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    Mercenary system, or MercSys, refers to a system of governing is run by mercenaries. This page will cover Metal Gear Solid's Militaries Sans Frontières and TNO Werbell.



    MSF or Militaires Sans Frontières (soldiers without borders) is a mercenary organization that provides hired mercenary soldiers to any nation regardless of ideology (with a few exceptions mainly being authoritarian ideologies). They want to avoid the squabble of nation-states and unite the human race. MSF create a group were soldiers always have a place and recruit anyone based on skill. They generally don't have a social hierarchy, closest thing is Naked Snake being the boss of MSF but that's about it, since everyone in the organization is equal. It was created by Kazuhira Miller and John (aka, Naked Snake, Big Boss, The Man who sold the world, Ishmael, Jack, and Saladin). Big Boss takes lots of inspiration for Che Guerava when operating MSF.


    Werbellism is a ideology started by real life mercenary Mitchel Werbell III, but in the the HOI4 mod TNO. Werbell can seize power by overthrowing RFP when getting into a payment dispute with Matkovsky. He will create a regime described as authoritarian democrat, were he sells mercenaries to the highest bidder around the world using the money he makes to further expand his mercenary operations. In the game he can plan it to allow open elections after he is dead or he can work to preserve the mercenary state after his death. He is willing to collaborate with the Russian blackshirts or the NKVD choosing one or the other not based on ideology, but based on what is the lesser of two evils. He can also empower the Russian locals, his mercenary friends, or collaborators to government positions.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw ball
    2. Make left side black #191919 or #141414
    3. Make right side yellow
    4. Draw skull icon in between black and yellow
    5. Add some eyes or sunglasses
    6. Add a grey, black, or burgundy beret with a skull icon on it.
    7. Optional: add a cigar


    MercSys loves money and will be hired to by other balls to protect them or assassinate other balls. He's willing to work with any ideology but will draw a line at extremists most of the time. He can be professional acting like a military man or not depending on how he's feeling. He loves helicopters, jeeps and cigars. He wears sunglasses almost always even indoors.


    Soldiers Without Borders

    • Wagner Group - Russian colleague...
    • Eremitism - Me but in Genshin Impact, he also like this guy known as the Scarlet King and claims to be the descendants of his people whatever that means. Also tell your son to stop calling me a traitor!
    • Mukuro Ikusaba - You are literally me, but more government influenced.



    Further Reading


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