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    Love and Insurrection and Communization

    A recent excerpt from the creator of Meadowsin Thought

    For many years, I’ve worked toward how I feel about myself and my political ideology. But for right now, I’d like to redefine myself. May even make a new page, as I don’t feel trashing my past ideology is needed in this case. It will live on as a massive landmark in this journey, despite having moved in a direction I would have never expected mere weeks ago. I reject Bookchin, I reject the basics of my past ideals, and I seek communization. I seek praxis, I seek the “Politics That Are Not Boring As F*ck,” I seek joy in both the act of creation and joy and love in a society that is truly post-capital. I believe that the modern leftist movement isn’t doing what it should, that it isn’t trying to better in a way that disposes of capital, but purely a movement that disposes of some of the ideals of capital, and lets some of the rot remain. I believe that instead of bending capitalist ideals in any way, in the actualization of a true Marxism, a Marxism where we rid ourselves of the concept of money, the concept of class, and the inherent social relations system made by capitalism. The idea of the proletariat must be broken down, must fade, the whole idea of class must cry out as we snuff out the light behind its eyes. The violent insurrection must come so that we can realize true equity, in a world where class isn’t even needed as a concept. We must break down the social relations inherent to capital until we can make a society where love can exist unfettered, and self-actualization can be actual, and real, and tangible, rather than induced by drugs or limited by modern government, capital, and society, including societal structure.

    I believe that in summary, we need a decentralized insurrection, we need violence, and we need to establish a collection of collectives under a new form of societal and civil relation, disposing of all of the ideas and nature of capital, naturally uprooting Abrahamic religion, and allowing peoples to prosper, no matter what their beliefs are, as there will no longer be a system that hurts the community, the future that can be built through violence and progress. As I said yesterday: The true liberation of the human being must come, and I am approaching the day when I will be ready to tell you by what means that the liberation should come from, at least from my perspective. When our world is day in and day out suffering, not just for the unwell and oppressed, but equally so for the people that are “well adjusted,” that do not know they are being abused by their hand that feeds, and for everyone somewhere in between, what can we do but seek liberation? Humanity, and living, is a fickle state we must propel toward a better future, guiding the hands of our reality to forge unto ourselves a better world, a world where we do not pretend and depend on incessant falsities and a sort of enforcing, crushing, claustrophobic reality that makes us seek out the guiding hand of a prejudiced and hateful, scornful society and state.

    Freedom must be established, true freedom, and it must be established by force. The world must be handled like clay, and we must treat the recreation of the world and the revolution as art, and as play, and we must find joy in not only our armed retaliation, but also our new society, once the dust finally settles, and communization has taken its hold on society entirely. Freedom for all, liberation for all, resources for all, life for all, fulfillment for all, the destruction of the repressive state and the repressive economic systems of the now. That is what the new Meadowsin Thought will mean. Meadowsin Thought will be a dead god’s final romantic cry of “ego te absolvo,” found voice through “aut īnsurrēctiōnem aut nihil.” (“I absolve you,” “either insurrection or nothing.”) (Note for Legal reasons: These are the ideals of Meadowsin Thought, and I am totally not advocating for them, and the violence mentioned therein is only in theory, totally armchair, and not ever in practice.)

    What Even Are You?

    is an Ideology based upon the ideals of a small, idiotic trans girl named Meadow. She is one of the co-authors of a web zine about leftism, and is generally infatuated with the ideals of Post-Scarcity Anarchism, however is more generally and realistically in support of a transitory form of Council Communism (removed Council Marxism remark here, as I want to further develop my own ideology for myself, not utilizing someone else's theory, although she still got me into Council Communism as a whole) as she sees it as more realistic to have a transitory state. It is anti-authoritarian, anti-nationalist, and ultra progressive, also supporting revolutionary environmentalism. Also, as a note, while I do have a lot of Anarchist icons, the main "meat" of the ideology post-revolution before feeling that the end-goal is achievable is basically entirely anti-revisionist Dutch-German Council Communism/Council Marxism, with some of my own ideology additionally tied in.


    The basic ideals of Meadowsin Thought are based on a Marxist analysis of history, using conflict theory, specifically class conflict, as a framework, along with using the romanticist and Secular Satanism’s ideals of self-actualization, using specifically self-actualization through emotion. In order to defeat the limiting issues against emotional self-actualization, Meadowsin Thought proposes destroying the self-defeating interests of capitalism, with hesitance/opposition toward any form of reformism, even in Unions, as while they do provide bandaids to the working class now, they don’t cause widespread enough change to “fix capitalism,” as is the ideals of Social Democrats and some Market Democratic Socialists attempt to. It also proposes the abolition of state, bridging the gap until that is achievable, working through a form of Direct Democracy/Dictatorship of the Proletariat with some aspects of Representative Democracy, although very light in regard to usage of the tenets of such. Meadow is also currently reading into Council Communism, and is extremely in support of what she’s read so far, making some of the biggest changes in her ideology since she originally read Bookchin. Meadowsin Thought also detests sectarianism and dogmatism, both religiously and party-wise.

    Social Ideals

    Meadowsin Thought is ultra-progressive and revolutionary, advocating for an end to oppression for all people, seeing oppression as in direct opposition of true emotional self-actualization, supporting movements such as revolutionary and progressive LGBTQ+ movements, Pan-African movements, and any generally anti-oppressive movement, to a certain extent, although it dislikes the negative impacts by some takes by Radical Liberals/Social Liberals on platforms such as TikTok or Twitter on the radical progressive movement as a whole.The idea of Meadowsin thought is to encourage self-actualization through emotion involved in culture, the arts, and labor, so culture and unity are highly encouraged and needed for the truest form of its ideals to be realized.

    Environmentalism and Revolution

    I don’t know if you know, but climate change will ruin us. This is not original, and Neo-Luddites and Anarcho-Eco peoples alike have called for this to occur, but there needs to be revolution in order to end the American impact on worldwide climate change that threatens not only air quality but also our everyday way of life. By 2050, an estimated $106 billion will be underwater, and natural disasters will approach the cataclysmic. In order to oppose the ruin of the natural world, we must become foot soldiers of the natural.

    Why Non-Punitive Justice?

    I believe ultimately in a form of community-driven, if not victim-driven system, that allows people who break the laws imposed upon them by local society to find work and/or therapy and counseling if needed. It asks for the disestablishment of jails. The only case in which further action, making criminals do work that is punitive in nature, would ultimately be in cases of sex crimes/mass murder/hate crimes/promotion of nazism as an adult. As an adolescent, these things would be responded to with counseling and therapy, attempting to help and intervene with the prime issues with the child’s socialization and personal issues.

    But how!?

    Meadowsin Thought calls for a proletarian force to rise through violent revolution, overthrowing the government, crushing corporations and seizing assets through force if necessary, with a focus on particularly America, as it is just an example that is best suited for hypothetical means. Remember that America has 16 million vacant homes, all of which would be allocated to the homeless, with food, water, and all necessities covered and accounted for. Considering the damage that coal and other fossil fuels do, rapidly, the Proletariat force in charge would create efficient solar and nuclear energy plants, also making movements toward consolidating industries and informing the uninformed as to the benefits to the system as a whole, and the idea of the movement to emotional freedom based in romanticism.

    Gov and Econ

    Council Communism/Direct Democracy/D of The P

    Under the transitional authority of Meadowsin Thought rule, each industry that is established will have an equal slice of a total pool of currency, that will then be shared equally among all workers, with this currency being used exclusively for non-essential personal property items, such as TVs, video games, computers, gardening tools, accessories, cologne, etc., as essentials such as food, water, shelter, electricity, and healthcare are entirely covered. On top of that, each industry will have a worker’s council depending on what region you live in. (IE. Northeast Furniture Design and Assembly) Each person within each grouping will have a say in any affair which is not deemed to have immediate priority. (such as direct defense against an attack,, but not declaration of war, which WOULD be a vote) It's similar to direct democracy and uses elements of council communism, also, with everyone being better educated due to free college and efforts to better public education, this would not lead to utter chaos, as it may in other circumstances. The government would also be ENTIRELY TRANSPARENT about every domestic governmental action, with the only classified documents being ones that could jeopardize foreign affairs. The person at the top would take Executive action, but would be highly limited by the direct input of the people at all times, and cannot take any action to suppress that people. Gun rights would be established, but would come with a constitutional amendment establishing red flag laws delegated to the mental health officials' current opinion upon evaluation, or via history of mental health risk factors, or violent activity. (These laws would NOT disarm random trans people for being trans, or gay people for being gay. Part of the point is so defense can occur if the people that 'need deeply' to hurt these groups of minorities decide to take up arms against them) Policing would be severely limited, reprimanded, and non-lethal to a T. If lethal action is needed, the military or other armed government authorities would step in under the authority of the popular vote. This society would continue until it would be possible to abolish the state and fully localize industry.

    Apple Orchard Anarcho-Communism

    The ideals of the post-dissolutional side of this system, where it finds its own bounds, is most influenced by Meadow's perception of Heaven, an inherently Christian concept, that is made achievable by the bounds of Earth in a distilled form. The imagery of an Apple Orchard is used, and will be expanded on here, with the tenets of Apple Orchard Anarcho-Communism being as follows:

    • Ecological Thought, in the imagery of the comfortable warmth, the apple trees themselves, and the "sweet smell on the air."
    • Communalism/Communism, in the sharing of apples, the "enough trees to shade all people."
    • Individualism, in "there is no need for bickering over what apple to plant, as all apples may be planted as all people wish, and even if it only grows on one tree, and that one tree does not benefit the whole, that tree will stand."
    • Romanticism, in the description of all of the trees being one being drawing in breaths, in the descriptions of most things, and in the spiritual edge to the whole concept.

    The full text of "The Apple Orchard" and more description of theory and ideals will be in Apple Orchard Anarcho-Communism.

    Meadowsin Thought Text Archive

    Every Day I Hate Thoreau More

    The day seemed to chill me like I was merely meat to be kept fresh. I sat for an hour and a half, soaking in the natural life around me. I observed bees, delighting in the fact that I felt no fear of them, that we felt as comrades. But I also felt dismal, for I felt even further a distaste inflicted by Thoreau’s lack of integrity. I sit, infatuated with the beauty of the natural world, yet there is a shrieking road, one with a police training facility, a mere walk away. Thoreau wasn’t trapped in a world entrenched by the dominion of man over nature, he was not steeped in industrial society, and yet our experiments were near the exact same; observing bugs around a lake, taking time to ourselves, yet both lying that we are truly ambassadors of the natural. While he could have explored the western frontier, here I am, stuck in grass planted by humanity, watching bees that feed from flowers planted by humanity, near a lake that didn’t exist before humanity took its dirty nails across the at the time, dry, flat, meadow. I sit, drinking from the meager stream of life while he does the same, hundreds of years ago, when the whole world around him was filled with fresh drinking water. And so I sat, staring at bees and ants, not caring when the ants bit me, staring as bugs walked across my hand, 6 legs trying to find balance. Apathetic to the transcendental plight, I sit, I, without a word, sit, and at that moment I could punch Thoreau in the nose for what he’s left me with.

    Why You Shouldn't Vote Blue No Matter Who

    In definition, economic leftism depends on the ideal of anti-capitalism. Today, I present a question; are the Democrats leftist? The simple answer is no, and that is in some ways highly damaging.

    To start, I will be discussing the disservice of the Democratic party when it comes to handling workers' safety in labor and industry. In East Palestine, Ohio, a train derailed, causing massive damage to the local community; that train spilled a carcinogen across green grass and packed dirt. Contrary to what you may hear from Democrats and Republicans alike (that it was a “freak accident,” and that they showed their “condolences,” finger-wagging at the company that owned the train, similarly to Republican action after a mass shooting event), it is not a freak accident, it is objectively enabled by them. The train that derailed that day was rapidly and haphazardly checked and approved for operation, something that would not have been possible if there was legislation in order to regulate the checks that are required before a train can begin operation, which was originally how things were, before being legislated away by neoliberal politicians, some of which were actively in the Democratic party.

    While within the last paragraph, I showed the disservice of Democrats to the average worker, or even the average American, it is time to touch on the basic causes of dissent and disorder within the Democratic party. A huge issue is affirming people within Democratic ranks who do not reflect the actual opinions or values the party depends on. The Democratic Party often claims to adhere to certain values of human rights and protect its voter base's interests, but this is not always the case. RFK Jr., a Democrat, is running on policy that is inherently libertarian and right-wing, such as anti-vaccination and anti-abortion/”states’ rights” policies. While he has recently attempted to become a third-party candidate, it is important in many ways to acknowledge the fact that he was running under the Democrat banner, not the Republican one.

    It is doubly important to acknowledge the disorder of policy even within the party's lines. Support of Israel, a colonial force and far-right nationalist state that recently attempted to abolish its Supreme Court and treats inhabitants in the Gaza Strip and West Bank as “lesser peoples” under its law, can easily be seen as a reactionary viewpoint. The actions of Israel are inherently against the basic tenets of being a Democrat, and so logically would not be supported by the party, however, there is massive support for Israel within the Democratic Party, with some senators and congresspeople calling Anti-Zionists in the party “Anti-Semitic.” All of this while furthermore working against themselves, signing on and encouraging the passing of a bill “Denouncing the horrors of socialism,” describing socialism as “leading to totalitarianism and anti-humanitarianism,” despite neigh all attacks against them (including attacks on the harsh liberal actor Joe Biden) being Marxism/Socialism-centric. These actions are self-defeating and perpetual, causing the Democratic Party to become weaker overall.

    Jacob, often you argue that the Democratic Party has argued and facilitated some of the most important policies of the last few decades, mostly regarding the civil rights of individuals, which is more than true. They have fought for things such as same-sex marriage, making things better for LGBTQIA people, and trying to usher in a more socially progressive (if still unflinchingly capitalist) society. They fight for the “common good,” in opposition to the ideals of “states’ rights” and often bigoted attitudes of the Republican Party. The issue with this is that they allow the platforming of talking points that are entirely falsified or otherwise focus-tested. For example, there are major issues within the Democratic side with allowing points like “Trans Sports Bills” (arguing the unfairness of Transgender Female athletes to participate in women’s sports) to become a hotly debated issue, when they are think tank focus-tested points, being pushed because of the failure of the last strategy, which in this case, was “Bathroom Bills.” (Bills that prohibit public gender-affirming bathroom use for people who are Transgender.) Debating these points both distracts from genuine issues and causes any frustration from having to debate these non-issues so often to be portrayed as “the left getting triggered again!”

    The disorder and disparagement of the democratic process by the Democratic party, which does an innate disservice to its voter base in obvious and horrific ways, obfuscates the actual issues and tragedies occurring daily that should be addressed, opting instead to address the ridiculous notions presented by the Republican Party and voter base, which are mostly focus tested points. As a leftist and a person affected by some of the bigoted behaviors permitted by the Democratic base, this is important to me, and I suggest you attempt to change it. I find, because of common “blind spots,” that the ideal of “Vote Blue No Matter Who” becomes a non-Euclidian notion that people make leaps and bounds to justify. Therefore, I am asking you, Jacob, to do your due diligence as a voter before even beginning to vote blue, because you frankly never know who you are voting for until you do.

    Letter to the USA 1 (Early 2022)

    To the World, and to the United States,

    I do not wish to make any point beyond to myself, that I may write a text that works as a reminder for myself and to display my highest held beliefs, especially those attributed to movements or governmental systems. I will also further muse on death, as I wish for people to see death as I see it and take others' lives into consideration.

    PART I - On governance

    The governmental structure of the United States of America operates on a very simple and linear system, mostly maintained by two overall parties, with next to no opposition given to the two said parties. It is often said that voting for anyone who is not a Democrat or a Republican is a waste of a vote, and that you are better off throwing your ballot into a fire rather than the ballot box.

    I agree, yet I wish this were not the case.

    Hypocrisy on both sides, saying what it’s popular to say, saying certain things only to attain money, or some other form of benefit for spewing beliefs of a certain side, makes it hard to tell what can and cannot be trusted, or taken at face value at all. Most often, if someone is attesting to a belief that seems counter-intuitive or rather destructive to themselves, they believe either in nothing, gaining money from it, they believe in being contrarian, and going against all others, or they truly believe their ideology, not just in words, but in practice. The latter is the least common of these, as most people believe things which benefit themselves, and it is truly counter-intuitive for them to think in a way that does nothing but damage to themself and their ability to take action or have autonomy to think and do for themselves.

    Back to the discussion of the two-party system.

    Our first president George Washington once said, "However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

    This was his farewell speech, warning of how polarizing parties would be, and how people with bad intention and cunning may hold power due to the two party system.

    You may think that both sides are at their most radical, as that is exactly what most media outlets push, making agitprop to attempt to sway people to one side. The issue being that the only side that is truly steeped in hatred and malice, is also the most radical side of our two-party system.

    In truth, democrats do next to nothing when in office. We have seen this time and time again, with Obama, with Biden, with many other modern-day democrat presidents. The “cleansed left/moderate left” approach to democratic politics applies no pressure when the truth is that the right operates on full throttle, no matter what the issue may be.

    The FBI raided Mar-A-Lago? The right hates the FBI and has a semi-peaceful protest at the FBI headquarters. The government asks for mask mandates? Masks are widely called muzzles and are called “Marxist/Communist.” The bible says life begins at conception? Roe V Wade is struck out, and lets states decide what laws they want on abortion. Joe Biden is president elect, and is about to enter office? The capitol is raided, in an attempt on the life of many people.

    Where is the democrats’ January 6th, or general violent act of extremism? What is the democrats’ equal act to the abolishment of Roe V Wade? Where is the actual force or wish to make any change in terms of political power?

    The answer being simply, there isn’t any.

    PART II - On death

    Death is eternal. Before we begin this section, regardless of your personal faith or belief system, you must accept that as fact. Regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation or heaven and hell, you must realize that what was left of your old self, your physical self, regardless of destination, is gone forever.

    If you find any delight in death, or in stories of murder and chaos, you must first realize the true value, the weight of the loss of a human life.

    As I have gone through grief, I understand what it is like on a firsthand basis. It is beyond unpleasant. You battle with your own mortality, as selfish as that seems, when someone around you has passed. You wonder if one day you will see them again but know you probably never will. You look to faith, to your belief system, for words of wisdom and of solace. You look around, and if they were close enough, no longer see purpose in life. You try to move forward, yet every day that feeling haunts you, creeping up and seeping out into your day-to-day life.

    It is an agony.

    When you take the life of someone else, you cause those emotions, those pains, upon all others who relate to or hold dear the person you have taken away.

    This is unacceptable.

    Yet somehow the pain you cause does not end there.

    You did not kill a “thing.” You killed a person.

    A person with goals, with happiness, with pride, with sorrow, with emotional depth. Some with lovers, with best friends, with husbands, wives, daughters, sons. Every close person wondering how they could possibly go on. If they haven’t seen the day of their graduation, you took that away, if they haven’t seen their lover, haven’t found “the one” yet, you took that from them, if they haven’t gotten married, had any important event in a human existence yet, you took that all away.

    You took the lazy summer days, where the rainstorm is peeking around the corner, where the air is humid. You took the love of another, holding them in a delicate grasp, and telling them what they mean to them. You took away a budding life, a flower not yet ready to be snipped, a fruit that was not yet ripe, that had more that it could have been, were it not for your greedy hand, and greedier eyes.

    You took into your own hands the law which nature lay. You take into your grasp exactly what makes the world go, making a rude gesture at the very gift of life which is not even yours. You look into the eyes of another, with hope in spirit and blood in heart, and you take that.

    No material value is worth a human life. None.

    I wish that there was more that I could say, something deeper, to put it all in perspective for you, to get your brain to pull together the facts, yet it is not my job to interpret and act upon my words. It is yours.

    PART III - On the importance of mental health

    I cannot emphasize enough upon the importance of mental health in both the workplace and in school. Without adequate mental healthcare, you can easily get burnt out, tired, feel like life is just a continual loop, grey after grey day. Work will eventually lose its shine regardless, but adequate mental health surely can help.

    I do not believe we should put a charge toward mental health, as it could create issues in our workplaces, our schools, our governmental offices. I’d like to run under the assumption that it is already a problem, without even taking into account politicized narratives about mental health, like it being the “sole influence” in mass shooting events, disregarding guns’ impacts entirely.

    In studies and research, it has been found that there is a connection between political candidates and psychopathy.1 While not a mental illness, it is still a mental disorder, and needs to be taken into question, as it is rather clear why this is the case, and why it should be taken more seriously, when accounting for presidency and for roles with power.

    There is no need to also exclude the epidemic of suicide, making the lives of many a hell has but one result, depression that falls into a form of mental pain which makes life no longer worth living. “In 2020, 54% of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides (24,292), while 43% were murders (19,384), according to the CDC.” This should not be the case. There is just no reason for 24,292 people to decide their lives aren’t worth living, and resort to a gun to take their own life, a deadly object supposedly meant for “defense.”

    That is only the statistics for guns.

    “Suicide rates increased 30% between 2000–2018 and declined in 2019 and 2020. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States, with 45,979 deaths in 2020. This is about one death every 11 minutes. The number of people who think about or attempt suicide is even higher. In 2020, an estimated 12.2 million American adults seriously thought about suicide, 3.2 million planned a suicide attempt, and 1.2 million attempted suicide.”

    Is this not enough death for you to care more for your people?

    PART IV – On war

    If you could not attain this idea from my ideas on death, it should be plain to tell what my opinions on war are. War is the commodifying of human life, and the incentivizing of death in the name of glory. This is a natural wrong.

    Wars are, simply put, a dull, and entirely too violent way to sort out differences, or to claim land. “Dying for your country” is not of honor and not of glory, and most who enlist in the army wish for one of two things, which are as follows.

    Free education/being “set for life”

    Or alternatively, a way to murder without repercussion

    The modern-day military man or woman may be valiant or brave, yet they still only seek some value from it, not due to selflessness, or ache for the war’s end, but truly for the commodity that is promised to them once their years of service are over.

    Then, to address the alternative, it’s pretty simple to see how this is the case. There are many self-defense/murder cases where someone was actively seeking a “legal kill,” and either found it (like in the case of conservative poster boy Kyle Rittenhouse) or didn’t, and ended up convicted of murder.

    There is no reasonable defense for starting war with another country for your own material gain, or to prove a point.

    PART V – In conclusion to the first letter

    Life is all about hard choices, but that doesn’t excuse a wrongful judgement, or a non-righteous decision. America has seen a series of these. We funded the very group that caused our “greatest national tragedy,” as at the time, they wanted to fight the Soviets out of Afghanistan.5 We had our very own president creating tensions and inciting the very violence we saw on January 6th, 2020. America’s “new lands” have seen bloodshed, chaos, dark and yet darker times, and yet we still act like our hands are clean.

    My wish is for there to be a realization, at the hands of every American, every politician, every soldier, that brings about an era with less injustice, less money under the table, and less bloodshed.

    Thank you, Meadow

    Letter to The USA II

    To the World and to the United States,

    To start off this second letter, I will address a glaring problem with this all, that being that “I am nothing but a child, who should not concern themselves with national tragedy,” or especially not with deep-cut governmental knowledge like Operation Cyclone. I must simply put forward that not all knowledge and intuitive thinking comes from adults. Many children have changed history or written literary works which hold up to this day. For example, when he was my age, Christopher Paolini wrote his critically acclaimed fantasy novel “Eragon.” If that is not enough of an example, many people who become the greatest in any field of work begin when they are noticeably young.

    Anyhow, this letter will be about Martin Luther King Jr, along with a few other scattered topics, making light of what I believe, further than what I have described thus far.

    PART VI – On Martin Luther King Jr., and his assassination

    This is where it becomes obvious that I am a high schooler. Here is a CER I wrote for a timed write in ELA II.

    “Senator Robert F. Kennedy, in his speech, addresses the assassination of MLK, pleading for an end to violence for the whole nation. A persuasive effort in his speech is using an appeal to morality and to logic, using ethos and logos based upon a basic idea, the futility and destructive nature of violence. In his speech he says, ‘Why? What has violence ever accomplished? What has it ever created? No martyr's cause has ever been stilled by his assassin's bullet.’ By saying this, he is stating that violence against an individual has never solved the “problem” of the movement they started. All it creates is greater reason to fight, to speak for civil rights, to speak to civil liberties, and the oppressive governmental stature crushing law-abiding Americans, blaming, and convicting those who speak up, so that their sons, daughters, granddaughters, people who live in the nation beyond them, related and otherwise, may have the right to say the very things they were imprisoned for, so that they may sit among the common people and speak, and be heard in every way. He makes the appeal to logic, that the bullet fired from the gun that made a man fall that day, will not make a nation, who that voice spoke to, and bled in front of, fall as well. A movement is not killed through the killing of its leader, as many know from even the stories of the Bible, and of the killing of many people who had belief in the holiness of Jesus. Even though I do not personally subscribe to these beliefs, it is clear from how many people now still do, thousands of years after the death of Christ, that a movement does not die when its originator, or its voice to the people, dies.”

    This would be the end of this section if it were not for one detail.

    “The jury that heard the case took only one hour of deliberations to reach a unanimous verdict: that King was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. They found Jowers responsible and found that "governmental agencies" were among the conspirators.”

    It can never be that simple, can it? Simply put, a lot of things that we consider to be national tragedies can be linked back to our very own government, which is both disturbing and unsurprising. Any government has its secrets, but the fact that the public barely knows about many of its actions, and it can strike at any time it pleases, making any action it deems necessary to ensure the “safety of its citizens” is honestly shocking.

    Was killing MLK a matter of public safety, or was it a strike at an anti-governmental speaker who was deemed a threat? We deem oppression of free speech an extremely authoritarian thing, purely reserved for third world countries, or for places like Germany during its darkest ages, under the grasp of fascists, who burned books and killed many who disagreed with their rule, and we also deem it to be akin to the hell-state of the USSR, a place where Stalin reigned supreme over a people, using the theory of a thinker much more witty than him as an excuse to undermine them. No American citizen should have to worry about suppression of thought, especially not in ways as drastic as killing people, as we vilify people that do just that, who kill journalists and visionaries in attempt to silence movements.

    When will there be enough evidence for even the American people to realize that the greatest oppressive force, the strongest superpower in the world, built upon the crushed souls of American freedom fighters, no matter what era they lived in or belonged to, is the United States of America itself? Our greatest enemy, the cause of a lot of American loss of life, the people that apprehended Nazi scientists for use in their own personal science projects1, the people who were greedy and fearful enough to fund a group, feed them anti-western sentiment, and set them free to do as they wish after the threat of communism was eliminated, (as I discussed before with Operation Cyclone,) was not some foreign threat with greedy hands and fists, looking to rip apart our “well-oiled national machine,” but rather America itself.

    (MLK trial ended in being brought back into the supreme court, and dismissed)

    PART VII – On American consumption of media

    Instead of checking sources, instead of making any actual effort, many Americans simply believe everything their favorite news source says. This is not a reliable way to source your information, as is simple to see by checking in on your favorite reporter on politifact.com23. Unless they cite their sources, and you can check things such as government papers, research documents, or similar academic papers, you should do your own research on the topic.

    Most people DO NOT do this.

    The moment Tucker Carlson says something, it becomes a debated talking point. With Tucker Carlson’s show being one of the most watched television programs of all time, only being beaten out by sports playoffs and finals.

    I would talk about CNN, but with the amount that Tucker’s nightly numbers overtake CNNs’ viewership would make it a moot point. Through Politifact, which I cited before, you can see just how bad of an idea it is to take everything the most popular news host says as true, not checking or looking into the actual issues.

    Did we run out of diesel before Thanksgiving?

    No sir, we did not, even though Tucker claimed on his cute little show, broadcasting to millions of people that we would. Maybe oil and gas companies are just milking perceived reduced supply to regain money lost during the COVID-19 pandemic? Probably not though456.

    Regardless of what you believe, you must see that this is an issue.

    PART VII – The personal section

    I care for freedom above about 99% of other things. I care for love, and I care for happiness. I care not for the feelings of upset, sadness, displeasure, or for anything of the like.

    I feel trapped and alone.

    I have been writing this for a few weeks, and I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up with my home life with my parents, who expect things from me, who give me responsibility, only for me to seemingly shun it. I am constantly told I do not care that I have no care for anyone but myself and “maybe that friend of yours.”

    I miss my love. I only feel happiness when they are around, and they make my world shine, like everything is covered in an ultrafine glitter, and the sun is as close as a desk lamp.

    I miss just feeling ok. I feel either good or bad. It’s like going out in the cold, staying out there until your body finally adjusts, and then coming inside only for you to feel like the air is scalding you, like you can no longer handle even a bit more of that crushing heat.

    I miss being able to feel content with where I am in life, with the hand I have been dealt, and the moves I have made with it, playing 4D Chess against myself until I die. I miss being able to say I was fine, just ok, and mean it.

    I miss life.

    I miss everything. I am as I am, but I am more a sum of the things around me, the things I love and enjoy, than I am a sum of my parts.

    I no longer long for death, but I pray for a merciful life.

    I am so unbelievably stressed; everything feels hot and loud. I feel burning.

    And now, a day later, to continue this, I feel like life is empty of all emotion.

    This duality haunts me.

    PART VIII – On Direct Democracy

    Most people’s complaint against Direct Democracy is inefficiency. I believe that that is an entirely worthwhile expense when it comes to respecting the will of the people, and not of the Electoral College, or any other government body. Our system currently is inherently flawed and broken, with people taking what are essentially bribes from everyone from oil companies to the gun lobby. Compare that to having a justice department to enforce and interpret laws decided on by the people, and with a singular voice of the people, someone without executive power, except for in drastic situations, such as in nuclear war, which we would need rapid action in, or to propose laws for the people.

    It reduces political corruption, as we as a people could come to agreements, like the fact that lobbying creates corruption, and lines the overflowing pockets of politicians with black gold and gun money. On top of that, there wouldn’t be representatives to line the pockets of, making political corruption near zero, and making us, as a nation, and as states, the holders of our own nation’s power, making our government serve us as it should.

    We are a people, and without us, there is no United States. Not only would it disestablish the two-party system, which is burying us alive, it would also bring us closer together as a country, as we decide on everything ourselves, with a week or so to vote on each law proposed to be passed. We could be a collective people, rather than two defined clans of people, tearing apart our country at its seams.

    PART IX – On American regulations, and how public safety is abused (MY OPINIONS ON THIS HAVE CHANGED IN THE WAKE OF LEARNING MORE AND EAST PALESTINE OHIO)

    If I wanted to build a car, I would need to buy regulation parts at an upcharge, since I am not an established company who buys from them, nor can I buy in bulk. Therefore, my choices are to not build a car, or pay for that upcharge, or seek outside help from known companies. This is not a good thing.

    Drugs are illegal, and that makes any drugs sold unregulated and unsafe. If there was legalization, there could be regulation and people could get paid to test drugs for other drugs unknown to the consumer before they go out, making less people die from overdose or from accidental deadly mixing. This is not going to happen.

    Most people at this point say something about lead in paint, or other similar unsafe practices. There would be common-sense regulations, only for known public safety issues. With that, there would be safety for the people and the environment, as regulations would be made to protect bees from pesticides, and to protect people. There would be less unfair regulations, allowing money to reach the people, and not the monopolies.

    PART X – “May the ballroom remain eternal… C’est fini”

    As Kurt Vonnegut, an author I am more than inspired by, once said, “Many people need desperately to receive this message: 'I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.”

    I feel that more deeply than anything else now. I feel alone in my ideological radicality and attempt to just create a piece of media for people like me. If you are reading the zine, I want you to know that everything up to this point a year ago, and not everything exactly reflects my opinions now, but a lot of it does. I’m keeping these two first letters in order to maintain the identity of these documents and remain genuine in my feelings. I am currently working on a third letter, and I appreciate the patience of any people I told I would soon finish a third letter.

    Thank you,

    Meadow Vitale

    Letter 3 (Left Incomplete)

    To the World, and to the United States,

    A swift foreword this time, as there is not much to do besides let my work and points speak for themselves. I appreciate any form of feedback you may give; as I really seek to learn for myself with these letters. To answer the glaring question of “purpose,” it really is just to prove things to myself, as I have said before in my first letter.

    This letter will cover topics such as social environments, and how people are exploited for personal gain, and will also cover topics such as the assassination of Shinzo Abe.

    PART XI - On emotional manipulation

    Day by day, many people are put into situations they simply cannot handle. People take advantage of things like this to push their beliefs, all for a motive. If you are vulnerable and you are under the belief that the only way out is through the strange charismatic man who asks you for a few dollars, you would give him that money and move forward with his demands.

    This is emotional and financial manipulation.

    I know that saying that is not exactly revolutionary, but it will be important to keep in mind for our analysis of the killing of Shinzo Abe, (which I am no longer writing about) who had his hands in some awful things throughout his terms as prime minister. Systems set in place like Capitalism allow the perpetuation of emotional and financial manipulation, as you must be in a low place for promises of something better beyond or here to entice you.

    If you are in grief, someone may approach you with promise of speaking to them again, and lead you into their room, where they will perform a seance, asking you for monetary gain for it. You may be in monetary throes, and may be told by a man that material wealth has no matter to the beyond, a reasonable statement, followed by saying that you should give up your earthly possessions in exchange for forgiveness from the Lord of Man, an unreasonable ask, that will only seem reasonable due to its introduction.

    Many things about cases like this are that it is hard to tell between genuine donation to a nonprofit organization and a manipulated donation to one. When you are registered as a non-profit, and seek donations, it is a lot easier to manipulate people into donation for a promised salvation.

    Brainwashing as it exists in sci-fi media may not exist, but on a lower level, if you only know one world, without knowledge of the world beyond, what are you supposed to compare your experience to? It’s this that makes people in North Korea and similar places think that their smaller world is what the rest of the world is like, not even being able to see otherwise.

    If you lock someone in a box from birth, the only thing they will know is the walls of that place, and therefore will have no basis to complain at all. They have no clue that everyone else does not just live in a box just like theirs.

    This may be a drastic example, but I feel like it solidly makes the point for me, that if you have a closed perspective, you can only see things one way, no matter how the world at large may feel if put into your situation.

    This also works in terms of abusive and manipulative relationships. If all you know of love is the abusive relationship, you think that this is normal, and with no similar feeling or experience available, you assume this is just how it is. People do not often look at it that way, and I hope this shift in perspective can do some good for people who read this paper.

    PART XII - On perception

    All people have a different perspective. This is an easily accepted fact, but it is hard to really put that itself into perspective without an example like this.

    The only thing different between the serial killer and a mother is what is inside, the way they see, and what is outside, their circumstances. To put it simply, it truly does not take a killer to murder, it only takes active reason to kill. No person, as a result of nothing, just commits murder, it is due to the circumstances and personal stresses of the person that murder or arson or robbery, any crime, is committed.

    I’m sure that in some twisted way, all of the most terrifying individuals in history had some logical or emotional reasoning to every one of their actions, even if that emotional reasoning is just for personal power or enjoyment of destruction. I’m only saying this to make some points, including that if you were “in another person’s place” you would make the same decision.

    There may be no reasonable excuse for an action according to common sense and logic, but the thought process of the person performing the action may be much different than yours due to experiences and emotional wiring within their brain.

    You may say in response to all of this, “Well, this is all rather obvious, why would you even make these points?”

    Everything has a point, and the point of this is simple. There is no such thing as good or evil, only perception.

    You see, when it comes to what you believe to be “good” or “evil” is really a product of your society’s common perception of right and wrong, including laws, religious texts or advisors, or even something so simple as rules set upon you within childhood. Now, if you were raised in a different way, under a different law, religion, or under less strict/more strict parents, your values would be wildly different.

    There is no need to truly internalize this, as there will always be the societal response if you make an “evil action,” regardless of how righteous you think you are, or how much you feel like you deserve to do as you did. So long as it is evident that it is a net negative for your society (or its arbiter of truths,) or a net gain to people your society does not like or generally care about protecting, it will be an “evil action.”

    PART XIII - On coming back to this in August of 2023 (Used to be "On Shinzo Abe")

    I quit working on this project for a while, and while I’ve been away, a lot has changed. Firstly, I’ve realized some of my folly in this, although a lot of my work in these docuuments ultimately holds up as I do not think I said anything particularly “liberal,” and I believe I was still a generally radicalized leftist. (Aside from the Deregulation take. Ignore that please.)

    At the time, I personally believed in DirDemSoc or MinSoc, meaning I believed in a generally small government that would have purely pacifistic foreign policy matters and response-based action, with the purpose of government being to simply be a puppet for public interest. I still generally believe in the same things, however I identify more with AnCom or just generally Communism, which is an honestly misunderstood monetary system, which is absolutely something I will touch on during this series of letters.

    I also changed some of my opinions on certain social issues, such as neopronouns, although I’m not going to cover this here because I’m already going to get enough flak for everything I’m already discussing within this series of letters.

    Anyways, thank you for sticking around to read these, I truly appreciate it.

    PART XIV – On ideological radicality

    Within the American system, being a radical makes you an outcast, someone who only usually bands together with others of similar temperament. (unfinished)

    PART XV – Goodnight, once again, to the human experience

    (no text)

    Anti-Capitalism: Fresh Cut Flowers/Testing The Waters (Incomplete-ish)

    link because it's seriously too long to put here


    • Added Temujin Leeism and Rigby Thought
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - I added you, can you add me back?
      • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - I should note that I don't consider myself a Stirnerist. While I am influenced by him, I'm more of a Psychological Egoist. I am more influenced by Emma Goldman and Oscar Wilde than Max Stirner. Thought I should let you know.
        • - That's more understandable to me, but I still have my reservations, you know, but I'll definitely become more knowledgeable about this stuff, then mayhaps reassign you, if I feel like my opinions change. Sorry for my lack of knowledge as it comes to the Post-Left, I'm moreso fond of on-compass ideology and Bookchin Post-Scarcity. Also, rejected Vanguardism lol.
    • - What you wrote about me actually made me cry oh my God thank you so much.
      • - I’m so glad, you’re genuinely really cool, and if at all possible, I’d love to talk more with you and learn what I can from you! :) My disc’s meadowzine, and even though I can’t be on that too often, I’ll give you a better place to talk to me if you contact me there.
    • Meowxism - add me back mayhaps? :3c
    • Hysteria thought - Add me?
    • Schumacherianism - add me, commie! :D
    •  Niiloism - add me


    Interesting People/Friends

    Council Marxism - One of the few statist ideologies I thoroughly enjoy. I often have critiques of statist communism, but I genuinely think that I have nothing to say negatively in the face of well-crafted theory that cares for the working class as well as this ideology does. It's honestly something I'm going to take into further consideration, as I'm starting to kind of feel that maybe individualism within a transitionary state with an end-goal the same as mine isn't as important as I keep making it out to be. Genuinely really impressed and kind of inspired? Also, I've been thinking about Unions recently, like, a lot, and how they ultimately do get in the way of revolutionary action, especially because they're like life preservers for a dying system, reformist, and cause perception that "capitalism can be tamed." Yeah, but great overall.

    Temujin Leeism - Actually really enjoy your ideology, genuinely really interesting, and we hold some similar streaks. You're like the off-compass fully anti-state version of me.

    Cyberdelic Egoism - Generally very interesting, definitely want to see more of their ideological perspective.

    Meowxism - Have a handful of issues with this ideology, which probably culminate in the anti-sex work and pornography stances. I do really like the ultraprogressivism and general communist principles used within your ideology. Also not a fan of statism generally, but Dictatorship of the Proletariat is closer to what I'd like than many other forms of statism. Overall, an 8.5/10.
    Hysteria thought - Unironically a work of art. Reading through their page feels like listening to Death Grips for the first time. I have absolutely no grasp of this ideology, but I know for a fact that if I continued to research it, I could get a sort of feel for it, the abstractions and true interaction with the absurd and beyond. It's abstract, incoherent, and has no regard to even the average post-leftist or rightist. Well done.

    Sure, I Guess

    German.red.patriot Thought - While you are significantly more of a statist than I will ever be, and a bit too nationalist for my tastes, your atheism and dedication to the working class is for sure admirable. Godspeed, comrade.
    Ego-Libertarian Marxism - I don't really like the whole concept of Max Stirner's ego, and I don't even think you adhere to it to the most extreme extent? I'm going to read The Ego And Its Own soon, will report back, but for now, you're banished to the middle column, sorry, comrade.

    - Cool person, love the cultural progressivism and technological advancement, just not a big fan of market anything, very cool though, honestly, do like the accelerationism and post-rev pacifism.

    Blue Nephalemism - Not a fan of reform or the BIG LIB, but very much a fan of social progressivism and green anything. The Zionism is also a few points off, but if you were an album and I was Anthony Fantano, I'd give you a Strong 7. Schumacherianism - Honestly you're only not in LOL! because you actually have interesting ideological inspirations, and ideals that extend beyond just "hehe lassy fare good hehe imperialism good hehe" and instead opt for kaczynskism, which I have slight inspirations from, as I see industrial society as it is now as a hindrance to true emotional fulfilment. I understand you probably expected me to put you in LOL!, but you're not, pretty much purely because you're interesting, and I used to think pretty much exactly like you.

    - Gets A Tier Because I Don't Want To Put This Ideology In Any Of My Other Tiers./The Interesting But Also No, Never Tier

    File:-ism.png -ism - This is better than your old ideology, and as a fellow American, I get a lot of your political stances, and do get the utter distaste for the culture war. It's hard to get the bad taste of mainstream American politics out of my mouth, to be entirely frank. I feel like we see a lot of the same issues, and that you solve things in the way I would have had I continued down the path I started on, being initially a socially progressive minarchist with power-grabbing tendencies. I think honestly you present very well thought out points, in a way that makes you clearly well-read, even if I don't agree with you (on most things) in any form of the word. There's a lot of interesting concepts, and years of development here, but I can't really agree with absolutely any of it


    Rigby Thought - Interesting in the sense that it's a novel idea and well executed, but I in nearly no way agree with this ideology.

    Values Tests

    Pew Research:

    Plan To Take:I Side With (as a joke,) and more


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