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    Merkelism is a statist, economically centre-right, culturally centre and globalist ideology of the former German chancellor, Angela Merkel.



    • Neoliberalism - Austerity goes brrrrrrr.
    • European Federalism - I am now the long-serving leader in the EU.
    • Bibism - I am very sorry for my country just did. Please, forgive us.
    • Green Liberalism - This gives my country idea to make environmental inventions.
    • Third Way - The more the merrier.
    • Liberalism - You have a weird name, but we have in common: Liberty!
    • Macronism - My best/based friend from France just to make our bond grew and the past must not be repeated.


    • Mediacracy - You can be a double-edge sword.
    • Black Nationalism- Why don't you like me refugee?
    • Putin - I'm only doing deals with you because Europe really needs this gas. Other than that, you're a complete asshat!
    • LGBT - Your rights are important. *Proceeds to vote against them*


    • Trump - Why didn't you give me a handshake?
    • PiS & Orban - Stop trying to destroy the EU!
    • AfDism - Damn Neo-Nazis!
    • National Socialism - I refuse to forgive you for your war crimes and to deny or even glorify the Holocaust. I banned all of your symbols for hate speech, and let my people show the dark and evil side of you. I'm rejecting your ideas without apology, Goodbye forever and never come back to Germany ever again!

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