stereotypical lightbulb junk* ThAn I wIlL iNtO sExTrAnS!!!1!


    [yes i know what you want me to describe. No stop being so childish]

    [one hour later after plenty of [REDACTED]]:

    PCB-Airisu.png: amogus

    METBOL.png: me too.

    PCB-Airisu.png: come again?

    METBOL.png: i into start sextrans thrpy today!

    [one week later, after plenty of hormone imbalances]

    PCB-Airisu.png [at leftist meeting]: DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!

    Neometkak.png: into no is capitolism!

    (Now you see, the hormone imbalances drove metbol crazy and made him her a synd)

    PCB-Airisu.png: Please be quiet, your embarassing me


    PCB-Airisu.png: I do, i married you to be your wife, not your mother

    Neometkak.png: *sniffs* okay mo-wife

    PCB-Airisu.png[Has to leave the synds because the synds were embarrassed by the increasingly infantialized metbol]

    W.I.P i'll never finish this

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