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    RevInd.png  Revolutionary Individualism

    Techloc.png  Localised Technocracy

    TechHayek.png  Techno-Hayekism

    ChristTrad.png  Christian Traditionalism

    Magatech.gif  Technological Sigularity


    First-Stage Matthism

    ⮡   See also: World Federalism, Corporatism, Technocray, Totalitarianism

    • DvSyncretic.png Syncretic
    • DvDirected.png Directed
    • DvConcentrated.png Concentrated
    • DvBrutal.png Brutal
    • DvPrejudicial.png Prejudicial
    • DvFuturistic.png Futuristic

    First-Stage Matthism was developed with my friend. It´s an extreamly Authoritarian, Technocratic and Corporatist ideologie, and seeks a united world in order to make rapid technological progress. It´s super-progressive, seeking not conservation, nor deconstruction but renewal of culture. The government is a diarchic technocracy under my and my friends leadership.

    Second-Stage Matthism

    ⮡   See also: Representative Democracy, Capitalism, Conservatism, Christianity

    • DvIndividual.png Individual
    • DvPermissive.png Permissive
    • DvRepresentative.png Representative
    • DvLenient.png Lenient
    • DvPrejudicial.png Prejudicial
    • DvConservative.png Conservative

    Second-Stage Matthism was developed throug my growing diapointment in the german government, failing to adress major problems correctly while careing for problems nobody had. It basicly advocated for a cutural, economic and political return to the 1950´s. This return does not apply to technology, as I was a techno - optimist for my intire lifetime.


    RevInd.png The Individuals struggle against the Collective: Revolutionary Individualism RevInd.png

    Nietzsche-icon.png Non-Conformism: What Nietzsche was right about Nietzsche-icon.png

    Liberty.png Contracts, Independence, Rights, Property: Foundation of Liberty Liberty.png

    The foundation of all liberty is accepting an individual’s right to property and self - property. The right to decide about what is his, his land, his money, his material possessions, his time, his health and, in the end, his life. To accept one’s property is to accept ones rights, or in other words, freedoms.

    An important conclusion is that the individual can and should trade his property, trade land, money, possessions and time. This right to freely trade property can be seen as contractual law. A law that dictates how trade of property, thus trade in general, is handled between individuals. Any government intervention in this act is immoral and a danger to an individual’s core rights, the right to own and own himself.

    To protect property and the contractual trade of property should be the core task of the state, anything else is additional bonus, which is not essential.

    DvPermission.png On different Liberties DvPermission.png

    The Individual shall enjoy numerous Freedoms.

    Generally, the state does not intervene into society at all, as long as no damage is done to property or self - property, but if this happens the state immediately mobilises a lot of resources to punish the evil - doer.

    One of these freedoms is total Freedom of Speech, a vital part of every healthy society. Freedom of Speech is synonym with allowing competition of ideas, if the State mandates one way of thinking no thought better than the established one can be developed. This would be total stop of political and philosophical development. As a continuation of this thought, Freedom of Press is also granted.

    Another freedom the Individual has is the right to bear arms, the Individual must be able to defend his property and self - property against other Individuals and the Collective. This right is deeply important, as it enables both protection from domestic problems as well as help with extranational threats.

    Additionally, any Individual of the age of 18 or more should be able to consume most drugs, but even under drug consumption crimes are punished the same way as without, as the Individual is responsible for what he does regardless of circumstance. But to outright ban any/most forms of drugs is taking away the Individuals possibility to engage in self - responsibility.

    This principle of self - responsibility is used in numerous circumstances, like ...

    Minarchist.png The State as guarantee for Freedom Minarchist.png

    Techloc.png A new Government: Localised Technocracy Techloc.png

    Technocracy.png Technocracy: Rational Decisionmaking Technocracy.png

    Krit.png Kritarchy: Maintaining the right Ideas Krit.png

    UltLoc.png Hyper-localism: Efficiency and Anti-Corruption UltLoc.png

    Bureaucracy.png Bureaucracy: An Institutionalized Money-Shredder Bureaucracy.png

    Mach.png Democracy: Tyranny in disguise Mach.png

    Democracy might be better that Military Dictatorship or Absolutist Monarchy, yet has many flaws.

    The Iron Law of Oligarchy worked exactly as described in every Democracy put in place. Every Democracy, from the Roman Republic to the USA and EU, turned into an Oligarchy, some faster some slower. Unfortunately this "Oligarchy" is nearly every time of plutocratic kind, one of the worst kinds of Oligarchy. Even more problematically is, that this Oligarch is unnoticed by the people, thus they won´t do anything about it.

    Another problem of Democracy is, that Democracies have extremely hight time preferences, leaders will spend, spend, spend and leave office as a great leader, leaving a rotting country behind. Again, a problem that existed since the Roman Republic, where Consuls would wage expensive wars, come home as heroes and leave behind an empty treasury. Today this happens more saddle in form of inflation and dept.

    Democracy also, in the eyes of many, justifies injust coesion, like eminent domain, against those who did not consent. Democracy can be best understood as Tyranny of the Majority over the Minority. Democracy tells Majority and Minority alike, that the committed act was "for the greater good".

    The next problem is, that Democracy does not guarantee a good or reasonable outcome, but merely an outcome, that a Majority believes to be good. This could only work, if a person would have perfect intel, which Hayek debunked. Technocrats do not have perfect intel either, but they tend to have more and tend to be able to apply it better.

    TechHayek.png For a better Economy: Techno-Hayekism TechHayek.png

    PCB-Austrobert.png Capitalism: Ethical and Practical PCB-Austrobert.png

    PCB-Regulationism.png Taxation, necessary Theft PCB-Regulationism.png

    Bankocracy.png Currency, Banking and Inflation Bankocracy.png

    PCB-Techcap.png Competition and Innovation: Correlating Phenomena PCB-Techcap.png

    ChristTrad.png Stoping Western Decay: Christian Traditionalism ChristTrad.png

    Religious.png On the Importance of Faith Religious.png

    Hedonism-cloud.png Decadence and Decay Hedonism-cloud.png

    Gay.png On the LGBTQ Problem Gay.png

    Equality.png Fanatic Egalitarianism Equality.png

    Magatech.gif Forging a bright tomorrow: Technological Sigularity Magatech.gif

    Captrans.png R&D Reinvestment Captrans.png

    Scientocracy Small.png Science: The only fundamentaly good Progress Scientocracy Small.png

    Spaceexplor.png Galacticism and Space Colonialism: Secure Human Domain Spaceexplor.png

    Space Exploration and Exploitation must be a top priority. As the bounties of the earth become scarcer and scarcer it is a necessity to extract resources from outer space. As the technology to do this already exists it is a shame that we did not engage in astro-mining yet. Astro-mining has many advantages, it does not pollute nearly as much as conventional mining, generated ludicrous amounts of material and would spearhead a new era for humanity. It is also important to engage in projects like Moon or Mars colonies to generate more Lebensraum and secure humanities existence and ongoing progression.

    These processes should be started by the government, but the moment it becomes substantially lucrative it the stats space - enterprise should be broken up and sold to private entities, as these prove to be more effective at anything. In the best case visionaries like Elon Musk will be enough to kickstart human expansion without the need for government projects.

    These extraplanetary colonies should be able to easily succeed to form self - determined countries, united in a great confederacy/union.



    Self - Inserts

    Mega Yes.png Based

    Yes.png Great

    Kinda Yes.png Good

    Meh by buni.png Meh

    • Ultro.png Ultroneism : Way too philosophical, I disagree on most things, but I like the specifics of "Democracy and Autonomy", "Social Facade" and " "Social" Egoism ". I can´t hate it (Egoism is based) but I certainly don´t like it.

    Meh.png Bad

    • MATTball.png Mattism : Basicly Germany right now, kinda cringe, but it works somewhat.
    • Silasicon.png Sílas Carrasco Thought : Monarchy and economic thrid position is cringe, but Traditionalism and Christianity is based.

    No.png Cringe

    • Panth.png Pantheonism : Monarchy? Collectivist economics? Globalism? The only thing based about this is being religious.
    • Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought : Oh my, the cringe. The only thing that keeps this from "Dystopian" is, that this isn´t full on C*mmie.

    Mega No.png Dystopian

    Canon - Ideologies

    Mega Yes.png Based

    Yes.png Great

    Kinda Yes.png Good

    Meh by buni.png Meh

    Meh.png Bad

    No.png Cringe

    Mega No.png Dystopian

    Philosophies & Aesthetics

    Mega Yes.png Based

    Yes.png Good

    Meh by buni.png Meh

    No.png Bad

    Mega No.png Cringe




    Xirlan-alt.png - Add me.

    MATTball.png Mattism - can you add me lol

    Panth.png Pantheonism - May you add me?
    Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - Can you please add me?
    Silasicon.png Sílas Carrasco Thought - Can you please add me?

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me?

    Ultro.png LordCompost86 - Add Please.

    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - "Way to philosophical" - What does this even mean. "thus idealist" - Obviously you haven't read anything on my page, otherwise you would have noticed I despise Idealism (which is part of the reason I dislike your ideas, because they exist in the realm of Ideals and thoughts and not reality). "also Anarchist and Post - Everything" - I am not an anarchist, and I am certaintly not Post- anything except perhaps Post-Hegelian which really just means I like philosophy that comes after Hegel. "also against religion" - I am not against religion, I just don't like religions, just like I don't like beef tongues, so I don't eat them.
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