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    Meridian Paternalism is an authoritarian left and reactionary ideology that seeks to use the localism or decentralization of a country, to safely form a unitary community in said country (or, if plausible, full autonomy).


    Body Politic

    Meridian Paternalists see sons, as an extension of their father, with the father heading over them. When the father dies, the eldest son inherits authority over his siblings, gaining the title patriarch. The patriarch rules the family/clan, acting as its founder, fathering his kinsmen. The men obtain wives either from the outer state or from within the community, the women leave to be with their husbands. Citizenship is gained only through paternal right of blood, or through marriage to a male citizen. This creates a nation, whose men are of a single patriline, headed by the patriarch. The paternalistic nature of the patriarch, and the kinship of all his subjects, seeks to create a loving and socially united society. With this familiar love and unity, an economy of working and receiving freely is sought to be made possible; liberating the people from hedonistic materialism and the mark of the beast.

    Religion and Government

    Meridian Paternalists recognize their patriarch as loving and trustworthy to their own, unwilling to deceive them, just as their fathers. For this reason, the one best fit for head of the nation's church, is none other than the patriarch himself. But because honesty is not the only issue with finding truth, all in line to the throne (that being, every man within the nation) must be taught the Bible, and the clerical advisors must be educated on other Christian denominations/traditions.


    As a means for creating an even stronger communal unity and contrast to the modern worldly system; a new language, measurement system, customs, etc. are meant to be made for this people, incompatibilizing the majority of them with the outside world.


    Meridian Paternalists hold that all within the nation, is owned by the patriarch. All goods and resources are distributed however the patriarch sees best. The workers would labor, out of a sense of duty, love, and trust for their patriarch (similar to how a child would adhere to the commands of his father). The patriarch would be expected to do what he can to provide for and direct his nation (similar to how a father would, for his children).

    There is no contractual exchanges, no private property, and no currency; leading some to view this as a socialist system. However, as the means of production are owned by the patriarch (although, if he sees it as best, they may be indirectly owned by the workers), this is a controversial claim.

    Meridian Paternalists seek an economic autarky, through a rural lifestyle. They prefer centralization within their society, but love the autonomy granted from outer-state decentralization.


    Meridian Paternalists typically seek to buy up farm land from within an existing country, to use for homesteading for his family. This homestead will allow for an autarkic community to form. The loyal sons would assume subjection to the founder, creating the basis for the new family order.

    If the outer-state demands a land/property tax, the family-state would eventually be abolished in that country, once the mark of the beast arrives. As the mark of the beast, will be required for all economic transactions. For this reason, Meridian Paternalists are strongly against land tax. Those who seek to establish Meridian Paternalism, within a land-taxing country, may seek to use this ideology temporarily as a means of forming a large united pack, in preparation for the end-times.

    If the outer-state demands democratic representation within the family-state (either demanding that the patriarch be elected, or that the community votes in outer-state politics), the family-state will theoretically vote as is tradition (either voting for the rightful hereditary ruler of the community to lead the family-state, or voting for whatever politician/policy the patriarch seeks for the outer-state), due to the heavy focus on social unity. The can be said for if the outer-state disallows the citizens' free voluntary labor. As the earnings would theoretically be given to the patriarch, out of trust, love, and tradition; to which the patriarch would redistribute his gifts as he sees fit, resulting in the same economic practice, but with the extra step of wage (although this wage will eventually end the nation as well, through the eventual necessity of the mark of the beast for this transaction).


    Meridian Paternalism tries to establish an autonomous community (or completely secede from) inside a country, and refers to that country as the outer-state. He's seen being "oppressed" by the outer-state, who may force him to pay land tax or conform to the country's culture. He commonly rants about capitalism, whilst living off the tax-free land of propertarians; glorifying state-owned industry and gift economics, until getting his commune taken away by an outer-state, or being overthrown by anarchists. He's also overly paranoid of the mark of the beast. How to draw




    • Anarcho-communism - gift economy and decentralisation are based but why do you hate me

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