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    This page is now open to self inserts based/cringe ratings. Scroll down to put your ratings in. Also if you want to comment on this ideology, just type below comments.

    Megacapitalism is a Roblox ideology based on the Roblox group called NUSA. They are off-compass ideology which entirely focuses on their economy. Nothing but their wealth is what Megacap cares about.


    Before the second American revolution, Nightgaladeld a vocal speaker spoke out against the democratic government of USA as we know today. He highly criticized the government as them wasting money on rebuilding foreign nations, environment, welfare or anything that doesn't improve the country's economy in return A revolution has been ignited by Nightgaladeld backed by Russian Federation, Many rich elites and the military also joined his side in the revolution. The revolution is victorious on his side, forcing the government to evacuate to allied nations. This is the start of Blox War 3.



    Megacapitalism's main Economic Policy is the 0/100 Tax Model.

    The 0/100 tax model is a principle that all the money are owned by the state. No one who is living in a Megacapitalist state actually owns the money; they hold the money, so it's like a 100% tax but you can keep some of the taxes. Whenever the government needs to use money to spend on something, the people's (most likely the lower class) money will be confiscated as their bank money value will automatically reduce to prevent inflation. They still use the US dollar after the revolution because the ideology believes that it would be a waste of money and resources to change currency.

    There is still free market in Megacapitalism and it is regulated depending on how much money the market makes for example, it the market makes a low income, the government controls the market to prevent the income to go even lower. Megacapitalism highly favors Corporations as they make the most income for the country. If the government is better at generating income than the free market, the government controls the economy. If the free market generates more, the free market control it. Etc.


    There's no such thing as a gun license or car license. Even with criminal history, you are still allowed to buy guns and cars legally. You can go to car schools and all they do is award you a certificate displaying that you're a certified driver if you pass. All drugs are legal under a megacapitalist society, even the most dangerous ones as they can be sold in hospitals and can be brought online. Certain products are illegal however, if they are from foreign nations as buying them would lose economy.

    Political System

    Megacapitalism's political system is very similar to the USA we know today like the constitution is made up of 3 branches of the government. But in Megacapitalism, the constitution and everything is controlled by the clan, the leader of the clan is what known as the "Founder".


    Megacapitalism believed that freedom and democracy should heavily be preserved to the middle and upper classes as they believed those classes knows how to use them. Freedom of speech can vary betweeen classes for example, The middle class are allowed to speak up against government officials but not the clan unlike the upper class as long as it's peaceful.

    International Relations

    Their main goal is to spread their power as much as they can for more profits. A lot of nations have bad opinions on Megacap but dare not to sanction them as they believed it's too risky. When fighting, Megacap does not care about war crimes, believing that it doesn't matter for his country if his soldiers does commit them, unlike Necon.png. The UN council heavily despises the ideology in general along with it's policies making it considered against human rights.

    Human Rights

    Megacapitalism considers the existence of Human Rights as a "Waste of time and money" as it requires court ruling over the violators, evidence gathering. No wonder why majority of the former US military supported NUSA against the former government.

    Views on Religion

    Religion is massively objected and heavily discouraged by Megacapitalism. It is believed that Religion is nothing but a scam to them and encourages people to give money and help the poor as it's considered a waste of money with nothing in return. Religions teach people to pray which Megacap is against because they believe that it wastes time other than contributing to the economy.

    PolState.pngLaw and Order

    Megacapitalist nations is heavily known for high numbers of FAs (False Arrests). It may be to make more money for the government. When a civilian is arrested, they can pay a "bail" to get them out of incarceration. Unlike how bail works in most countries, you pay a certain amount of bail depending on how many times you commited the same crime. For example, if you commited robbery 100 times and get arrested, your bail would be around 60k dollars maximum. If you again commited murder, your bail would be up to 1000 dollars. Once you bialed out, it treats you like you've never been arrested however, the only difference is that your arrest record will be on you regardless if it's a false arrest, and your weapons will be confiscated. The police or law enforcements are always allowed to enter a private property of the middle class or lower. Even if it's really unessecary to do so.

    Personality and Behavior

    Megacapitalism is very greedy, I mean EXTREMELY, so greedy for economics that he considers Cap.png as not selfish enough. Whenever someone mentions something that has to do with helping the poor or the environment, he gets REALLY pissed about it as he believed that they do no good to society. Sometimes he can be considered insane as he feels no empathy towards his victims just like most authoritarian ideologies but he mostly overreact if his business partners lose their money or gets harmed, not because Megacap cares about them, but about their money.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Unlike USAball, he has red eyes like evil as the only thing he cares about is his economy, nothing else.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Megacapitalism
    The flag of Megacapitalism is the same with the flag of NUSA. Basically the flag of USA with few changes
    1. Draw the USA flag.
    2. Add the main US Emblemm
    3. Write "NUSA" at the bottom center. Make sure the color is the same with the stripes but different in the stripes.
    4. (Optional) Draw Nightgaladeld's headgear.
      1. Draw a space helmet around him but with open visor.
      2. Draw the visor but with transparency.
    5. (Optional) Draw Pauljkl's headgear.
      1. Draw a santa hat
      2. Add antlers
      3. Add a mask

    You're done!

    Self-Insert Based Score

    You start with 0 Basedism.png Based points. Everytime you agree with this ideology, you get 1 or 0.5 points.

    1. This ideology believes that the economy is the most important above anything else.

    2. All religion must be banned since they cared too much for the poor.

    3. Against environmentalism because it belives that supporting the environment wastes money.

    4. Is a imperialist as they believed imperialism is a great way for improving the economy.

    5. Is totalitarian with democracy only for the rich and the wealthy. Meaning that only the rich can vote in elections but the "Founder" is the sole leader of a country using this ideology.

    6. Legalizes things that are normally illegal in the western world (drugs, guns etc) supports black markets (unless it harms the economy)

    7. Culturally variable since they heavily support technology but against progressive policies (anti Racism, bigotry etc).

    8. Against human rights. They believed that caring for human rights means losing out a lot of profit that can be made. (i.e Commiting war crimes, stealing valuables from foreign countries without consequences)

    9. Supports corrupt actions like arresting people for no reason or corruption in general.

    10. Economically capitalist/darwinist.



    This section is about what Megacapitalism thinks about other ideologies ON HIS SIDE. For other ideologies that thinks them BACK,

    Clan Managers

    • Krater.png Kraterocracy - My Praxis
    • Darwinist.png Social Darwinism - PURGE THE POOR AND ONLY THE RICH SURVIVES!
    • Nazcap-Hat.png National Capitalism - F*CK YES!
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - My initial goal.
    • Ingcap Icon.png Ingcap - My endgoal.
    • PolState.png Police Statism - Protect the clan against the rebellious poors, so they can make us more money! Keep up with the FAing.
    • Nooc.png Noocracy - Smart people makes up the most of the clan and the rich living in this country.
    • Imp.png Imperialism - Weak nations deserves to be enslaved.
    • Jingoism.png Jingoism - If they won't comply then we will have to force them to!
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - One of my supporters.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Another supporter.
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Most of my supporters likes you. But you support the environment which is cringe ngl
    • StateathFedora.png State Atheism - Religion is not only fake, but encourages us to waste money on the poor.
    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - Only the rich, the ones that heavily contributes to our economy gets the welfare.
    • Putin.png Putinism - Thanks for backing me up during the revolution!
    • Mediastocracy flair.png Mediacracy - I have control of all news! Now I will try and brainwash the workers into accepting our ideology! If anyone disagrees (Apart from the rich), PolState.png He can take care of them.
    • Illum.png Illuminatism - I CONTROL EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE There's a building for him in Washington DC when I took power.
    • Strato.png Stratocracy - Instead of wasting our military budget on protecting useless nations, we use them to conquer them! Unlike them Necon.png...
    • Accel.png Accelerationism - WE NEED TO IMPROVE OUR ECONOMY FASTER!!!
    • Fut2.png Futurism - Redpilled Fash.pngFascism!

    Clan Members

    • Cap.png Capitalism - You did not go far enough. Wage slavery is nothing compared to actual slavery.
    • Corp.png Corporatocracy - Nice boosting our economy, but imagine not enslaving workers and giving them more than what they barely need.
    • Corptism.png Corporatism - Sometimes, it's necessary for us to take over their Cap.png money if they or their markets screw up in order to secure our economics.
    • Fash.png Fascism - Alot of your ideas a great, but you're kinda a leftist so that sucks.
    • Dem.png Democracy - Only for the ones that makes us money.
    • Ingsocf.png Ingsoc - Yes, you subjugate the poor, but you're a filthy leftist.
    • Illeg.png Illegalism - When I capture him, he will help our economy grow, by stealing from other countries!
    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - A lot of people say that I am you. Calculatous also likes you, but i'm heavily against any kind of religious thoughts. Many say that you should be in my friends though.
    • Showa.png Showa Statism - Thanks for accepting our ideology! Unfortunately you don't want to completely accept us.
    • Libright-yellow.png Most Libright ideologies - At least you like the economy. Be more greedy and bossy to your workers though. Also, why some of you complain that i'm leftist?
    • Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png - Totally based! But you dislike America and Religious, that could be an issue.


    This section is about how other ideologies think about Megacapitalism in RESPONSE.

    As Friends

    • Krater.png Kraterocracy - Never disagreed a single thing of what I said.
    • Darwinist.png Social Darwinism} - We rule over the poor together.
    • Nazcap-Hat.png National Capitalism - The closest thing to me as a Roblox group.
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - Good job winning that revolution. Make sure you don't help other nations.
    • PolState.png Police Statism - Calculatous is based.
    • Imp.png Imperialism - Good job on annexing Mexico and Canada.
    • Jingoism.png Jingoism - Your methods are based.
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - I supported him during the revolution.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - America first!
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Mein friend who shares alot of thoughts together. Good job on kicking out that juden.
    • StateathFedora.png State Atheism - Hates religion just like me. But for different reasons.
    • Putin.png Putinism - I helped him win that war against that stupid old government.
    • Illum.png Illuminatism - [Insert translation here] (Thanks for giving me that building in Washington DC!)
    • Strato.png Stratocracy - Woof woof! *pant *pant
    • Accel.png Accelerationism - Me but with the economy
    • Fut2.png Futurism - Likes technology, supports the rule over the poor, Imperialist, Athieist? What can I say? based!
    • Showa.png Showa Statism - I am back in Japan again thanks to him.

    As Frenemies

    • Ingcap Icon.png Ingcap - I'm sure that you will become me eventually.
    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - This isn't exactly what I meant by "Welfare to only one group" But your hearts is in the right place I guess...
    • Cap.png Capitalism - My child who doesn't like me for not going far enough.
    • Corp.png Corporatocracy - Winning that war gave corporations alot of power. But you're just crazy.
    • Corptism.png Corporatism - Sometimes works with me, sometimes against me.
    • Fash.png Fascism - I like alot of your ideas but you're too progressive for my liking...
    • Ingsocf.png Ingsoc - The way he controls over the proles is doubleplus based. However, corporations that isn't completely controlled by Big Brother is a thoughtcrime.
    • Illeg.png Illegalism - Filthy government, but he sometimes spares me as long as I do illegal things overseas which is kinda based.
    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - I like your ideas but STOP SAYING THAT I CARE ABOUT THE POOR!
    • Libright-yellow.png Most ideologies in the Libright Quadrant - You allow markets to prosper which is based but you're a filthy statist. Also, some of our supporters accuse you of being ML.png him.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - I like that you support capitalism and economic expansion but why do you hate the global poor?Forget the fact that I exploit other countries for personal gain.
    • Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png - Fuck America the idol of the decadence and degeneracy! Wait... Hmmm... It is okay tbh, or even... Based? (We could agree on most of the issues except for religion tho)
    • Positive Christianity.png Positive Christianity - You're very anti-religion but at least you like Nazi.png him.

    As Enemies

    • Nooc.png Noocracy - You are a fool who thinks greed is the only way to rule.
    • Dem.png Democracy - If only the rich can vote, this isn't democracy.
    • Yadaism - DIE, CAPITALIST PIG!
    • Comsoc.png Comrade Socialism - Do I even need to explain my problem with you!?
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - NOOOOO!! YOU CAN'T TAKE OUR FREEDOM JUST LIKE THAT! Some of your ideas are based though.
    • Envi.png Environmentalism - But why? Why put your money over the environment?
    • Welf.png Welfarism - You should realise that if we help them, they will help us back!
    • Zio.png Zionism - FUCK YOU FOR TAKING Necon.png HIM AWAY FROM ME!
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Stop calling me a "socialist-lite"!
    • Soccap.png Social Capitalism - I am NOT a fake capitalist!
    • Nordmodel.png Nordic Model - Where do I even start...
    • Georgist.png Georgism - He loves landlords and hates the idea of giving away free land.
    • Long.png Long - No, everyone will be happy with their wealth unlike you.
    • Conservative.png Conservatism - You're not right wing. You are actually a leftist that pretends to be a capitalist.
    • Libtard.png Liberalism - STOP SAYING THAT I'M RUINING THE ECONOMY!
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - Thank you for admitting that capitalism exploits the poor. You make great propaganda and the reason why i'm working with him to fight you.

    Further Information


    Nusaball.png Roblox Group




    Yingjie100 - Just do the same thing as me to comment. Also this ideology is gigasoy.

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