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    Maximiliano Hernandez Martinezism

    Maximiliano Hernandez Martinezism or MHM is the thoughts and political ideology of Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez, a Salvadorian dictator. MHM is fascist, conservative and anti communist who can do some wacky wacky stuff sometimes.


    He was the leader of El Salvador during World War II. While he served as Arturo Araujo's Vice President and defense minister, a directorate seized power during a palace coup and afterwards named General Hernández Martínez President of El Salvador. He extended his term for thirteen years through elections in which he was the only candidate & via the use of legislative loopholes. In el Salvadoran schools he advocated for the teachers to teach roman salutes and even allowed Italian immigrant blackshirts to march in San Salvador when Italy entered world war two. Furthermore after trade increased with Nazi Germany and Italy, as well as recognizing the Nazi occupied Slovakia and Japanese controlled Manchuria, he stopped when America told him to knock it off so he sent Italians and German immigrants to concentration camps instead. He during ww2 refused to allow American soldiers in el Salvador when America asked so they can defend panama, the reason behind this was he was afraid of afro American soldiers reproducing with Salvadorans. When a smallpox outbreak happened in san Salvador max ordered that blue bags be placed over the lamp posts claiming that "the invisible doctors will save those who are destined to live" now that being said it can imply that Max is a bit not mentally there. Furthermore he restricted people's access to education since he believed that if people are intelligent they wont want to do cleaning tasks.

    Personality and Behavior

    • He often finds bizarre and weird things to solve problems, which usually don't work.
    • He wont talk to anybody who criticizes him as well as communists who he shoots.
    • MHM is often never happy. Calm at best killing commies at worst.
    • He is racist toward natives, Africans, Chinese, and Indians.
    • He adores Nazism ball and fascism.

    How to draw

    1. draw a ball
    2. draw the salvadoran flag. (value of blue is #2828E5)
    3. draw eyes or glasses
    4. draw his military hat




    Further Info


    Louisiana State University


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