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    Mega Corporatocracy or English Corporatocracy is an Offcompass.png Off-The-Compass OffAuthRight.png Authoritarian-Right ideology that is a more extreme and dystopian version of Corp.png Corporatocracy.


    MegaCorp, for short, believes in a government composed of super powerful corporate monopolies or oligopolies who take control of society for their interests, this society is the result of the corporations within a corporatocracy becoming so much more influencial than the government they decide to dismantle the state and place themselves in control.

    Corporate State

    Mega Corporatocracy has no real centralized government, but many giant monopolies also known as Mega Corporations who together take the role of the state and it's branches, the Corporate State is extremely totalitarian and uses it's power to fufil the interests of the Mega Corporations, which is to gain profit. The many companies within the state work to enforce the MegaCorps rule, equivalents to the Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Love and Ministry of Plenty can be found here.

    The Cogs

    Citizens have few to no rights being used as mere work force to fuel the money making machine that is called the Corporate State, many propaganda and idoctrination tatics akin to those implemented by Ingsocf.png Orwellianism are made to ensure the labor force doesn't revolt like the rewritting of history, the spread of consumerist culture and anything that would dumbify the people into complancency.

    The Market

    World.png Outside

    Putting into consideration other countries may exist and the world hasn't been unified into one Corporate State the policy of Mega Corporatocracy in relations to other nations is commerce, the Mega Corporations use their giant work force to make products and goods that are then exported for any nations which may be willing to trade.

    Incognitism.png Inwards

    Inside the territory that the Mega Companies control the people get to know little about the outside market as to limit the knowledge of the masses, the inside market functions as a way the Mega Corporations profit even more from the people, local small businesses don't exist so the workers have to buy from the companies they work for, paying for what they made.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it using a dark shade of gray (#282828)
    3. Draw a building inside the ball with cyan (#42A8FC)
    4. Add rectangular windows in the building using white (#FFFFFF)
    5. Add a cyan lower case "c" with a straight vertical line cutting throught it atop the building.
    6. Give the ball a black top hat.
    7. Give it one large eye and done.

    Alternate Design

    1. Draw the Ingsoc ball but use Cyan (#42A8FC) insted of red
    2. Give the ball a black tophat and done.



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