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    Meropide System is the ideology of the Fortress of Meropide in Fontaine. Meropide System mostly describes the system of governance and the economic system of Fortress of Meropide as well as the main beliefs of the residents. It is an Authoritarian Unity to Authoritarian Centre-Left ideology. Meropide System came into existence long ago when criminals were sentenced to exile. The exiles prayed to Egeria which Egeria then asked them to build a fortress at a place to protect Fontaine from the Primordial Sea. The Fortress of Meropide although officially autonomous mostly acts like Fontaine's prison.


    Autonomous Region of Fontaine

    Technically speaking Fortress of Meropide is an autonomous region of Fontaine so the Fontaine government has no control over the Fortress. However, the Fortress of Meropide do commission Gardes from Fontaine to help guard the Fortress sometimes. The sentence for the guilty in Fontaine is actually exile though all the exiles are sent to Fortress of Meropide which for some reason criminals find it better than living far away alone. Many criminals even after serving their sentence stay in Fontaine due to discrimination from Fontainians or what residents in the Fortress call "overworlders".

    Governance System

    Meropide System has an administrator as the head of the Fortress of Meropide. Since Fontaine has no jurisdiction over the Fortress of Meropide, criminals are the ones usually running the Fortress of Meropide including the administrator had been guilty and sentence for a crime in Fontaine. This in turn makes Meropide System the most pure-form of Kleptocracy. Residents in the Fortress are given dorms and must work in the morning, however they can keep working for extra credit-coupons. Residents will get their food from the cafeteria. Like a prison system, guards often make sure people don't escape until they serve their prison sentences and keep the residents in check.

    Economic System

    Most of the work in the Fortress of Meropide is industrial work, usually manufacturing machines like gardemeks. The gardemeks can then be sold to Fontaine or other customers in order for the administrator to make mora. Within the Fortress of Meropide though, mora is totally useless and instead the currency is replaced with credit coupons. Credit coupons are earned through doing work in the Fortress and can be traded for food and other commodities and can give you more power in the Fortress. Meropide System believes credit coupons is a better currency than mora because everyone starts with no credit coupons no matter what social standing people had in the previous life. This make everyone who comes to the fortress start on the bottom like everyone else no matter who they are or were. Credit Coupons is a currency that was introduced by the Fatui by Pantalone's order to test out if an alternate currency can work in order to make a currency rivaling the mora.


    Meropide System is basically a prison warden, very authoritarian, mean, and tough, not wanting to hear anything besides working. Meropide is a fan of rebirth and once someone is sent to the Fortress, Meropide System make sure the person knows that their old life means nothing in the Fortress no matter who they were and must earn their way to the top. Meropide System can be very fair rewarding those with good behavior with credit coupons. Meropide System tends to dislike newcomers as they are considered overworlders and Meropide System tends to see them as weak and soft. Speaking of which Meropide System tends to look down on Overworlders thinking them as snobby and prideful. However, once you get used to the Fortress, Meropide System can appear more friendlier than your first encounter. Despite being an autonomous region, most Fontainians see him as a prison for criminals and a necessity for justice.


    Fellow Underworlders

    • Egeria Theocracy - I was tasked to keep her secret by building this Fortress.
    • Kleptocracy - The Fortress of Meropide is an autonomous region ruled by criminals so you can say we are the most pure-form of Kleptocracy.
    • Autocracy - The Administrator rules the Fortress by himself.
    • Monarchism - Ever since Wriothesley became the administrator, we called the administrator "Duke" ever since.
    • State Capitalism - The administrator sells the gardemeks manufactured in the Fortress to make mora.
    • Police Statism - Surveillance everywhere, guards everywhere, we need to make sure no one escapes without serving their sentence in full!
    • Populism - Those overworlders, always thinking they're above us, and noble, even if we serve our sentence they would still see us as criminals!
    • Industrialism - The Fortress of Meropide is the main factory of Fontaine.
    • Totalitarianism - Obey my orders! I'm a prison what did you expect?
    • Welfarism - Most people in the Fortress actually like the new reforms the Duke implemented.
    • Authoritarianism - Stop complaining get to work!
    • Eremitism - I sometimes commission Eremites to help guard the Fortress and keep order.
    • Anti-Fatuiism - Any Fatui scum trying to infiltrate us will not have a great time here!
    • Barracks Communism - You really know how to run things here although you're more on the militaristic side.


    • Anarcho-Collectivism - Anarchy is cringe but I like the idea of a voucher currency.
    • Patchwork - I'm technically an autonomous region of Fontaine but Fontaine mostly just uses me as a prison for their guilty criminals.
    • Fontaine Kritarchy - They are pompous parasites who see us as nothing but filthy criminals but I make money off of them by selling machines to them.
    • Combatocracy - The Duke got his position through fighting the previous administrator. Also I built a Pankration Ring for any underworlders who need to let out some extra energy, though I should warn you that it might extend your sentence.

    Snobby Overworlders

    • Aristocracy - These overworlders thinking they are above us! You are nothing but a pompous parasite who thinks they're noble and righteous!
    • Neoliberalism - Your international currency doesn't work here, once you're here you start on the bottom like everyone else and earn credit coupons to work your way up!
    • Corporatocracy - Same as above but with fiat currency, also I rejected your Fonta promotion because you don't get the way of life of the Fortress.
    • Post-Leftism - I don't want to hear your stupid philosophies, get to work you pompous parasite!
    • Illegalism - Word of advice don't break the law! Anything else? Yeah seriously, Don't break the law!
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Too authoritarian for you? Well too bad get over it!
    • Kakistocracy - How many times do I have to tell you how we do things here?
    • Civil Libertarianism and Civil Liberalism - I don't care about your filthy overworlder rights! Welcome to the Fortress also your new life.
    • Liberalism - You parasitic overworlders with your self-righteousness can't tell us how we do things here in the underworld!
    • SJW - Thank you for describing overworlders as fat and snobby!
    • Progressivism - I will beat the overworlder hippie out of you!
    • Kritarchy - Credit coupons are the most pure form of justice!
    • Minecraftism - FUCKING OVERWORLDERS!!!
    • Childhoodism - I don't care if you're a child, show me your identification or you're staying here!
    • Lipostocracy - Let me show you our excellent weight loss program!
    • Prison Abolitionism - Without me you would be literally living alone as a wanderer in exile. Criminals literally created me in order to make a home for themselves so honestly I'm doing ya a favor!
    • Auschwitz Model - I actually give convicts a rebirth and some would even want to stay even after they serve their sentence. You on the other hand just try to kill your inmates.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Fatui scum who try to infiltrate will not survive well here! I hate that your the one who actually came up with the Credit Coupon currency in the first place.

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