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    MaximumLibertarianism is the self-insert of the user MaximumLibertarian. The ideology is a civically libertarian, economically right-wing, and culturally centrist with a progressive leaning.

    Ideological Summary



    I'm an atheist. Well technically an agnostic atheist, but I just say atheist. I don't personally believe in god because I find it improbable that some words on a book written 2000 years ago which have no evidence hold any weight especially when all other religions are essentially claiming the same thing with different stories. So, it makes it hard for me to take seriously. Although, I do respect one's right to practice religion even if I don't personally agree. To me, religions are distractions from my own personal pursuits and desires and therefore is inherently bad for liberty. Although, as mentioned previously, forcing people to agree with me is also contradictory towards liberty as well. But I do personally oppose religion because I think it's nonsense and support its societal decline.

    Metaphysical Libertarianism

    I believe in the concept of free will from a libertarian point of view, since I believe an agent is able to make their own decisions, we as people have free will and should use it.

    Secular Humanism

    I abide by the philosophy of secular humanism, I believe that we as humans must take responsibility for ourselves since we are capable of free choice.


    I'm an individualist, I shouldn't have to be at the whim of a mob of people who don't have my best interests at heart or an authoritarian government. I believe the fullest of individual liberty by minimizing the government's role in the economy and personal influence in the lives of daily people.


    I believe that pleasure is good and that pain is bad, I should be allowed to enjoy myself and pursue my own desires since I am my own will and no one else's. Now, what is pleasure? Well, this part gets NSFW so I would recommend you stop reading right here if you are grossed out by this stuff or are underaged, since I'm not personally because I gave a big warning not to continue reading this. But, for the people who truly care and want to read, I love watching yiff, and I have an inflation fetish. An inflation fetish is a form of sexual eroticism in which you fixate on a specific body part being expanded. Although, I should have to clarify this, I'm more into weight gain than inflation, although I do not mind some forms of inflation which can get me off but I mostly prefer weight gain. These things turn me on and I love watching them, simple as that. And while I'm not gay, I can get off to the expansion of a boy or girl belly since my focus is not on gender but the specific body part itself. My favorite kind of inflation is the usage of a water pump and female inflation. This also applies to breast and butt inflation, which I also like. Yeah, that was pretty degenerate to admit but I don't care. You read a bit of my philosophy called "hedonism" what did you expect?

    Moral Relativism

    I'm a moral relativist, I have my own set of morals that I follow but I would never force them onto other people. But I still believe that morality is relative. Also, you cannot prove that there is any universal morals in anything, people who make these arguments are either delusional religious nutjobs who are coping trying to justify their own falsehood delusions they cannot prove exists or imperialists trying to justify some horrific shit. So you can imagine I'm quite opposed to the idea of forcing morals onto other people when no one else is harming me since that's dangerous towards someone's liberty.



    In-general, I'd self-describe myself as a cultural centrist, I believe both progressive and conservative ideals can be used to improve society. Such as same-sex marriage legalization, respect for transgender individuals, drug legalization, abortion legalization, euthanasia legalization, woman's autonomy, and other libertarian ideals that emphasis individual rights. On the other hand, my conservative side of my cultural views are opposing political correctness, identity politics, and SJWs in the modern progressive movement. So overall, my ideas represent cultural liberalism since I'm quite liberal on personal freedom while being a centrist culturally. Although, with his progressive ideas being more pronounced than his conservative ideas, you could argue this makes him center-left culturally, although I would believe that I'm somewhere between the two cultural spectrums due to this.


    Honestly, I don't really care about the gay individuals themselves so long as they aren't harming anyone else. However, the LGBT community another issue in of itself. I don't condone attacking them for their sexuality and nothing else. Same-sex marriage would be legal and gay couples would be given the same legal rights as straight couples.


    Now, transgenders are an entirely different bag than gay individuals which makes them more complicated. I will say this, there are only two genders being male and female, I believe the deconstruction of the gender binary which has defined society to be more "inclusive" is just apart of the woke agenda that is politicizing our youth with the wrong ideas. Although while being opposed to that kind of stuff, what do I think of their rights as a whole? They should be allowed to change their gender on legal binding documents and use the bathrooms they so wish to. Although, self-identification is nonsense and you should have to go through surgery, I'm pretty supportive of transmedicalism.


    I support unrestricted abortion access, it's honestly a shame (especially were I live) that this is being restricted. It harms no one else nor is it murder, the only thing you're criminalizing by making abortion illegal is poor innocent mothers who cannot afford to raise children against their will. You are not a true libertarian if you are pro-life, and nothing will change my mind about this. I'm sorry, I just cannot in good faith respect pro-life opinions. If you are pro-life then that's fine but that doesn't mean I have to respect it since I think (yes even by MY standards) that it's grossly disgusting.

    Freedom of Speech

    I support freedom of speech even if your opinion is absolutely and utterly dogshit, censoring these people directly through the state is not a good idea. Instead they should be shunned by society until they shut the fuck up. He for the same reason opposes hate speech laws since he seems this positive discrimination against the same minority groups they claim to protect.


    I support the legalization of prostitution, it's someone's will to sell their body for sex or not which isn't the business of the state or community to regulate. Although, the industry itself does have its issues which can legalize violence against women, but selling sex itself between consenting actors shouldn't be illegal. My view is pretty similar on pornography, it should be legalized since it's even more harmless and isn't the business of the state to regulate, and it's even more impractical to regulate anyways so it would be entirely pointless especially in the age of information.


    I support the legalization of euthanasia and believe that if someone wants to perish painlessly then it's wrong to deny that person a quick and easy way to go through such. Although, this does have issues in of itself, such as creating an inherently uneven power of distribution between doctors and patients, although given with good reason a person has the right to die with dignity.


    I support the legalization of all drugs. Not decriminalization, legalization. Yes, you should be able to legally by hard drugs like cocaine or meth since it's not the job of the state to regulate people's vices. People who responsibly use these pleasures will get to enjoy them, those who don't will not be an issue for very long.


    I'm a firm supporter of capitalism, I believe in a free-market economy. Despite this, I do not support laissez-faire capitalism, since I believe it's too idealistic to work. My economic thought comes from the chicago school. I also do believe in some limited welfare. But, only for those who actually need it. Such as: the disabled, elderly, and the vulnerable in-general. Outside of that, people who cannot work without a legitimate reason will not be expected to receive society's support. Taxes should be kept to a minimum so people can keep the majority of their money without having to flip the bill for people who don't want to work and leech off of the government, and the welfare state reduced for the purpose as mentioned above. Along with this, he supports environmentalism, he believes that free market capitalism is the best way to solve climate change because of market innovations that will be made to combat the rising C02 levels, but he also supports investments into green energy. You may say that is pretty against libertarian principles, but I believe that this counts as the limited economic intervention that is arguably justified.


    I'd describe myself as a patriot, I believe the needs of our country should come first but I do not oppose international co-operation or foreign diplomacy that will benefit our country, which is why I do not call myself a nationalist. My main support for internationalism comes from economic globalization. But, I do support co-operation with other states as well. So, my diplomacy is more non-intervention than it is isolationism.


    I strongly support the constitution and democracy, more specifically a liberal democratic republic secular presidential multi-party system as my ideal form of governance. When no one's rights are being infringed on, the government would stay out of the daily lives of the citizens, he supports revoking most government surveillance and reinstating civil liberties so the overbearing nanny state can cease. As you can imagine, I strongly oppose authoritarianism.

    Test Results



    • Libertarianism - Based and freedompilled.
    • Classical Liberalism - The best liberal.
    • Civil Libertarianism - The harm principle is based.
    • Progressive Conservatism - The best cultural views.
    • Cultural Liberalism - The best social views.
    • Capitalism - The best economic system to exist.
    • Libertarian Feminism - Women should have the same legal rights as men. Although, the identity politics of feminism is not compatible with libertarianism.
    • Social Libertarianism - Welfare is lame, but we both value liberty so I guess you're fine...
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - I don't mind you in-theory, and you are better than most conservatives since you are more aligned with my beliefs on a personal level. But can you stop the identity politics and intersectional wokeness please?
    • Libertarian Conservatism - A conservative that actually cares about a small government? Holy shit! Better than most conservatives since they actually abide by the values of conservatism.
    • Furryocracy - I've been a furry for the majority of my life, I still love this fandom.
    • Hedonism - Just have fun and pursue your passions.
    • Individualism - Be yourself regardless what they say.
    • 2x2Masterism - We agree on a lot but your conservatism and Austrian economics (while better that socialism) aren't for me unfortunately due to how utopic it is. At least we agree on liberty even if we have different ideas on how we apply such. Overall, the best conservative I've seen, conberts are alright with me.
    • Civic Nationalism & American Patriotism - All good citizens are patriots.


    • Conservatism - You're right on SJW's and things related to economics, but can you please stop trying to force everyone to abide by your made up values?
    • Nationalism - Can be forces for both good and bad.
    • Isolationism - International relations can be good, but you have the right idea on most regional alliances. Also, please open up yourself to the global economy.
    • Animeism - Ehhh, I'm not a massive fan of anime and I don't really care for hentai, although if it has furries then I guess it could work.
    • LGBTism - I've been called a queerphobe for saying I don't like the modern LGBT community despite saying that I have nothing against LGBT individuals, which shows how toxic it is. However, the individuals should be left alone when they are not infringing on the rights of others like a principled libertarian I am.
    • Globalism - While economic globalization is good, can you stay in your lane when it comes to government?
    • Syntropianism - You hold some, interesting views to say the least. At least you're an individualist even if you take it way too far.
    • Georgism - While a LVT isn't bad, I do believe that owning property is an absolute right. Although if it wasn't for your support of free-trade, you'd be put in the cringe category.


    • Social Democracy - Taxpayers nightmare.
    • Marxism-Leninism - My polar opposite.
    • Conservative Socialism - It's hard to be socially and economically an idiot.
    • Protectionism - Tariffs contribute nill to the economy and harm local producers that you claim to protect, why do people actually believe in this?
    • World Federalism - Totalitarianism with a humanism face.
    • Waffenikism - You are my polar opposite, like what do you honestly want me to say? Also, are you a fascist that is opposed to totalitarianism and racism? That's contradictory.
    • Democratism & American Republicanism - Fuck both of you retards, you guys manufacture the dumbest culture war bullshit to distract people from the fact that both of your parents are corrupt to the core and don't stand for any American values.
    • Right-Wing Populism - God I fucking hate you so much, why do you retards have to control the state I live in?
    • Left-Wing Populism - The above, but left-wing and equally crazy. Please get a job instead of protesting how the "corporate elites" are "exploiting" the working class.
    • Welfarism - Well I may be more moderate and not inherently opposed to you, your existence usually breeds dependence and is usually ineffective with the only thing you managing to do is wasting the tax payers dollars.



    • MaximumLibertarianism - If you want to be added to my page, then ask here. I'll be doing self-insert relations.
    • Meridionalism - add me


    1. In terms in countries that have monarchies were a democratic republic cannot be established without popular support. I'm not a monarchist nor do I support monarchy, this is just for more pragmatic reasons.
    2. for a socialist he was pretty based and I agree with him on a lot, despite his leftism. So, he did have a lot of influence on me
    3. I'm not interested in Buddhism as a religion but its history
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