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    Meritocratic Fascism is an ideology that stresses the importance of competent leadership. So much so, in fact, that it believes that only the best and most qualified members of society should hold any position of power. Unlike some other forms of Fascism, he does not want to purge minorities or stage genocide against their own people; only the lazy need be afraid. Also, compared to his cousins, he generally has a much higher quality of life and more overall personal liberty than the others, but not so much so that it devolves into Neoliberalism or some other cringe ideology.

    Ideologic Information:


    On the economic spectrum, he can be considered a pseudo-socialist. Very large Amazon-esque corporations organized and run by the government make up the base of the economy and produce 99% of exports/consumer goods, although small, localized and private-owned businesses are allowed to exist, given that the owners fulfill the necessary prerequisites required to run their own business. In a sense, small business can be given as rewards or as a way to get the most production value out of an individual. The aforementioned small businesses are restricted by many doctrines and laws so they never become as large as the government-backed corps, but they still provide substantial income to their owners and many resources to local communities under M-Fash, while providing morale and taxes for the government.

    Power Structure

    Using a series of five long, specific and very important tests taken when a person is 8, 13, 18, 30 and 65 years old, people have their jobs decided for them. The first test determines which level of school one goes to, the second test is responsible for placing the person in electives, the third test selects the person’s first job, the fourth test opens up the opportunity for a more specialized career and the fifth test determines whether or not someone moves on the some of the highest echelons of M-Fash leadership or retires. The latter test can be taken at any time; 65 years is just the maximum age for when someone can take it. The actual hierarchy itself is as follows;

    • The Leader:
      • The Leader is the absolute head of M-Fash society. The process for becoming The Leader is surprisingly simple: once per decade, every citizen over 30 years of age in the state takes yet another test for the very slim chance to qualify as a candidate for Leader. After one hundred candidates are selected, they take an even more refined test to determine who exactly is qualified to rule. The person who scores the highest is elected Leader for the next ten years, while the other 99 make up the majority of their ruling council.
    • The Ruling Council:
      • The Ruling Council consists of the other 99 Leader candidates, as well as one representative elected by the people. They act as a senate of sorts and are split into three divisions;
        • The Cabinet consists of the 24 highest runner-ups from the Leadership test and the elected official. They are responsible for maintaining the country on a federal level and serve as The Leader’s assistants.
        • The Senate consists of the 25 prior runner ups (from 25th place to 49th place). They have far more power than The House and are the only ones that can overturn a decision made by The Cabinet, but not The Leader.
        • The House is the lowest sect of the Ruling Council, but a prestigious position nonetheless. They are responsible for maintaining a form of legislative system in which the people themselves have some sort of say, but can be easily overridden by The Cabinet, The Senate and especially the Leader.
    • The Regional Elites:
      • Consisting of Generals, CEOs, Mayors and other high positions, these people are appointed by the regular 5 tests and serve lifelong terms. Although they are very powerful individuals, they are also not above the economic classes described below.
    • The Workers:
      • Average joes. They are the lifeblood of M-Fash society and are usually fine with being bossed around by higher powers, as long as they get their insurance and their paycheck.
    • Lazy-asses:
      • Considered degenerate by everyone else, these are workers who do not work as hard as they should. They are punished with anything from a few months in Low-Class to going to prison for a year.


    M-Fash is definitely more progressive than his siblings, but he is by no means an SJW.webpSJW or a ML.pngCommunist. Citizens still hold their country’s primary values and traditions, however, the primary difference between it [M-Fash] and other types of Fascism is that M-Fash focuses a lot more on research and development. Other than that, M-Fash is virtually inseparable from the other Fascists.


    The biggest difference that sets M-Fash apart from his cousins is that under him, all men, women and others are created equal, provided that they work their hardest and give back to the state. The reason that M-Fash is so egalitarian is because workers need to be at least somewhat happy to give 100% of their effort to the state. Since social issues come in many categories, they will be listed in sub-headings;


    M-Fash has no state religion and citizens are free to worship whoever they please. However, access to religious buildings and texts may be blocked if a civilian does not work hard enough.


    Men and women are pretty much equal in every way; the same work is expected of them, they get paid equally and are both represented legally as equals. Transgender people are tolerated, although treatment may be withdrawn from them if they start to get lazy.


    Again, race does not really matter to M-Fash; only production output. Culture-based wares (i.e ethnic food, garb, literature, etc) can be restricted to lazy-asses.


    Once more, M-Fash does not care about what sexuality you are. I bet you could see this coming, but M-Fash will take away your right to contraceptives, protection, the act of sex itself and/or the right to marriage/civil union if, you guessed it, someone decreases their production value.

    Economic Class

    Regardless of what collar color you belong to, you’ll have access to the same facilities and will get paid as much as everyone else in your class, provided you work your hardest. There are five known economic classes in ordinary M-Fash society;

    • The High-Class
      • People who work the hardest for the state are granted access to the highest-level housing, food and luxuries. Pretty much anyone can be in this level, given that they work to the absolute best of their ability. The few moments that they have off are usually packed with luxuries and other perks.
    • The Mid-Class
      • Most people are deemed to be Mid-Class by the state. They are your average worker; giving most of their time to their work. They usually have a few luxuries at their disposal for good days, will not go hungry and are pretty set financially.
    • The Low-Class
      • If the state considers you to be slacking off, it will put you in the low class. Few luxuries, only enough food to get by and mandatory overtime every day, this class is more of a punishment class than anything else. Workers in this class usually get their act together within months, since the conditions become unbearable after awhile.
    • The Unemployed
      • Slackers who don’t have a job. Being completely cut off from any sort of government perks or aid, these “people” are forced to live in the wilderness like animals to survive. The only way to get out of this pathetic group of individuals is if you sign up for a job as soon as you can. Unemployeds who are assigned jobs usually serve six months of time in the Low-Class as a way to boost their production value. If caught by the government, they will be thrown in prison for one year, where they work for nothing, eat disgusting food and have absolutely no luxuries to speak of.
    • Prisoners
      • Unemployed people who were caught by the government. Prisoners usually last in this class for a maximum of one year, although a person can become a prisoner for far longer if they commit crimes as well. As described above, prisoners work as indentured servants, eat awful food and are blocked from luxury goods such as alcohol, television and cigarettes. Time in prison is usually so harrowing that workers who go through a cycle never come back. In fact, former prisoners are 2.3x more likely to get to High-Class than those who have never been in prison.

    Worker’s Rights:

    Much like NatSoc, workers receive free healthcare, whose quality is determined by how hard they work. There is also a worker’s comp system for Low to High-Class workers and a universal minimum wage of $14 U.S.D an hour (for a minimum total of $168 a day), for Low-Class workers. Mid-Class workers are paid an average of $30/hr, while High-Class workers can make as much as $300/hr (for a maximum total of $4,800 per standard work day, including an optional 4 hour overtime), although the average is usually around $70/hr. Normally, this would be completely unsustainable, but since M-Fash societies have extremely high production outputs, they have the funds necessary to guarantee every single one of their citizens living wages. Workers are also allowed to open-carry pistols, shotguns and rifles to most places in the event of an armed invasion.


    M-Fash is rather happy compared to his cousins. He is commonly seen discussing economics with both Cap.pngCapitalists and ML.pngCommunists alike, attending grills and cookouts with the Centrist-yellow.pngCentrists and uniting the Auth Gang to pick on the Libertarian Quadrants by throwing globs of factory grease, bowls of piping hot borscht and Agent Orange canisters at their communes. Despite all this, M-Fash and AnCap.pngAncap are frequently seen discussing guns with Posadist.pngPosadism. When not interacting with other polcompballs, he is seen micromanaging his workers.

    How 2 Draw

    • Take the regular Fascismball.
    • Instead of black, paint it navy blue. Leave his army cap alone.
    • Give him bifocals or a monocle. Either/or works.



    • Merit.png Meritocracy - My parent and the most based ideology on the planet.
    • Fash.png Fascism - My other parent and the second-most based ideology on the planet.
    • Soc.png Socialism - Good economics, but you need some work on your people policy, buddy. Kinda based tho.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - Mega-based member of the capitalist gang.
    • ML.png Marxist-Leninism - Tone it down with throwing valuable workers into prison camps and take econ. Then you should be somewhat sustainable. Other than that, based.
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - Knows the value of research. Based.
    • Authunity.png My fellow AuthCenters - Auth gang rise up.
    • AnCap.png Anarcho-Capitalism - Only based Anarkiddy I know.


    • Ingsocf.png IngSoc - You take it a little too far, but still pretty based.
    • Posth.png Posthumanism - See above.
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Why are you killing off all of your valuable workers? Also, thanks a lot for ruining my Fash.png parent.
    • Strasser.png Strasserism - See above.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - Funny kid who entertains the workers. Once ruined an entire assembly line by dropping his propeller cap in an industrial meat grinder.
    • Centrist-yellow.png Centrist Gang Apolit.png - Cringe moderates, but have pretty good food.
    • Posadist.png Posadism - Don’tcha think nukes are a bit too far?


    Unemployed Lazy-Asses

    • Radfem.png Radical Feminism - No, women are NOT exempt from hard labor. Pick up that pickaxe and mine my cobalt, Karen.
    • Ancom.png AnCom - How will you manage your workers? Wait, there are no workers? MEGA Cringe.
    • Antifa.png Antifa - Don’t even think about it.
    • AnarcAn.png Anarkiddies - GET OFF MY PROPERTY!

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