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    Metbol Says Trans Rights!

    This is a story based off Angrybirdstd talking about how BirdShagger44, Metbol, SamChrry, and JoeyFloppa should moderate the LGBTA Wiki[1]. Hope you enjoy it!


    First, let's meet the people this story is about. These people are METBOL.png Metbol, JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppa, Shaggerism-icon.png BirdShagger44, and PCB-MinnDistIcon.png SamChrry.

    Metbol is a national conservative who has some, let's just say, interesting views on the LGBTQ Community and laws about them.

    JoeyFloppa is a rather conservative libertarian who believes only through national libertarianism and even imperialism can America, which they view as the best country.

    JoeyFloppa boo.png: Life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness can only be enforced through Imperialism!

    BirdShagger is a fascist and absolute monarchist who loves his country, Britain.

    Shaggerism-icon.png:'Ello,'Ello, 'Ello, Mates! I sher hate those (((Jews))) and gays, don't yew? Boy, 'ow I luv Bri'ian!

    SamChrry is a reactionary distributist who believes everything should be decided by the locals.

    One day, something they would never expect would happen.

    Chapter 1: The SIRU

    There is a normal, generic building in PCBAnarchystan. This building is the SIRU, the Self-Insert Rightist Unity alliance. There are helicopters in the parking lot. Neoafun.png walks into the building and comes and sits at a long table. JoeyFloppa boo.png comes into the building as well, next Lpyapersonicon.png, Next Shaggerism-icon.png, Next METBOL.png, then multiple other rightistsNazcaptransh.pngFile:Narowism.pngJd2824.png all assemble at the table.

    Neoafun.png: Ok, my fellow rightists! Guess who we are here to go against.

    File:Narowism.png: The globalists.

    Shaggerism-icon.png: ((Them)).

    Neoafun.png: uhh...no. THE JOEYBUSTERS!

    Angrybirdstd pulls up an extremely badly made MS Paint drawing of a variant of the Ghostbusters symbol where the ghost is yellow.

    Neoafun.png: Guess what, they're leftist commies who want to destroy JoeyFloppa! Since that i'm the closest to him on this wiki, they'll go after ME! And after they're done with they'll go AFTER ALL THE OTHER RIGHTISTS!

    Shaggerism-icon.png: This sounds like a jewish plot to me.

    Nazcaptransh.png: Agreed. it's plot by the zionists.

    Lpyapersonicon.png: Fuck you, Israel is awesome!

    Shaggerism-icon.png: FILTHY ZIONIST!

    Lpyapersonicon.png: FILTHY MONOCULTURALIST!

    Neoafun.png: Guys, please stop...

    File:Narowism.png: Look, I have proof of the illuminati, ok?

    TDRH.png: What's up with all these radicals?

    Neoafun.png has a feeling this isn't going to go well.

    10 Minutes Later

    Lpyapersonicon.png: You're obviously a socialist, like the nazis were!

    Shaggerism-icon.png: All of you are jews!


    CzechIdeal.png: I have no time for this degeneracy!

    Neoafun.png sighs. Meanwhile, SamChrry is in a newly seceded Minnesota (he finally managed to do it). He decides to give Metbol a call.

    METBOL.png: Oh, hey, SamChrry!

    METBOL.png: I'm at the SIRU right now.

    METBOL.png: Is it going well, you said? Umm...no. unfortunately not. Anyway, talk to you later.

    10 more minutes later JoeyFloppa boo.png, Neoafun.png, And METBOL.png are walking back to their homes.

    Neoafun.png: So...that didn't turn out as planned.

    JoeyFloppa boo.png: Maybe next meeting will be better.

    METBOL.png: I need to go to the bathroom, I'll use the bathroom of that restaurant over there, Ok?

    Neoafun.png: Okay.

    METBOL.png walked into the restaurant and into its bathroom.

    Little did Metbol know, He didn't go in the males bathroom...

    Chapter 2: Metbolette METBOL.png: (thinking) Wow, this bathroom is designed very well! I've never seen a bathroom like this. Say, i've gone to this restaurant and gone to the bathroom here and the bathroom wasn't as nearly as good as this. did they redesign it or something?

    METBOL.png: (thinking) You're thinking about how well designed a bathroom is? Seriously?

    METBOL.png: (thinking) Yeah, you're right. I'll stop.

    Meanwhile, in the LGBTA Wiki...

    There is overall a very bad and disorderly day on the LGBTA Wiki. The moderators are finding it increasingly hard to manage their jobs.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Tw// all caps OH MY GOD WHY ARE WE SO BAD AT OUR JOBS TODAY!?!

    Lgbtwiki.png: I have an idea. we can get new mods. Sounds good?

    Lgbtwiki.png: Umm...Yeah, probably.


    Lgbtwiki.png: We should go to other wikis to find mods.

    Lgbtwiki.png: We'd need for them to know who we are. It's not like we have relationships with much other wikis.

    Lgbtwiki.png: The Gender Wiki?

    Lgbtwiki.png: Too big of a user overlap.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Uhh, well, the only other wiki like that I can think of is, well, uhh...

    Lgbtwiki.png: What?

    Lgbtwiki.png: Uhh...

    Lgbtwiki.png: Tell me, please.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Well...The Polcompball Anarchy Wiki.

    Lgbtwiki.png: No.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Yes.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Please, no.

    Lgbtwiki.png: I don't think there's any other choice.

    Lgbtwiki.png: We could just... not get any mods from other wikis!

    Lgbtwiki.png: We wouldn't have enough mods.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Ugh. Fine.

    Lgbtwiki.png: We'll be there by somewhere around tomorrow.

    Lgbtwiki.png: TOMORROW? We don't have that time! Well... fine, I guess.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Let's go then.

    One day later...

    Today, Metbol (or to be correct, Metbolette) is now trans. He but now She really, really liked the women's bathroom.

    Meanwhile, the SIRU has gotten two new membersGabduff-icon.pngMilky.png.

    Neoafun.png: Gabrialduffey, AnarchoPepsi, you two must promise to forever devote your life to the fight against communism, leftism, and progressivism and the fight for traditions, rightism, and capitalism. Do you?

    Gabduff-icon.png: Yes, I do.

    Milky.png: Yes.

    METBOLETTE.png walks into the room.

    METBOLETTE.png: Sorry i'm late.

    Neoafun.png: Hey, Metbol. You look... different. Also, what's with the bow?

    METBOLETTE.png: It's Metbolette, actually. And i'm trans now.

    All the rightists in unison: WHAT!?!

    JoeyFloppa boo.png: This makes no sense.

    The rightists after much confusion, heard a voice from outside. It was two LGBTA Wiki moderators.

    Lgbtwiki.png: We are looking for new moderators for the LGBTA Wiki. We specifically need at least four moderators. If anyone would like to apply, please come to me. Thank you.

    Neoafun.png: Hey, Metbol- err, I mean Metbolette! This could be a perfect chance for rightism to win over leftism! You can apply with some other rightists and traditionalists and the LGBTA Wiki would accept you guys because you're trans.

    METBOLETTE.png: I just support trans rights, not all that other degeneracy!

    Neoafun.png: But Metbolette! Don't you know how many trads are banned there? This is a chance to give them justice. You also swore to promote rightism and traditionalism at all costs when you joined the SIRU, this is the perfect chance, creating a traditionalist mod team on a wiki like that. If you don't do it, you're breaking those principles!

    METBOLETTE.png: Okay, I guess i'll do it then.

    Neoafun.png: Great! now we need three others because they said we need at least four members... JoeyFloppa, SamChrry, And BirdShagger.

    METBOLETTE.png: Woah, when you said traditionalists I didn't think you meant that far...

    JoeyFloppa boo.png: I don't want to get involved with the LGBTA Wiki hivemind.

    Shaggerism-icon.png: Agreed, I came here for rightist unity, not moderating the (((LGBTA Wiki)))!

    Neoafun.png: It's as your duty as SIRU members. Metbolette, call SamChrry. You guys go outside to apply.

    METBOLETTE.png calls MinnDistIcon.png.

    METBOLETTE.png: Hey, can you come here, In front of the SIRU building?

    MinnDistIcon.png: Sure, Metbol.

    METBOLETTE.png: Umm... It's actually Metbolette.

    PCB-MinnDistIcon.png: Uhh...okay? Well, bye.

    a few minutes later... MinnDistIcon.png: Hey, uh...Metbolette. You look... different today. What's with the bow? What are we here for?

    METBOLETTE.png: I'll explain later, okay?

    METBOLETTE.png: (to moderator) Hey, we'd like to apply.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Great! You guys fill out these forms.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Uh... Hey, BirdShagger, why did you put "the pure one" in your sexualities-

    METBOLETTE.png sweats nervously.

    Lgbtwiki.png: We don't have enough time to talk to these people, We've already spent a lot of time away from the wiki! We need to go now! Everyone, get in my car!

    The LGBTA Wiki mods, PCB-MinnDistIcon.png, METBOLETTE.png, Shaggerism-icon.png, and JoeyFloppa boo.png walk into the car.

    METBOLETTE.png starts browsing 4chan. Eventually she and all the other traditionalists fall asleep though.

    Lgbtwiki.png: Wake up, we're here.

    JoeyFloppa boo.png: Please...step...on...me, Airsu.... Oh, we're here now? Okay.

    All the other traditionalists yawn and wake up.

    PCB-MinnDistIcon.png: So, Metbolette, can you please explain to me what's happening now-

    Lgbtwiki.png: Welcome, my friends...

    Lgbtwiki.png: To the LGBTA Wiki.

    To be continued...

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