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    Memory Anarchism is an off compass Libertarian, off compass market, usually right leaning, progressive and transhumanist ideology. She is an anarchist and the main opposition to Ambrosiocracy. She believes in transhumanism and the trade of memories between individuals, leading to a society where no person can claim a clear link to the person they were in the past, and continuous identity is entirely eroded. In this society, age would not exist. She usually allies with other progressive ideologies who want to abolish race, biological sex and gender. Since memories are information and therefore not a limited resource, most trading of memories would result in copies being exchanged, thus no individual losing any memory without wanting to. There is a chance individuals may wish to sell memories and erase them afterwards to grant the new owner sole ownership of the memory.


    Memory Anarchism frequently forgets who she is and remembers things she didn't experience. She often asks people if she can pay to copy peoples memories so she can put into her own mind. If she has uncomfortable experiences, she will erase them from her memory.




    • Artifism - Yes we should mess with nature, but I don't know about changing everything...
    • Hive-Mind Capitalism - Thoughts should be exchanged, but don't be so authoritarian.


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