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    Medievalism is a radical conservative, esoteric Christian, authoritarian right off-compass ideology that believes in returning to the Christian pre-enlightenment era of Europe, it sees the enlightenment as a mistake for making people distant from God and it's principles, it believes blasphemy should become a crime once again and that all people who go against the church must be punished/killed or in most cases tortured, it is against heretics and any idea it considers to be heretic. Medievalism believes to be the peak of morality as it follows all Christian principles, it sees people who call it unethical as anti-Christian scum and will treat them as normally against "heretics".

    Medievalist is imperialist in nature believing crusades should be brought back and that the whole world should be Christianized for the "saving of humanity", it wants a holy war against non Christian religions but mostly focus on other Abrahamic religions like Islam, it usually allies itself with traditionalists, theocrats, reactionaries and other regressivist ideologies.


    File:Wackies.png Wacky gang File:Wackies.png

    • Anarcho-Altruism - Heretic left-winger and also a stupid anarchist, I still don't understand why you're here. Also hates Jews tho!
    • Ethical Darwinism - Fellow Christian and example of ethics, only bad part is anarchism.
    • Aggressivism - HERETIC! Anarchism? Disgusting... Also accepting of heretics like homos.


    • Feudalism - Every man a king!
    • LARPism - Enjoying ye self a good medieval LARP, are ye?




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